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Fan Panels

20 Years of Evangelion

AP – Alia S.
Evangelion celebrates 20 years, share why you love the series and learn about its impact on anime and Western media!

999/VLR: You Will (Not) Escape

14P – Ally
If Professor Layton wasn’t a dark enough puzzle game for you, come join us for a fun discussion on the Zero Escape series!

A-thon Mixing 'n' Mingling

14P - Mike P.
Come on in and socialize! A relaxed yet organized way to meet new people; we'll provide the venue, you provide the wit, personality, and charm!

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cosplay by KBND Cosplay

AP – Michelle E.
Have you ever wanted to start cosplaying but didn’t know where to start? Or are you a veteran and would like to learn new tips? Join us and expand your knowledge!

A Salty Bet! FIGHT!

12P – Jenny C.
Who would win in a showdown between Sol Badguy vs. Naruto? What about Vegeta vs. Wonder Woman? Come to “A Salty Bet! FIGHT!” and win prizes if you’re correct!

Abridged Anime

14P – SuaskaeSakura
Talk about abridged anime or the abridged genre in general.

Advanced Costuming Q&A

AP – Kat
Costume Q&A time! Ask your questions and pick up tips, tricks, and secret knowledge on how to take your cosplay from good to great.

Aikido Demonstration

AP – Sensei Tom Davidson
A demonstration of Aikido, open hand and weapon techniques. Also known as “The Way of Harmonious Spirit”, we will explain some of the art’s philosophy.

Amtgard LARP Demonstration

AP – Bud
Join Amtgard for a short demonstration to see who the most skilled fighter at Animethon is.

An Evening with the Host Club

12P – Mandy
Come join the Ouran Host Club for an evening of fun and mischief!

An Introduction to Visual Novels

12P – Ivan P.
Come and discover the world of Visual Novels! Find out what games are out there and join us as we play through a few titles.

Anime Figures 101

AP – Jessica P.
Unsure if you’re ready for anime figures? Well, let us help you prepare! Learn about garage kits, limited runs, bootlegs and so much more!

Anime Opening Appreciation

14P – Oleg K.
Join us for some of the most beautiful, creative, and entertaining Anime openings and closings.

Anime: Not Just for Kids

MP – Jess
Are the Moe school girls not doing it for you? Want to see a dark and twisted new side to the world you love? Well, come join us and we’ll show you!

Animethon Pin Trading

AP – Kareem
The pin trading panel is back for Animethon 22! Expect bulletin boards full of gold pins available for trade! (2 trades per person at a time)

Asian Ball Joint Dolls

12P – Nicole L.
Come learn about this growing hobby! Asian ball joint dolls are customizable and each one is unique. Learn and meet other doll owners.

Beginner Japanese

AP – Amiboshi
“Nihongo wa totemo tanoshii desu yo!” Wait, what? Join Amiboshi for a quick introductory crash-course of the Japanese language.

Beyblade Tournament

AP – Ashley M.
Bladers battle head to head until a champion is chosen. It runs as a single elimination tourney and there will be prizes for the top 4 Bladers!

Beyblade: Let it Rip Q&A

12P – Lynde Y.
Are you ready to Let it Rip? Want to meet the original Beyblade champions, the BladeBreakers? Well, come ask the champs and they’ll answer.

BioWhere Do We Go From Here?

14P – Robin F.
As a distraction from playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for the 12th time, let’s discuss Bioware’s future games.

Bishounen Battle ver. 2015

AP – Carmen C.
Want your favourite anime guy to win the title of King Bishounen? Why not give the guys some love too; vote for them and may the best guy win!

Blind Drawing

AP – Nash
Play a competitive drawing game involving blindfolds and whiteboards. People of all drawing skills are welcome!

Cards Against Animethon

MP – Dan
What happens when you cram a group of Animethon patrons into a room and ask them to think of horrible things?

Comfort in Cosplay

14P – Mikkel
New to cosplay? Need help stepping out of your comfort zone? We’re here to help with advice of fabric, movement, taking risks and companionship.

Con 101: Let’s talk about Homestuck

14P – Zeph
Helping old and new Homestuck fans alike maintain a fun and positive con experience.

Convention Horror Stories

14P – Noa B.
Have a horror story you’d like to share? Funny or not, this is the place to share it!

