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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

▼ This is how our Animethon Website looked like in 2012. The current version of this Website is


A19 Contacts

Here is a list of contacts available:


Chair - Jared Samborski: chair [at] animethon [dot] org
Vice-Chair – Vlad G Pohnert: vicechair [at] animethon [dot] org
Treasurer - Debbie Dickinson: treasurer [at] animethon [dot] org
Director of Programming - Bryan Kennedy: programming [at] animethon [dot] org
Director of Site Operations - Brad Crawford: site [at] animethon [dot] org
Director of Human Resources - Julia Pylypow: hr [at] animethon [dot] org
Director of Public Relations – Vlad G Pohnert (Acting): pr [at] animethon [dot] org

Other Contacts:

Sales: sales [at] animethon [dot] org
Volunteers: volunteers [at] animethon [dot] org
Live programming / Panels: live [at] animethon [dot] org
AMV Contest: amv [at] animethon [dot] org
Astist Alley: artistalley [at] animethon [dot] org
Registration Inquiries: registration [at] animethon [dot] org
Website issues: webdev [at]

General Inquiries: info [at]

Our Mailing Address:

Suite 3391, 11215 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 0L5