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Artist Alley

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Artist Alley

Animethon 21’s Artist Alley is a popular marketplace where artists can showcase their talents and sell their works of art.

The main floor of this building has significantly more space as well as more natural lighting and visibility. This has allowed us to increase the size of the Artist Alley tables as well as a layout with better corridors and lines of sight. If you are concerned about the location being further away from the event, don’t be, in addition to Artist Alley, the Registration and many live programming will also be moving to this building.

With all that said, we have made significant changes to the contract, so please be patient with us as we adjust to the changes. If you have any questions please send an email to the Artist Alley Coordinator at

Please refer to the ARTIST ALLEY CONTRACT for more information and details.

Artist Alley Contract

Artist Alley signup is NOW FULL.
Application is still open if you want to apply to be put on the waiting list. 


1. How / When do I rent table space in Artists' Alley?

Sign up opens on 8:00PM Mountain Time on May 11, 2014. Sign-up link will be available on this page at that time.

Step one: Online Application
Complete the online form, this form will ask for your name, studio name, email, website(portfolio), if you would like a discount pass, and how many tables(1 or 2). Note that 2 table purchases are limited.
Step two: Confirmation and Payment
Within a week after completing the online form a confirmation email will be sent to every individual that has been accepted into Artist Alley. Shortly after, an invoice email will follow; this email will request information regarding your needs as an Artist and seating requests, along with providing payment details.
Please note: When the ArtistAlley has become full, the application forms submitted (outlined  in step one) will hold places on the waiting List. The site will be updated to notify everyone when the Artist Alley has been filled and the waiting list has started.
2. What is a discount pass upgrade? Do I need one?

A pass upgrade provides artists with a weekend pass at a discounted price, which is completely optional and available during the online application process. The Artist Alley is a free space where a pass is not required to enter. An Artist Alley pass allows access into the area for set-up (before artist alley opens), when Artist Alley closes, as well as being allowed behind the table. An Artist Alley pass is not the same as a weekend pass as it does not grant access to the rest of the event.
3. How old do I have to be to apply for Artist Alley?

All artists, secondary artists, and assistants must be at least 16 years of age at the time of applying for space in artist alley. This was decided from 16 being the legal age to handle money.
4. Why do I need to have a website/portfolio for sign-up?

This is asked  to make sure what you're selling is fit for artist alley, as sometimes we get applicants more fitting for the exhibitor's area or maybe the swap meet.
5. How tall can my display be?

Your display must not exceed 8 feet from the floor; assume the table is 2.5 feet in height.
6. Do I have to take down my display every night?

No, but we are not liable for anything that becomes lost or missing overnight. A room will be available for storage that will be locked overnight where you can place all or some of your merchandise if you wish. Note that it is recommended you take any important valuables with you.
7. I don't want my table anymore or can't make it to the event now, can I get a refund?

There is no refunds after purchase, all sales are final.
8. How do I check in, what happens if I don't?

You simply need to go to the Artist Alley, an Artist Alley staff member will check you in.You must present a government-issued ID. Your table must be checked in by 11am Friday or it will be resold with no refund.
9. Are there limits to the number of people/chairs I can list/have at my space?

Yes, maximum 2 persons are allowed behind every table. Each table can register a maximum of 2 artists, each artist is also allowed to register up to 3 assistants. This doesn't mean everyone can sit with you, but so you can take breaks and rotate with your assistants. Two chairs will be provided for every 5 foot table, extra chairs will not be available and not allowed into the artist alley.
10. Can I sell adult material?

Any artist with adult-related material must have it clearly marked, covered, and supervised at all times to ensure that no minors are viewing it. Naturally, this also means you cannot sell this material to minors. Artists are responsible for verifying the ages of potential customers of this art. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action and repeated offenses may result in expulsion from the convention.
11. Can I sell fanart?

Fanart is allowed. Please use the following guidelines as you prepare your art:
You are NOT allowed to copy, trace or in any way reproduce (either by hand or machine) an existing piece of art and sell it as your own.
Fanart MUST be an original design that utilizes your favourite characters.
We are not qualified to judge if you have changed a picture enough to make it your own. If you have only modified an existing image, please do not bring it. Use references as references ONLY and not as a base. If we can still recognize the original piece despite your modifications, we will ask you to take it off the table.
Many artists practice by copying art from their favourite series or books. This is an excellent way to learn; however, DO NOT BRING IT and DO NOT DISPLAY IT if you do. Avoid problems and avoid complaints by just leaving it home. It will not be an issue if nobody sees it. If you are found displaying it or selling it, you will be found in violation of the rules.
Our recommendation is to be safe and don't bring it at all. Even if we don't catch you, your fellow artists will. We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly and supportive artist community. Your fellow artists will feel like their own hard work was for nothing if they find others violating the above rules, so do NOT sell anything that isn't your own idea.
Craft work cannot replicate existing merchandise.
12. Can I share my table?

Yes, a maximum of 2 artists are allowed to be registered under one table.
13. Can I add a second artist to my table?

Yes, the option will become available when emails are sent out.
14. Will floats be provided?

All artists are expected to bring and maintain their own floats. Animethon will not provide change for any Artist.

15. Do you still have the ticket system?

No, the artist alley is all cash. Each artist is responsible for handling their own.