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Liui Aquino

Liui has been fascinated with anime ever since his childhood. He loved collecting Pokemon merchandise and other anime goods. Despite the criticisms of being labelled as geeky and immature, he chose to stick to this hobby because it made him feel happy and youthful.

He came across cosplay in 2010. This is when he attended his first ever anime convention. After seeing exquisite costumes and being inspired by admirable craftsmanship, he got hooked in to this hobby. He was also delighted that he was able to make friends with people who shared the same interest.

The further indulgence to this fandom made him feel more revitalized. He also dreamed of bringing his favourite characters to life. With this newly-found motivation, on October 2 2011, he finally decided to take a step forward and thus, debuted his very first cosplay. Even though he wasn't really expecting anything, it was well accepted by fellow fans. He felt very glad for everyone's appreciation. It inspired him to put even more effort in polishing his craft.