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ASAPA General Policies

ASAPA General Policies
Last revised: 2014-01-30
NOTE: General Polices are subject to review and may be revised at any time prior to the event


  1. Terms
    1. “Artist Alley” refers to the designated location for the sale of personal artwork.
    2. “Cosplay” refers to costume play: the act of dressing up, and sometimes acting, as a fictional character.
    3. Both “Event” and “Animethon” refer to the A Taste of Animethon or Animethon festival.
    4. “Vendor’s Hall” refers to the designated location for the sale of non-Animethon related merchandise. Some events may call this room the Merchant Hall, the Vendors’ Room, or the Dealers’ Room.
    5. “Viewing Room” refers to the designated viewing areas for video programming.
    6. Weapon” is defined in Section 46 of these policies.
    7. “Pass” refers to the proof of admission used by the Event. This may be a wristband and/or badge.
    8. “Venue” refers to the facility(s) that the event is taking place on.
    9. “ASAPA” refers to the Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts.
General Policies
  1. All policies contained herein are subject to all local, provincial, and federal laws. Any policy contrary to those laws will be declared null and void.
  2. The Venue, at their discretion, may override any policies contained herein.
  3. The following activities are not permitted at the Event:
    1. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law;
    2. Any act which could result in substantial risk or harm to people or property;
    3. Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs other patrons, staff, or the public;
    4. Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment;
    5. Physical or verbal harassment of the public or staff;
    6. Loitering.
  4. Soliciting goods and/or services in exchange for money, goods, and/or services on Venue grounds that are either:
    1. Outside the Vendor Hall;
    2. Not approved by the ASAPA Board of Directors or its appointed representatives;
    3. Not owned by businesses located in the Venue, or;
    4. Violates any terms or conditions of any agreements the Event or ASAPA has with the Venue, are prohibited.
  5. All patrons must abide by all Venue procedures, policies, and bylaws, as well as all local, provincial, and federal laws and bylaws.
  6. Seating for events or in Viewing Rooms, unless otherwise mentioned, is first-come, first-served.
  7. The Event is required to adhere to fire regulations. Those regulations dictate that:
    1. Doorways are not to be blocked and must be free of obstructions at all times;
    2. The number of people in a room cannot exceed the maximum capacity of that room;
    3. Sitting in the aisle or standing at the back of a room is strictly forbidden.
  8. Alcohol or intoxication is not permitted at the Event. Any incidences will be dealt with accordingly.
  9. Food and drinks are normally permitted during events and inside Viewing rooms, but please clean up after yourself. Please use available garbage bins to dispose of waste and available recycle bins to dispose of recyclable materials. Patrons will be informed if food or drinks are prohibited in certain areas.
  10. Talking out of turn during events or in Viewing Rooms is disruptive to other patrons. Please save your comments for outside the event or Viewing Room.
  11. All telecommunication devices (pagers, mobile phones, and such) must be running silent or turned off while inside Viewing Rooms and during events.
  12. Be courteous to fellow attendees and enjoy yourself but please remember the impression you make reflects on all of us.
  13. With respect to some Animethon events, such as the Cosplay Contest, these Event policies may be temporarily overridden for participants of that event. The only persons that may authorize this override are:
    1. Chairman;
    2. Vice-Chairman;
    3. Head of Safety;
    4. Cosplay Contest Coordinator;
    5. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer of ASAPA;
    6. Any delegate of the above.
Passes and Admission
  1. Passes must be worn and be visible at all times. Individuals without a Pass will not be granted full access to the event.
  2. Passes do not guarantee entry to any event or room due to fire capacity regulations or patron’s age for age restricted programming.
  3. Animethon reserves the right to ticket any event accessible with a pass. Ticketed events will have ticket pickup information, times and any additional costs (if any) as posted on the Event’s printed or electronic media.
  4. Any patron who has their Pass revoked will not receive reimbursement or refund of any part of their admission.
  5. A fee will be charged for replacing a lost Pass. A replacement Pass will be authorized by Registration staff.
  6. Please return any Passes found to Event staff immediately.
  7. All passes sold will be non-refundable.
Attire and Costumes
  1. All patrons are required to dress appropriately, in accordance with public decency laws, while attending the Event.
  2. All patrons are required to wear footwear. Socks or bare feet are not acceptable.
  3. The Event reserves the right to deem any attire or costume unacceptable and request the wearer to either change or make modifications as necessary.