Cosplay 201: Levelling up your Cosplay

AP – Morgothia Cosplay
Looking to improve your next costume and level up your cosplay skills? Come learn some tips and tricks from Morgothia, AlphaNerd, and Kilo OneFour!

Cosplay 201: When Hot Glue Fails

AP – Josie D.
Come and learn some tips and techniques that will take you beyond the basics of cosplay. Cosplay 101 not required – beginners welcome!

Cosplay and Beyond

AP – Nicole V.
Join Nerdpunk Cosplay as we talk about what happens after you wear your first cosplay! We will talk about photo shoots, contests, tabling, and beyond!

Cosplay Construction 102

AP – Corinna C.
Welcome to Cosplay Construction 102! This panel will refresh basic sewing skills and teach some more advanced techniques for a simple cosplay costume.

Cosplay Photography

AP – Richard P.
An overview of photo gear needed, lighting and compositional techniques for creating great cosplay photographs.

Cosplay Scavenger Hunt Season 4

12P – Mia
Teams of 3-5 players will be handed a list of clues / photos of cosplay that your team must find within the time limit! *Digital/Phone camera required to participate*

Cosplay Show and Tell!

AP – Mars Tonic
Want to show off your cosplay, but not compete? This is the panel for you! Come down and talk about your fandom and process in a no judgment zone!

Cosplay Weapons

AP – Ben J.
A discussion of materials and methods to make props. Using minimal tools and materials, learn to build props that won't be confiscated nor will they fall apart.

Creepy Squad

12P – Benithan
This panel is for our horror fans. Ask us questions and come interact with us. We encourage newcomers and any type of question/request.

Crossplay 101

14P – Kat
Want to perfect that bishonen look? Tips and tricks for pulling off male characters from types of binders, makeup, and how to pose for photos.

Crossplay Pageant

AP – Launa
The Crossplay Pageant is a 3-round contest involving a Q&A round, Talent portion, and Mystery round.

Dance Dance K-Pop

AP – Tori
Ayyy! Ever wanted to live that idol dream without slave contracts and unrealistic diet plans? Come learn a dance or two-just don’t expect any singing!

Digital Manga Techniques

AP – Richard P.
A demonstration of some techniques, software, and hardware to digitally enhance your manga artwork.

Edmonton Kendo and Naginata

AP – Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Kenda and Naginata, competitive Japanese weapon arts training in the Edmonton Area. Experience the culture and tradition found in so many anime!

EJCA Ikebana Club

AP – Edmonton Japanese Community Association
Demonstration of Japanese Flower Arranging, along with a brief history of Ikebana.

Evangelion: Hedgehog’s Dilemma

14P – Alia S.
Explore the topics of love, loss and life that are shown in Evangelion to better understand the classic anime!

Extra Life Edmonton Presents: Health, Lifestyle and Videogames

AP – Extra Life Edmonton
Presented by Extra Life Edmonton, this panel intends to explore the positive influences of videogames on the health and lifestyles of individuals who game.

Fanclub Confidential

14P – Brett D.
Need a place to vent about the anonymous trolls on your favourite fanclub? Pull up a chair, you’re among friends here.

Fashion Fairy Tale: An Edmonton Lolita Fashion Show

AP – Edmonton Lolita Community
Join members of the Edmonton Lolita community for an elegant and fantastical fashion show featuring classic fairy tale-inspired themes.

Figurines 101

14P – Wyne
An introduction to collecting Anime figurines and the types of figurines out there!

Force Start Presents: An EPIC Reading of Harry Potter

14P – Force Start Comedy
Come see Force Start Comedy’s Live Dub of Harry Potter 1 for the last time in Edmonton.

Force Start Presents: Fan Fic Dub Night

18P – Force Start Comedy
Come see the best Fan Fiction Dub Panel to ever hit Animethon! Force Start promises an amazing time in this competition of skill, wits and extreme stupidity.

Foul Bachelor Frog Bingo

18P – Alexis T.
Are you foul? Are you REALLY foul? Share your shame in the ultimate nasty bingo game. Leave your dignity at the door.

Free! Iwatobi Trivia!

12P – Mandy
Think you know everything there is to know about the swim club? Come on down and find out!

