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Contest Winners

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Contest Winners

Hall Cosplay

This year veteran cosplayer Heather was souring the halls of Animethon for notable cosplays! This is true Hall Cosplay, simply being recognised for a job well done while out and about at Animethon. There was no requirement to formally enter this contest.

Here's who Heather found:
Best Costume Euphemia li Blitannia - CC CodeGeass - Tamara & Michelle Everett
Winner Lina - Inverse Slayers - Julia-Burbaker
Winner Penelo - FF12 Revenant Wings - Samantha Daley
Winner Zack Fair - Crisis Core FF7 - Breanne Bennett
Winner Notepad - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared - Sara Woloschuk
Winner Janna - League Of Legends - Kaeli Sollows

AMV Contest

Winners were from all over the globe including Canada, USA, South America, Italy and Russia.
Best Action Mahjong Banquet by Magicflier to Saki
Best Dramatic This White Night Fantasy by [key]Scarlet to Berserk: The Golden Age
Best Romance/Sentimental Mirrors by lovinyoujacksparrow2 to Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Manga
Best Trailer/Parody The Butterfly Effect by MycathatesyouAMV to Steins;Gate USA
Best Upbeat/Fun Under Control by SasukeChanx to Various
Best Comedy & Best in Show Anime 101 by VivifxAMV to Various
Audience Favourite Good Clean Fun by haunter103 to Various
AMV Coordinator's Choice Smile of an Angel by Galia & Kitty to Various
BEST "MADE IN ALBERTA" From a Distance by PuffinCat to Hotarubi no Morie

Take the Stage

Our talent contest, new for Animethon 21!
First Place Ashton Wong - Beatboxer
Second Place Shelley Wu - Japanese Song
Third Place Emma Pagtakhan - Japanese Song
Fan Favourite Michael Oritz - Martial art/dance fusion... With lights!

Cosplay Contest

Here are the main Cosplay Contest winners:

Best in Show Richard, Lyndsay, Christine and Jessica - The Dragons from Game of Thrones
Best Costume KawaiiBakaNekoDesu - Code Geass
Best Performance d-WARVES - Card Captor Sakura
Fan Favourite 5Ds Cosplay - My Little Pony
Honourable Mention Tara and Nicole - Atelier Atesha
Best First Timer Jaydn - Kankuro from Naruto Shippuuden

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

Finally our Craftsmanship winners, for self-made cosplays:

Expert Winner Jessica Roh - Atlas - Ragnabreak - Deity Wars
Expert Runner Up Kat Dallin - Loki - Thor 2
Journeyman Winner Natasha Shevchenko - Kyary - Ponponpon
Journeyman Runner Up Jasmine Heppner - Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon 2
Novice Winner Natasha Wismark - Demon Hunter - Diabolo 3
Novice Runner Up Isabella Allan - Elsa - Frozen
Prop Winner Sara Smith - Rwby Rose - Rwby
Prop Runner Up Meghan Lanaria - Tristana - League of Legends
Judge's Choice Kian Aquino - Elite Knight - Dark Souls
Judge's Choice Tyler Handley - Dark Wargreymon - Digimon