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AMV Contest

AMV Contest

Sign up is now closed, thank you to everyone who submitted an entry!

The Animethon 20 Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest is a chance for fans to showcase their creative talents in the form of music videos and is open to anyone who may wish to enter.

Because of time constraints, there will be a list of contest finalists released prior to the event. All efforts will be made to ensure every accepted entry is shown during the course of the convention to the audience.

In order to better accommodate the diversity and variety of AMVs, and provide a fairer playing field for judging, the traditional AMV fixed categories have been eliminated and replaced with a larger option of elements that make up the essence of the AMV (i.e. Dramatic, Artistic, Parody, Trailer, Effect Oriented, etc) found on the entry form. Once all entries have be received after the deadline, all the selected elements will be tabulated and all accepted entries will be grouped into the top six most common elements for judging. The best of each of these groups will be awarded a Category Award. There will also be other awards that all accepted entries will be eligible for.

All entries must meet all the general and submission rules as stated below. Entries must be received (in our hands) by Friday, June 21, 2013. NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE CONVENTION.

Please take the time to read both the general and submission rules FULLY so that your entries do not get disqualified by not meeting any of the requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules or the contest itself, email us at



Category Awards

Up to six Awards. Categories will be determined after the Submission Deadline.

AMV Contest Coordinator Choice Award

Awarded to a video that has not won any other award as chosen by the AMV Contest Coordinator

Grand Prize Awards

Judges’ Best in Show
Audience Favorite

Best “Made in Alberta” Award

To recognize the talent of Anime Music Video creators in the province of Alberta.



1) Video must be a minimum length of thirty (30) seconds and no longer then six (6) minutes (including any titles or opening/closing sequences) to qualify. Videos over six (6) minutes may be accepted at the AMV Contest coordinators discretion.

2) A maximum of two (2) video entries will be accepted from one individual or a group.

3) All video entries must be accompanied by a completed online submission form.

4) All AMVs submitted must be the works of the person or group as listed on the submissions form. If submitted AMVs are found to be the works of another creator (stolen or plagiarized), the videos will be disqualified and the entrant may be banned from future ASAPA events.

5) Videos must use at least 60% of anime content. This includes the use of anime computer-generated animation in TV, OVAs, movies and anime related video games.

6) Videos must use at least 70% of external music or songs (i.e., not part of the original audio track of the video source) with the exception of trailers that may be a combination of external dialogue and music. The other 30% may be any combination of dialogue and/or music.

7) Anime Music Videos that use footage with subtitles from fan-subtitled anime or commercial studio logos will not be accepted. Intentional self created subtitles, parody logos and any other text incorporated into the video is fine.

8) Since the videos will be shown to a public audience at the event, all videos must be the equivalent of either G (General) PG (Parental Guidance) or 14-A (Suitable for viewing by persons 14 years of age or older). Thus, videos should not portray explicit nudity and/or excessive graphic violence or foul language. Any video that does not meet these requirements will be disqualified.

9) Credits will be allowed into the contest PROVIDED they appear at the end of the video and do not overlay over any part of the video. They may be removed for the pre-judging, but will be left in for the actual showing of the contest. The AMV Contest Coordinators reserves the right to disqualify any video that is does not meet any of the above criteria or has excessively long credits.

10) Previously released videos (as shown publicly at conventions, clubs and contests or for download on the internet) must have been premiered after September 1, 2012 to qualify.

11) All entries must meet the requirements listed in the Technical Requirements section below.

12) By submitting a completed entry form or replying to the confirmation email you allow Animethon and the Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts (ASAPA) the right to use any entry you submit for display and/or promotional purposes.

13) All decisions or ramifications of any of the contest rules as made at the discretion of the AMV Contest coordinator are final. All judging methods and decisions are final.

14) Animethon reserves the right to update or make changes to these rules at anytime. The rules as published on Animethon’s website ( are considered the official rules.



All videos are required to be in at least a resolution of 640 x 480 and a frame rate of 23.97 or better (29.97 preferred). Audio shall be at a sampling rate of no lower then 44,100 Hz.

The following formats are acceptable:
  • avi: Uncompressed, HuffyUV, Lagarith, DiviX/Xvid (no beta version) or DV
  • mkv: Matroska container is acceptable with codecs as listed for AVI
  • mpg: Mpeg2 codec
  • mp4: H.264 video compression (PREFERRED)
  • wmv: Accepted PROVIDED the video is encoded in an acceptable bit rate and resolution size at the discretion of the AMV Contest Coordinator.
If you have problems sending your entry in any of the above formats, please contact us.



There are only two options for submissions: by link or FTP. In order to enter and submit your entry(s), you will need to enter all the required information into the online form.

FTP: To Upload your entry(s), follow the instructions listed below:
1) Fill Out the Online Submissions form
2) E-mail with the subject “Animethon AMV Contest Upload Request”.
3) Include in the e-mail the confirmation number you receive in filling out the online submissions form.
4) An e-mail will be sent back to you with site, user and password instructions for you to upload your entry(s) to.

LINK: Vides may be accepted via upload sites (i.e.: web links, Dropbox, Rapidshare, Sendspace, etc) so long as they do not need to be “signed up” to access. Links to streaming sites such as YouTube will not be accepted. When choosing this method, provide the URL link in the space provided.

Any further questions please email Vlad at


This information is subject to change, please check back prior to the event for updates. Thank you.