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Cosplay Programming

***Please check back, this information is subject to change***

Welcome Cosplayers! We will be offering several Cosplay related events during Animethon 22, please be sure to read and understand the outlines of each event given below. Our events are held between set times for scheduling reasons and we're sorry but we can not make exceptions for late comers or those who "forget" to show up. We'd love to see as many of you as we can as we're always excited to see what you've come up with this event! So read the outlines, be aware of the time limits and come along and wow us! :)
What When Where Who
Cosplay Contest Showtime: Saturday 3pm to 5pm Main Events Gym Any attendee in Cosplay
Craftsmanship Contest Contest: Sunday 11am to 1pm


(Not main events)
Attendees with a self-made Cosplay
Hall Cosplay Friday & Saturday Around the Convention Grounds Any attendee in Cosplay
Crossplay Pageant (Fan Panel) Friday 8:30pm to 9:30pm 9-323 Any attendee in Crossplay
Cosplay Repair Station Cosplay Green Room Operation Hours Cosplay Green Room (7-184) Any attendee in Cosplay

Cosplay Contest

Our main event! This year we have separated our performance entrants from our walk-on entrants. Contestants who wish to perform a skit will go first, followed by a brief intermission and then our walk-on entrants will pose on stage in turn.
  • Registration is online until 2015-08-02 or in person Friday 12-7 and Saturday until 12 noon in the Cosplay Green Room (7-184)
  • Showtime is Saturday 3pm to 5pm in the Main Events Room
  • Open to anyone in Cosplay willing to go on stage!

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

This is a contest specifically for our talented craftsmen who have made their own Cosplay or props! There are no performances, no audience, just a friendly chat with our judges about how you made your Cosplay!
  • Registration is online until 2015-08-02 or in person Sunday 11am to 12 noon in the MPR (Multi Purpose Room)
  • Judging time is Sunday 11am to 1pm in the MPR
  • Open to those who have made 80% or more of their Cosplay.
  • No performance required.

Hall Cosplay

Most contests require you to sign up and give up some of your limited convention time. We understand that not everyone wants to do that but you may still be wearing a fantastic Cosplay! We will be patrolling the Halls of Animethon 22 looking for outstanding costumes and we'll have a chat with anyone who catches our eye. You may even get a ribbon! No registration required.

Crossplay Pageant

This is a fan run panel for our Crossplayers. Come to the panel room (9-323) on Friday at 8:30pm, if you're in Crossplay then why not enter!

Cosplay Repair Station

The Cosplay Green Room will have some emergency supplies for you to patch your cosplay up. Note that this is not where you "make" your costume, this is only a place for you to repair your costume. The Cosplay Repair Station is an area in the Cosplay Green Room, so it is available to you to use as long as the Cosplay Green Room is open. The hours of operation of this room are subject to change.