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Artist Alley is now sold out. If you want to be placed on the waiting list you can still submit an application. Artist Alley is where various (mostly local) artists come to sell their own merchandise and art of varying styles and mediums. Regular attendees will note a major change with Artist Alley has occurred. This year the Animethon 19 Artist Alley will be on a flat-rate table fee as opposed to a ticket system like previous years. Attendees should note that all transactions inside the Alley will be cash; likewise perspective artists should note that they will be entirely responsible for managing their own cash float as well as bringing enough change. For those interested in obtaining a table in the Artist Alley there is additional information below.

Hours of Operation:

Saturday, August 11 from 9:30AM to 8:00PM. Sunday, August 12 from 9:30AM to 4:00PM.

Signup for Artist Alley:

Those interested in signing up for Artist Alley should take care to read over all the following details. THERE ARE MAJOR CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS YEARS! 1. The online form must be filled out to request a table(s): Artist Alley Sign-up form 2. A confirmation e-mail with the list of artists and further instructions will be sent to you within 3 weeks (provided tables are still available). 3. After you receive your confirmation, you have 3 weeks to send payment (PayPal, money order or cheque) and a signed contract form (below) to us for you and your assistant (by mail or scanned and e-mailed). 4. Once payment and the forms are received, final confirmation will be send via e-mail. NOTE: DO NOT SEND CONTRACT OR PAYMENT BEFORE RECEIVING AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION FROM THE ARTIST ALLEY COORDINATOR. FAILING TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT GUARANTEE YOU A TABLE IN ARTIST ALLEY. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Here is the Artist Alley Contract, it provides all the details for this year. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY


How big are tables and how much? Tables are 3 feet by 3 feet. Each table is a flat rate $40, GST included. How does the second table work? Applying artists, once the form goes live, can indicate they are interested in a second table. We don't guarantee there will be any tables left but if there are when we start assigning second tables we will assign them based on the order we receive applications. There is no fixed date when we will start assigning second tables; this will be done entirely at our discretion and may be done without notice. Can I get power or Internet at my Artist Alley table for debit or credit card transactions? No. If you need debit or credit card transactions then please contact sales[at] and inquire about a vendor booth. As of posting this update there are less than a dozen booths remaining. Artist Alley will be cash only for all transactions. Why did you switch to flat-rate tables? I loved the ticket system! It was decided to give a flat-rate table system a try at least one year. It's easier to estimate exactly what the net loss of running Artist Alley is to the event as well. This year we will almost break even! Do I need a weekend pass to be an artist in artist alley? No you do not, though you will be given an option to purchase a weekend pass for a discounted price along with your table on the online sign-up form if you wish. Will our full legal name be used on the website/guidebook? No, your legal name is noted to be kept confidential. However there is a spot for nickname or alias for artists on the form and this is what we would use first unless you leave it blank (the contract only says "Artist name" and not your legal name). I have a question about _____, who do I ask? Please direct all questions relating to Artist Alley to the Artist Alley Coordinator. artistalley[at]