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Animethon 22 Dates

We are happy to announce that Animethon 22 will be held on August 7th to 9th, 2015 at MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton.

In the meantime we are focusing on ATOA 2015 (February 20th to 21st, 2015) so please check back in March for more information about Animethon 22.

ATOA 2015!

We are happy to announce that our next A Taste of Animethon will be held on February 20th and 21st 2015. Please visit the ATOA Website to find out more!

Animethon 21 Attendance

Animethon 21 has our final counts in for attendance this year. We have a total of 8728 attendees at our event. Thank you for everyone that came out here this weekend! We hope to see you again at our next event!


We'd like to thank all of our contest participants for entering, we have such a talented community. A list of winners can be found on our Contest Winners page.

Thank you for attending Animethon 21! Feedback Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out the Animethon 21 Attendees Survey! We appreciate any feedback you provide!

CONTEST: At the end of the survey, you have the option to leave your email for a draw for some prizes. Grand prizes is an Animethon 21 bag signed by some of our guests!

Contest Deadline: Sunday Aug 17, 2014 at 11:59pm MST.
Fill out Animethon 21 Attendee Survey

Again thank you to everyone at the event!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you again at future events!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Animethon this weekend!!! I hope you all had a spectacular weekend filled with wonderful memories! I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who have spent countless hours putting this event together!

We will be posting up a survey soon. Please take a few minutes to fill it out to let us know how we did and where we can improve! Again thank you to everyone at the event!!! Looking forward to seeing all of you again at future events!

Posted: 2014-08-11 02:39:57

Pre-Reg Badge Pickup!

Did you buy a pre-registered badge? You can pick up your pre-reg badges thisThursday night from 6:00 - 9:00 pm in 109th Street building (Robbins) on the second floor!

Remember, one of the perks for a pre-reg attendees is that you can purchase our Rare Volunteer Pin if you show your pre-reg badge at our Merchandise Booth on Thursday 6-9pm!

Click here to see badge pick up for the other days.

Animethon Pins Sets All Released!

The entire set of Animethon 21 pins are now all released! Check out our Pins page for more info!

Fourth Pin Set!

Maid Misaki and Butler Nishi! Check out these uncommon pins.

Posted: 2014-07-29 15:29:15

Schedule and Maps!

We are excited to announce that our Animethon 21 daily schedules are now available! Click here to check out all the fun activities going on over the weekend!  

Venue Maps

This year we are using Building 9 in addition to buildings 6, 7 and 8.
  • Buildings 6, 7 and 8
    PDF (1.7MB)
    PNG (1.3MB)
  • Building 9 *NEW*
    PDF (1.6MB)
    PNG (1.4MB)

Posted: 2014-07-24 13:45:08

Pins Batch 3 Released!

Animethon is pleased to announce our next batch of pins!!! Samurai Nishi and Ninja Misaki!!

These fall under our Rare Pins category! They will be available for purchase at merchandise booth at rare intervals, and available for trading around the convention at rare times!

Check them out here!

Hotels and Accommodations Sold Out!

Hotels at both MacEwan Residence and Coast Edmonton Plaza are sold out during Animethon!

If you are still looking at booking hotels for Animethon, try other hotels near MacEwan University such as Days Inn & Suits West Edmonton (2.9km), Best Western Plus Westwood (3.3km), Sandman Hotel (2.6km), Hampton Inn & Suits (3.2km), Courtyard Edmonton, or Delta Center (6.9 km),

Animethon 21 Pins Set 2

Animethon 21 is pleased to announce our second set of pins! Nishi’s Sword and Misaki’s Staff!! These pins will be available for sale at all times at the Merchandise booth during Animethon!!

Panels Are Up!

Guest, Event, and Fan Panels are now posted up now!

An Cafe`s message to Animethon!

Check out An Cafe's video message for Animethon! Excited to see them? Be sure to get your prereg tickets now!

Preregistration closes July 15th!

Posted: 2014-07-14 13:53:09

Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Festival

Thank you to our friends at the Eek! Comic & Pop Culture Festival for throwing together an amazing first year convention in St. Albert this past weekend! Animethon had a booth selling pre-registration tickets and other merchandise. Congratulations to our 2 winners who won the X-Pass this weekend! Animethon sponsored the convention and provided two AMV programming events. They had special guest Stephen Amell attend and that was a huge hit with photo ops and autographs!. We look forward to seeing how Eek will grow in the next year!

Posted: 2014-06-04 17:44:49

Amazing Otafest 2014!

We had such a great time at Otafest 2014 and thanks to all of you who stopped by our table. Amongst other things we announced Satsuki Yukino, gave away some X-Passes! Now let us help you get over the post con blues, we have some cool announcements coming over the next few days and weeks as we gear up for Animethon 21! A big thank you to the Otafest team for an amazing weekend!

Posted: 2014-05-22 12:15:26

Cosplay Contest

Ready to show off your costume? Sign ups for the Cosplay Contest is NOW OPEN!

Posted: 2014-05-21 13:44:02

Satsuki Yukino!

Voice actress and singer Satsuki Yukino is coming to Canada for the first time to see us at Animethon 21!

Posted: 2014-05-19 14:35:42

Artist Alley Full!

Artist Alley sign up for Animethon 21 is now full! Sign up will still be kept open for those who want to be put on the waiting list. We sold out very quickly this year, thank you to all who applied, we will be in touch.

Posted: 2014-05-12 11:50:18

Cherami Leigh

Voice and on camera actor Cherami Leigh will be coming to Edmonton this summer to join at at Animethon 21!

Dance DJ

Animethon is looking for DJ for our dance! Think you got what it takes? APPLY NOW!

Posted: 2014-04-29 13:43:17

An Cafe!

Animethon 21 is pleased to announce our Guest of Honour An Cafe!

Posted: 2014-04-24 23:59:57

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Our volunteer sign up form is now online. For full details check out the Volunteer page.

Posted: 2014-04-17 11:50:26


Vensy is a Replica Prop Maker and Costumer/Cosplayer from California, come and check out her talent!

Posted: 2014-04-16 12:19:16

Hotel Information

More hotel information available, stay at the Coast Edmonton Plaza!

Posted: 2014-03-27 01:37:58

Panel Sign Up!

Panel sign up is now open! If you want to host a panel at Animethon 21 come and find out how.

Posted: 2014-03-18 12:52:49

AMV Contest

Sign up for the Animethon 21 AMV Contest! Read on for full details including contest rules.

Posted: 2014-03-10 13:01:35

Meet our Mascots!

Find out more about our official Animethon mascots Nishi and Misaki!

Posted: 2014-03-04 13:10:05

Preregistration Open!

Preregistration is now open for Animethon 21! Head on over to the Registration Page for full details.

Posted: 2014-03-03 13:00:47

Karen Strassman

Animethon 21 is pleased to announce our second Guest of Honour, Karen Strassman! She is a voice actor who has voiced over hundreds of characters. Please visit her page for more details.

Posted: 2014-03-02 23:30:07

Thank you from the ATOA team!

What an awesome weekend! Thanks to all 2295 of you who attended ATOA 2014, especially coming in from out of town with the rotten weather, we had an amazing time and we hope you did too. Tell us all about your experiences using our surveys:

Posted: 2014-02-03 14:39:32

Animethon 21!

Swing by Animethon 21 at MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton. This summer from Friday August 8th to Sunday August 10th, 2014!

Posted: 2013-12-22 21:04:25