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The Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts exists to promote Asian arts and culture, such as Japanese animation. We do this through holding and attending events and festivals throughout the province as well as supporting the local community in regards to popular Asian arts.

Regarding ATOA

15th August 2018
To all fans and followers of Animethon and the Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts (ASAPA),

You may have noticed that during the closing ceremonies of Animethon 25, there was no announcement for A Taste of Animethon. The board of ASAPA have chosen to suspend this event for the immediate future. We realize this is a disappointment to many of you and we do want you to understand why.

ASAPA is committed to community engagement, and A Taste of Animethon was created to add an additional, but smaller event, to our lineup of events. ATOA grew extremely quickly, and despite being a smaller event in terms of attendance, it created as much a demand on our volunteers and resources as Animethon itself. As a result, many of our volunteer staff were stretched to their limit trying to organize both events simultaneously.

Removing ATOA from our lineup will allow our committed staff to focus on Animethon and improve it as we commit to the Shaw Conference Centre as the new home of our main event. This decision will also allow ASAPA to consider and plan more smaller events for continued community engagement throughout the year. Please continue to monitor our social media channels (facebook and twitter) for announcements of upcoming events.

Any future events won’t happen without the support of volunteers. We would like to encourage all of you who are interested to consider becoming a member of our organization to help plan and run our events. Information can be found here on our website.

A special thanks to all of you who attend our events. Your continued support allows us to engage the community in new and exciting ways.

The Board of ASAPA

ASAPA 2018 Board

14th October 2017
Position Elected
President Vlad Pohnert
Vice-President Bryan Kennedy
Secretary Ann-Marie Przyslupski
Treasurer Julia Pylypow
Director 1 Martyn Bampton
Director 2 Tara Metcalfe
Director 3 Michael Ali

ASAPA Swap Meet

28th September 2017ASAPA are proud to present our first Swap Meet mini event! Join us on the 21st of October at West Meadowlark Community League (9311 165 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 2S5).

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Introducing our mascot Ryu!