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Volunteer Benefits

Volunteer Benefits

Pass Reimbursement

There are a few requirements in order to receive a pass reimbursement. Please read carefully as there have been changes from previous years.
  • 1.The request for reimbursement must be made:
    • a. In person to HR Operations Staff no later than August 11th, 2013. OR
    • b. By email to the Treasurer ( no later than August 31st, 2013. Requests received after August 31st, 2013 are ineligible for reimbursement. Make sure you submit your request before the deadline.
    • c. The maximum amount of reimbursement will be $35, or the value of the pass that was purchased, whichever is less.
    • Passes are to be purchased prior to a volunteer's shift and preferably prior to the event. a.Passes won through promotions, giveaways, and prizes are not eligible.
  • 2. Volunteers must have:
    • a. At least 10 hours of assigned work for a full event pass reimbursement.
    • b. At lease 5 hours of assigned work for a day pass reimbursment.
    • Hours must be recorded by HR Operations Staff, to qualify for reimbursement. Make sure your hours are logged by HR Operations Staff.
  • 3. Reimbursements:
    • a. At the event will be subject to the availability of Treasury staff. [schedule reimbursement times]
    • b. Before August 31st, 2013 there will be a meeting for those to claim their reimbursements.
    • c. After August 31st, 2013 all outstanding reimbursements will be mailed a cheque in the name of the volunteer.

Crash Space

Volunteers will be eligible for crash space subject to the terms of the Animethon Crash Space Policy. There is a limited amount of crash space and is based on a first come, first served basis. Crash space is also based on need, volunteers coming from out of town or working late night shifts will be given priority.

Appreciation Dinners

Volunteers who have 10 or more hours of assigned work over the course of the event, recorded by HR Operations Staff are eligible to attend one of the Volunteer Appreciation Dinners.
Volunteer Dinner #1:
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

Volunteer Dinner #2:
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

RSVP by deadline (TBA)


Limited food and drink will be made available to staff and volunteers. †

Prizes & Awards

Special awards may be given to volunteers. †

Special Access

Volunteers are eligible to have early access to the Vendorís Hall. Exact dates and times TBA