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DJ Shimamura

DJ Shimamura

Animethon 20 is proud to announce in association with Side Connection and J-rock North Promotions Inc. our Special Guest DJ from Japan, DJ Shimamura!!!

DJ Shimamura is a pioneer of the Japanese hardcore scene, having set up one of the first Happy Hardcore labels in Japan, DYNASTY RECORDS.

In 2005 and 2007 his remixes for Japanese pop artists achieved record sales which gained him recognition outside of the hardcore scene, and this has led him to produce music for the video game industry as well.

His remix catalogue includes work for the popular anime 'One Piece' and the cult phenomenons 'Caramelldansen' and 'Vocaloid'.

During this time he continued releasing vinyl and has mixed various compilation cds such as 'Dancemania SPEED' and 'TRANCE RAVE' which were all big sellers in Japan.

In December 2007, 2 of his tracks were included on the Nukleuz CD compilation, 'Hardcore Adrenalin 3'. One of the tracks, 'Cant Hold Back' (DJ Shimamura Remix) was played on Radio 1 by DJ Kutski and also featured in Kutski's Top 5 Chart in M8 Magazine.

Currently he has teamed up with label 'SHOT MUSIC' as one of their 'Mixmaster' helping to pioneer game music with strong dance influences. The label has released a showcase of his work in this style titled 'DJ SHIMAMURA: ESSENTIAL WORKS'.


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DJ Shimamura