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Staff and Volunteer Benefits Overview

Animethon has always run on the hard work of our many volunteers and staff. We depend on all of our previous, current, and future volunteers to help put on this amazing event . We will be transitioning towards a staff-only structure, and as a result many volunteer benefits have been rolled into the staff perks.

Below, you’ll find various perks and benefits that we are able to provide our staff and volunteers this year.

Further details regarding the items on this list, or any additional perks that become available, will be provided to those who qualify among staff and volunteers.

Please note the many changes from volunteer benefits in previous years.

If you have any questions, please contact for more information.

Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you at the event.

Unlocking Benefits

Perk Time to Unlock
Volunteer Badge Check-in
Volunteer Storage 2 Hours
Volunteer Lounge 4 Hours
Early Vendors Access 6 Hours
Crash Space1 8 Hours
$20 Reimbursement2 10 Hours
Volunteer Awards 12 Hours
$40 Reimbursement3 14 Hours
Based on your scheduled hours with us this year you'll be unlocking perks - some brand new, some old favourites. We’ve also rolled all passes into one reimbursement scheme with a few special conditions:

1: Crash space is still first-come first-served, with priority to those from out of town, or working late night shifts. 2: The 10 hour Reimbursement tier serves as either full reimbursement for day-passes or $20 reimbursement towards an Event pass or X-pass. 3: $40 Cumulative, this tier represents a second $20 reimbursement towards an Event pass or X-pass.

Event Access

Volunteer passes will grant you access to volunteer only areas and allow you to work towards a reimbursement for your event pass. Benefits associated with other passes are exclusive to those passes. For instance, only an X-Pass will grant front of the line access.

Staff and volunteers will be eligible for early access to the Vendors’ Hall, provided that they are off duty at the time and have been scheduled or worked the requisite amount of hours. The days and times for early access are subject to change.

Volunteer Lounge Access

Volunteers will have access to a volunteer and staff only area located outside the HR room to relax in during the event provided that they are not currently on duty.

Pass Reimbursement

Volunteers are required to have a pass for the event (or at least days they are scheduled to volunteer) prior to working as a volunteer. This usually involves purchasing a pass beforehand. In this case, we strongly recommend for you to Preregister [] to get the best discount.

Returning volunteers are encouraged to apply to be staff for the event, but will still need to purchase a pass to be a regular volunteer. Volunteers who work a minimum number of hours will be eligible for a reimbursement of their pass costs, for up to $40. For these hours to count towards reimbursement they must meet a few conditions:

1. The person working the hours must be registered and approved by Animethon HR staff. 2. The hours worked must have been assigned by HR staff. (Work for other Animethon Staff will only be considered in special cases, for which additional paperwork may be required.) 3. The person must have signed in and out for all the shifts being redeemed

Volunteers who have met the required hours for their pass can request a pass reimbursement. Volunteers MUST make this request in person to HR staff. Volunteers MUST make this request at the event, as reimbursements will ONLY occur during the event (unless alternate arrangements have been made with HR ahead of time). Pass reimbursement will be uniform for all pass types at $20 back after 10 hours worked

Volunteers may be able to earn hours from certain special events prior to Animethon 22. Unless otherwise specified by HR, volunteer hours at these events will be accumulated at half-time, to a maximum of 2 hours per special event. Please contact for a list of special events that qualify, and for any other conditions that may apply for said event.

Volunteer Storage

We are working to provide storage space in lockers to staff and volunteers and will provide notification if and when said space is possible. Operations rooms, unless EXPLICITLY specified, are not to be used as storage space for staff or volunteers.

Lockers are to be used for storage for the duration for the event, any items forgotten in lockers after the event will be sent to Macewan lost and found. Animethon takes no responsibility for the safety of personal belongings. Use of any storage space for personal belongings is at owner’s own risk.

Volunteer Crash Space

Animethon will have limited crash space available to staff and volunteers at the event. These crash spaces are assigned by HR on a priority basis. Assigned crash spaces may only be made available for a specific night or nights. Animethon makes no guarantees as to the availability of crash space.

Requests for crash space must be made to HR prior to June 25, 2015.

If you no longer require crash space, please notify HR as soon as possible.

Water Provided

Water will be made available to Animethon staff and volunteers at designated times and locations during the event. Food, if provided, is limited and may not be suitable for all dietary restrictions.

Volunteer Awards

Some volunteers may qualify for volunteer awards or prizes, availability is limited.

Volunteer Dinner

Until further notice the volunteer dinner will be on hiatus. Other volunteer appreciation events may be announced in the future.

Staff Benefits

  • Staff badge for event access
  • Cash stipend
  • Staff T-shirt while supplies last
  • Staff appreciation events
  • Access to Staff Pre-Order for merchandise (if signed up before cutoff)
  • All applicable volunteer benefits
Disclaimer: The event reserves the right to make changes to the staff and volunteer perks as required, without notice. Any such changes will be applied retroactively to the current event.