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An Cafe

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An Cafe

An Cafe!

Members: Kanon (bass), Yu-ki (keyboard), Miku (vocals), takuya (guitar), Teruki (drums)


Harajuku Dance Rock Band - Antic Cafe (a.k.a. An Cafe)

An Cafe is immensely popular with the middle- and high-school crowds, and is unparalleled for their down-to-earth and relatable lyrics, and unique danceable rock sound! An Cafe not only appeals to visual-kei fans; they also draw in J-pop listeners with their pop-influenced sound. That, along with their entertaining lives and unique charm, give them a competitive edge over everyone else.


By 2010, An Cafe had released 17 singles, 6 albums, and 7 concert DVDs. Within Japan, they have gone on several national tours including a Zepp live house tour across the country. They embarked on a large-scale world tour, touring Europe in 2008 and Europe and South America in 2009 and 2012, selling out at venue after venue. An Cafe is seen as a symbol of Japanese pop culture by many young people worldwide.

(In 2009, An Cafe also added to its roster of successes by being the first Japanese artist to perform solo in Russia.)


On January 4, 2010, at the peak of their popularity, they announced at their solo concert at Nippon Budokan “King of Harajuku Dance Rock ~Ikinari Nyappy Legend~” that they were going on hiatus. However, in April 2012 they announced that they were resuming their activities, and on September 8-9, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday), they held a comeback concert, “ANCAFESTA ’12 SUMMER DIVE” at Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 2, as they had promised to fans. Tickets were sold out on both days, and their comeback proved to be a huge success, still fresh in the memories of fans.


In 2013, the band reached its 10th anniversary since formation, and performed in all 48 prefectures of Japan for the first time on their “NYAPPY GO AROUND Kimi no machi” tour. For their tour finale, they performed a solo concert for the second time at Nippon Budokan.


An Cafe will be performing of the first time in Canada at Animethon 21 in association with J-rock North Promotions Inc. ( and Sony Music Artists Japan (