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Wow, you guys came out in droves to enjoy and support Animethon 20. The official count is 8,058 warm bodies! That's almost over 9,000... Well almost.

In order to help us make Animethon even better, please take the time to complete this short yet important survey so we can get the feedback of the fans in order to continue to grow in the right direction.

Posted: 2013-08-21 03:26:28

Thank you!

Our heartfelt thanks go to all our attendees, guests, sponsors, artists, panelists, volunteers, vendors, community reps, technicians, drivers, fellow event organisers, event staff, executives - In short EVERYONE! Your hard work, dedication and amazing support is overwhelming and Animethon 20 would not have happened without you all. THANK YOU!

Posted: 2013-08-12 11:45:48

Last day for Sign Up

Hall Cosplay, Gaming and Karaoke online sign up will close at noon on the 8th of August.

Posted: 2013-08-07 16:44:35

Limited A20 Nishi T-Shirt

Don't miss out on your Animethon 20 Nishi the Archer shirt available this weekend only. Limited quantities available in Men and Women's sizes.

Posted: 2013-08-07 13:08:45

Schedule Released!

The schedules for A20 are now available.

Posted: 2013-07-31 14:14:55

Crunchyroll Goodness!

We are teaming up with Crunchyroll to give all Animethon 20 attendees a month of free Premium Access! More details...

Posted: 2013-07-31 01:07:20

Pre-reg now closed

Thank you to all those who pre-registered. Pre-reg is now closed.

Posted: 2013-07-23 02:10:58

K-Days Float

Congratulations to our parade participants for winning Global TV's "Most creative entry" out of over 100 floats!

Posted: 2013-07-20 15:29:59

Special Performances

Look out for our Special Performance Guests TheIshter and Booming Tree Taiko!

Posted: 2013-07-20 15:24:51

Troy Baker

Troy will be joining us for A20! Find out more.

Posted: 2013-06-28 10:09:01

K-Days Parade

Want to be a part of the K-days Parade with Animethon? Sign up is now open!

Posted: 2013-06-26 19:32:14

Postal Pre-reg Closing

Just a reminder: Postal payment pre-registration closes at midnight on the 30th of June. You will still be able to pre-reg via PayPal until the 22nd of July. More details...

Posted: 2013-06-25 14:54:23

Gaming Sign up

More details on the Gaming page.

Posted: 2013-06-22 14:07:08

AMV Sign up now closed

We look forward to seeing all your hard work, thanks for your submissions!

Posted: 2013-06-22 03:15:21

Brendan Hunter

The amazing Brendan Hunter will be coming up for A20!

Posted: 2013-06-21 10:01:31

Pre-reg Pick-up

You will be able to pick up your pre-reg pass on Thursday the 8th of August, 6pm to 9pm at Grant MacEwan. This is for pre-reg pick-up only, there will be no pass sales.

Posted: 2013-06-18 17:08:25

Kanon Wakeshima!

Animethon 20 is proud to welcome from Japan our musical Guest of Honour, Kanon Wakeshima!

Posted: 2013-06-14 14:10:20


We are very happy to announce that Capella will be joining us for Animethon 20!

Posted: 2013-06-09 14:07:52

Panel Sign up Closed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a panel.

Posted: 2013-06-09 01:01:57

More guests!

We are happy to announce Carol-Anne Day and Lucas Gilbertson will be with us at Animethon 20!

Posted: 2013-06-03 13:15:20

Artists and Vendors Sold Out!

Vendor's Hall and Artists Alley booths are all sold out, thanks to everyone who signed up!

Posted: 2013-05-23 03:04:24

More Contests!

Sign-ups for Karaoke and Hall Cosplay are open!

Posted: 2013-05-10 03:38:48

X-Passes Sold Out!

And that's a wrap! Animethon 20 X-passes are now SOLD OUT! (Regular weekend passes are still available) We will review all oustanding payments and if any X-passes become available we will let you know so keep checking back! Thanks everyone for supporting Animethon 20!

Posted: 2013-05-02 18:25:55

DJ Shimamura at A20!

We are proud to announce in association with Side Connection & J-rock North Promotions Inc. our Special Guest DJ from Japan, DJ Shimamura!

Posted: 2013-04-28 10:25:26

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest details are now online!

Posted: 2013-04-19 03:35:24

Artist Alley Sign-up

The Artist Alley sign-up form is now online!

Posted: 2013-04-14 22:05:06

The 404s!

Returning for A20 and their 10th year, The 404s!

Posted: 2013-04-09 03:35:39

Twinfools and Nova

Coming to Animethon 20 from BC, Cosplay guests Twinfools and Nova!

Posted: 2013-04-05 09:35:40

AMV Contest

AMV Contest details are now available. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 21, 2013.

Posted: 2013-04-02 19:19:40

Patrick Seitz

Animethon 20 is proud to announce our second Guest of Honour, Patrick Seitz!

Posted: 2013-03-30 03:55:06

Guest Announcement

Animethon 20 is proud to announce our Guest of Honour, Christopher Sabat!

Posted: 2013-03-23 14:12:56

Panel Sign-up

If you want to run a panel at Animethon 20 then have a look at our Panels page for full details!

Posted: 2013-03-12 13:04:11

Animethon Haiku Contest

Be sure to have a look at our Haiku Contest.

Posted: 2013-02-28 21:20:53

Volunteer at A20

If you would like to help out with things at Animethon then please have a look at our Volunteer page for details on how to get involved.

Posted: 2013-02-02 13:27:47

Pre-register for A20

Head to the Registration Page and see how to pre-register for Animethon 20 at discounted rates!

Posted: 2013-02-01 19:18:21

Animethon 20!

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year with the theme of Seijin-Shiki (Coming of Age Ceremony), a Japanese celebration for when someone turns 20 and has officially come of age. They would be recognized as a fully-matured and contributing member of society. Similarly, Animethon has been maturing year after year with the support of staff, sponsors, volunteers & most importantly, fans. Thanks for your support as we celebrate our own Seijin-shiki to celebrate our on-going development in delivering an amazing anime festival.

Posted: 2013-01-20 13:15:10