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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

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Animethon Pins!

Animethon is pleased to partner up with our sister convention Otafest in their pin trading adventures! This summer, get ready to buy a new set of Animethon pins and trade them with staff and pin trading attendees!! For those of you who are collecting Otafest pins, you can also trade them for Animethon ones, and vice versa! Don't forget to bring down Animethon pins to Otafest Aurora 2014 for trading! Let's all join in on the fun!

Common Pins

Common pins will be sold at all times at the Merchandise booth open hours!







Uncommon Pins

Uncommon Pins will be occasionally sold at our Merchandise booth and also can be traded with our pin traders at various times throughout Animethon 21!







Rare Pins

Our Volunteer pin is our Rare Pin! They will be available for sale on Thursday Aug 7, 2014 for Pre-Registered attendees only!! Show your pre-registration pass at our Merchandise booth to be able to purchase one of these pins! 

They will also be sold during Animethon weekend Aug 8-10 at rare times at our Merchandise booth. You can also find our pin traders to trade them on site!




Ultra Rare Pins

Our AMV pin is our Ultra Rare pin! Limited quantities will be available for trade at the end of each AMV event. They will also be for sale at ultra rare times at the Merchandise booth!