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Now Hiring

If you are interested in helping to staff Animethon 22 then please read though the list below and use the sign up form. Any questions please contact HR (hr[at]

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Crowd Control Staff

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our Safety crowd control team! This team will be managing all of the site's access control. The team will be monitoring areas on the venue grounds such as the lineups for main events and vendors hall. Crowd control staff also provide communication to the public regarding event policies. Staff work with Macewan Campus Security to provide a safe and energetic convention. To apply please Email your Resume to

-Ability to work well individually and in groups.
-Maintain and communicate the event rules to patrons.
-Maintain a professional customer service attitude.
-Willingness to take and write reports as needed.
-Ensure that the safety and fire code policies and procedures are followed and communicated.
-Perform line control duties and crowd dispersion/reorganization as required.
-Keep foot traffic flowing in highly congested areas.
-Follow instructions as provided by the Head of Safety, Assistant Head of Safety, or Safety Schedule Coordinator.
-Experience in line and/or crowd control is an asset.


This is an executive position, as such, qualified applicants who are currently Animethon staff are preferred.

The Secretary manages and collects internal documentation for each event, often coordinating with directors and other executive staff. Ahead of the event, the Secretary takes and distributes meeting minutes as well as helping distribute other information to staff. This position also involves an amount of document proofreading and revision. At the event, the Secretary manages data entry and verifies staff assignments and credentials.

Successful candidates for the position of Secretary must have the following skills and qualifications:
• excellent writing skills,
• familiarity or experience taking minutes,
• commitment to do paperwork,
• efficient note taking skills,
• have good organizational and filing skills,
• experience working with committees in a non-profit organization or equivalent is and asset,
• basic understanding of the community and culture surrounding Animethon or a comparable Asian popular art event,
• a commitment to Animethon and its success.

Human Resources

Volunteer Schedule Coordinator

We are looking for friendly faces to help develop our volunteer schedule! The Volunteer Schedule Coordinators work with our personnel team and other staff to make a comprehensive schedule for our volunteers at the event. They also communicate with volunteers, answer questions about the volunteer policies and benefits, and assign shifts according to multiple factors. At the event, the Volunteer Schedule Coordinators work with the personnel team to manage volunteers as they sign in and out of their shifts.

- Must be detail oriented.
- Great interpersonal skills.
- Great organization skills.
- Experience with scheduling is an asset.

Site Operations


To be a Driver you will be responsible for the transportation of equipment, staff, volunteers or guests as needed. Drivers must adhere to a possible road test (TBD) and meet strict requirements. Failure to meet these requirements will mean a rejection from this posting.

- Must be 25 years of age or older.
- Class 5 Drivers (or Appropriate class depending on the vehicle) and a clean abstract (i.e. no major violations or accidents). (Cost of obtaining an abstract will be reimbursed.
- Must dress professionally (at a minimum business casual)
- Previous customer service experience is an asset
- Must be available for all day on both days of the convention for the full day. (Prior days leading up too may be needed)
- Must have a cellphone
- Must have excellent knowledge of the city (Edmonton, Alberta)
- Must be able to follow clear directions given from Transport Coordinator
- Must be able to keep on a detailed schedule

Main Events Room Staff

- Perform all required duties as assigned by the Main Events Room Manager or Coordinator. This includes but is not limited to: Light control, setup and tear-down,

- Good communication skills.

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