  4. Patrons should be aware that they may be asked to remove all or part of any costume that is bulky, difficult to maneuver, or otherwise presents a possible safety issue for the wearer or other patrons.
  5. Roller blades, skateboards, scooters, and similar devices cannot be used on Venue grounds.
Harassment and Assault
  1. The Event has a zero tolerance for any type of harassment and/or assault.
    1. Harassment is any behavior that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person. This includes any unwanted physical contact, following someone without a legitimate reason, or threatening to harm someone.
  2. Sexual misconduct is unacceptable at the Event and will result in the revocation of the patron’s Pass.
  1. Although we strive for the safest possible environment, the Event and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury while attending or volunteering for the Event.
  2. Patrons are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result.
  3. Civil or medical emergencies are to be handled directly by the proper authorities.
Merchandise and Theft
  1. All merchandise from the Event itself, the Vendor’s Hall, or Artist Alley, must be paid for.
  2. Any patron caught shoplifting or stealing will be handed over to the proper authorities, have their Pass revoked, and refused service into all future Animethon events. There will be no exceptions.
  3. In the event that ASAPA is able to provide a storage location for props, ASAPA holds no liability for items left in storage.
Photography and Video Recording
  1. Photography of original artwork in Artist Alley is not allowed without permission of the artist.
  2. Photography may be restricted to specific events. Patrons will be informed in any event which photography or video recording is prohibited.
  3. Certain areas at the venue may be designated “No Photography Zones” to allow for traffic flow in congested areas. Stopping for photographs or video is prohibited in these areas. These areas will be signed and/or marked on venue maps.
  4. Photography of all other aspects of the Event is allowed as long as it does not disrupt events, the flow of traffic, and the subject does not object to the photo.
  5. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, other patrons, or the general public.
  6. Please be advised that you may be video recorded and/or photographed by the Event for promotional purposes.
  7. Posing with a prop or replica for a photograph is acceptable. However, the prop or replica may only be used for that picture and no patrons in the immediate area must feel threatened.
  8. Photographs of the Venue, both interior and exterior, must be approved by the Venue in advance.
  1. Wearing any signs that offer products or services, for solicitation, financial gain, physical act, or otherwise, is prohibited at the Event.
  2. Signs with inappropriate content will be removed without warning, and may result in the patrons’ expulsion from the Event.
  3. Signs or displays that offer or can be interpreted as offering goods and/or services in exchange for money, goods, and/or services in kind that are either:
    1. Outside the Vendor Hall;
    2. Not approved by the ASAPA Board of Directors or its appointed representatives;
    3. Not owned by businesses located in the Venue, or;
    4. Violates any terms or conditions of any agreements the Event or ASAPA has with the Venue, are banned.
Weapon Policy
  1. A weapon is defined as any item that a reasonable person would deem a weapon, any weapon or item prohibited by local, provincial, or federal law, any item indistinguishable at casual inspection from either of the first two cases, or any item resembling a gun that is capable of firing a projectile.
  2. A weapon that has been rendered inoperable, such as a firearm without a firing pin or an blunt/dull blade, shall still be considered a weapon.
  3. No weapon shall be permitted at the event.
Props and Replica Policy
  1. The following restrictions are applicable to all props:
  1. Must be an inanimate, non-living object, unless such living prop be a duly registered service animal under the Service Dogs Act of Alberta, or similar legislation of the same intent and nature.
  2. May not have sharp edges, points, or corners.
  3. May not be used for mock combat, though posing for photographs is acceptable.
  4. May not be swung or thrown at any time.
  5. May not be of a size or shape that would impede the flow of traffic, or be a hazard to the Venue or other patrons.
  6. May not contain glass, unless it is a common object unlikely to break.
  7. Must be peace-bonded at the designated replica and prop check area. This bonding must be kept visible at all times.
  8. Any chains, whips, and similar props, whether by themselves or as part of a larger prop, must be secured from swinging on both ends.
  1. Props are sub-divided into four different category, with additional restrictions applying to each class.
  2. Class A - props not resembling a weapon. The following additional restrictions apply to this category:
  1. None
  1. Class B - props resembling projectile weapons, ancient or modern. The following additional restrictions apply to this category:
  1. Must be obviously and permanently inoperable.
  2. If modern (eg: guns), there must be an orange tip extending a minimum 1.5 centimetres down the barrel. In the case that the prop could potentially be operable, the barrel must by blocked by an epoxy resin or similar glue, and any air chamber for propulsion must be punctured.
  3. If ancient (eg: bows), they may not have a string capable of firing a projectile and may not be strung except for photographs.
  4. May not propel a projectile at any time.
  1. Class C - prop is a weapon replica, but is not easily swung (eg: staff, sword, or polearm). The following additional restrictions apply to this category:
  1. Blade or protrusion may not be metal or a bare wooden material other than balsa.
  1. Class D - prop is a replica of a standard melee weapon (eg: sword, axe). The following additional restrictions apply to this category:
  1. May not be primarily constructed of metal or wood, excluding balsa.
  2. May not have a wooden handle greater than 9 inches in length.
  3. May not be reinforced with wooden dowel or an acrylic/acetate rod with a diameter greater than 5/16 of an inch.
  1. Props that do not meet the policies must be removed from the venue immediately upon request. Failure to remove props from site may result in event pass revocation without refund.
  2. Actions taken with props that are in violation of this policy, or actions taken in a manner that can be deemed a risk to public safety, may result in the seizure of the props and pass revocation without refund.
  3. Certain areas of the Event may restrict the transport of props, even if they are in compliance with this policy.
  4. In the event of a conflict between ASAPA's Prop and Replica policy, and the policy of the hosting Venue, the more restrictive of the two shall apply.
  5. At the discretion of designated Event staff, certain props or replicas may be deemed unacceptable regardless of compliance with this policy.
  6. Additional restrictions to the policy may apply, and will be available through the official Venue website and/or publications of the Venue itself.
Contest Eligibility
  1. A contest is defined as an Animethon-run event involving skill or luck that offers prizes, or awards (e.g. Door prizes, karaoke contest, scavenger hunt). This does not include such things as contests at panels or industry giveaways.
  2. An Exhibition Entry is defined as an entry in a contest that may participate but cannot receive prizes or awards.
  3. The Event applies the following policy to contest eligibility:
    1. The Event reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time.
    2. The rules published on the Event’s website,, are considered to be official rules.
    3. All decisions made by the Event’s organizing committee are final.
    4. Anyone currently banned or blacklisted by ASAPA or the Event cannot participate in any contest.
    5. The ASAPA Board of Directors, as well as ASAPA-appointed Event officers, cannot participate in contests. Members of the Event Board of Directors are all ASAPA-appointed officers.
    6. Judges, ballot counters, and event coordinators cannot participate in contests in which they are acting in the capacity of a judge, ballot counter, or event coordinator.
    7. Staff responsible for selecting or appointing judges, ballot counters, or event coordinators for a specific contest cannot participate in that contest.
    8. Staff and volunteers are ineligible to participate in contests that conflict with their duties.
    9. All contest entries must have both an Event badge and/or wristband to participate in contests. Both the badge and the wristband must be valid and for the current event. Certain contents may have exceptions to this policy and, if so, it will be noted in their rules.
    10. Vendor entries may enter a contest, pending time and availability, providing they do not impede on regular entries.
    11. To participate, regular entrants must pay the contest entry fee, if one exists, for the particular contest. All fees must be paid in advance. Exhibition entries do not pay contest entry fees.
    12. Animethon Staff must request permission from the Director of Programming to enter into any contest. Without permission, staff cannot participate in any contest.
    13. Should conflicts arise, these rules shall take precedence in the order that they are listed.
Violation of Policies
  1. The Event reserves the right to enforce disciplinary action against any patron who violates these policies. Such disciplinary action can include, but are not limited to:
    1. Asking a patron to leave a particular event or viewing room;
    2. Revocation of a patron’s Pass without refund;
    3. Banning a patron from future ASAPA run events.
  2. Any action prohibited by law will result in notification to the proper authorities and could result in criminal prosecution.
  3. Any attempt to induce a duly contracted party to ASAPA to violate the terms of their contract will result in disciplinary action as outlined in this policy document.




Specific Policies – Animethon
  1. The following additional restrictions have been imposed by the hosting site:
    1. No Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) are allowed on site. Dark blue or black S.W.A.T. style outfits are not permitted, without exception.
    2. Balaclava style masks are not permitted unless readily identifiable as part of a costume. Due to additional restrictions on the part of the Venue, all other face-covering masks will need to be approved on a case by case basis.
    3. Not all props will be allowed into the concerts, dance, or other events as specified in the Event’s printed or electronic media, and as per the discretion of Venue security, the Animethon Committee, and the Head of Safety or their delegate.