Game Mastering 101

12P – Nick
Be the Game Master! Two tabletop veterans show you how to start your group, run your game, and keep it from falling apart.

Haikyuu Q&A!

AP – Noa B.
Have a burning question you’d like to ask the cast of Haikyuu? Want to participate in some fun games with the cast? This is the perfect place to do it!

Hetalia Unleashed

18P – Damien Maverick
Come join your favorite Hetalia characters for some racy yaoi fun!

Hetalia: Ask a Nation

14P – Gilbert
Here is your chance to ask your favourite nation a question or issue them a dare!

How to Catch Them All!

AP – Paula M.
Let us teach you how to play the Pokemon trading card game and online live!

How to Spot Bootlegs

AP – Pauline F.
Don’t let bootlegs fool you at any vendor. Learn how to identify the difference between official figures and bootlegs, and find out why it matters.

How to Train Your Dragon

AP – Autumn D.
Fan of How to Train Your Dragon? Join us in a discussion about your favourite characters!

How to Write for the Internet – A Practical Guide

12P – Lord Death of Murder Mountain
Learn how to receive and give good critique, proofread your own work with speed and efficiency, and learn how copyright works, and how to use it.

Idol Otaku Fandom and Culture

AP – Jason C.
Come join us in this interactive panel to learn about Wota (idol otaku) culture, its history and the art of cheering during idol/seiyuu concerts.

Idols? Idols are a VERY “Serious” Topic

AP – Stacey M.
Are you ready to get your Idol on? If so, then get ready for jeopardy style trivia and games. Prizes will be given out during the panel.

Intermediate Japanese

AP – Amiboshi
“日本語が話せますか“? Pardon? Amiboshi returns with the intermediate crash-course of the Japanese language. Learn verbs and create sentences!

Intro to LARPing

14P – Wes
A comprehensive overview of the hobby of LARPing in the Edmonton region.

Introduction to Table-Top Roleplaying with Call of Cthulhu

12P – Lord Death of Murder Mountain
Have a blast learning all about how to play Call of Cthulhu and its rich history, then walk away with a complete character for use in any CoC game!

Japanese 101

AP – Carmen C.
Would you like to learn Japanese in a fun and simple way? Come join many others in learning basic Japanese so that you can begin conversing on your own.

Japanese Experimental Animation

14P – Chad N.
Only the best in weird short films!

Japanese Horror Stories – The Ghosts of Japan

MP – Tamara H.
It’s time again for the natural air conditioning only ghost stories can provide. Let’s delve into the rich history of Japanese ghost stories.

Japanese Style Cosplay and Wig

AP – Stahli
An introduction to Japanese style wig cosplay, photography, and makeup.

JET Programme Presents: Teaching English in Japan

AP – JET Programme
If you are interested in teaching, living and/or experiencing Japanese culture, stop by to learn more! Past participants of JET will guide you through the program highlights and are eager to answer your questions.

K-pop Jeopardy

AP – Shelby T.
K-pop Jeopardy is back! Warm up your K-pop knowledge and join us for a fun-filled game of Jeopardy for your chance to win special K-pop prizes!

Kantai Collection Introduction

12P – Jeremie C.
An introduction to Kantai Collection to potential admirals who are ready to fight the Abyssal Fleet!

Korean Pop Culture

12P – Kat
Interested in Korean video games, K-dramas, comics or K-pop? Maybe you have even thought about visiting Korea. Let’s talk about everything Korean!

Leather 101

AP – Amonymous Cosplay
A beginner’s guide to leather armor. Learn the basic of leather and the tools and techniques used in leather products.

Legend of the Five Rings

12P – Tim
Learn how to play L5R, a mystical orient CCG (Collectible Card Game). Be a daimyo and prove your family’s worth to the Empress. Short tutorial followed by workshop (materials provided).

Let’s Play: Touken Ranbu

12P – Bri
Learn how to play the “sword boys” game, Touken Ranbu. If you’re already an expert, come talk about your favorite boys!

Lip Sync Battle

12P – David M.
Players compete to see who is the best at performing their favorite songs in the King of the Hill style competition. Audience decides who wins.

Maid Us Free

14P – Silver
The Iwatobi and Samezuka swim teams are here to serve all your canon questions, but with a twist.

Midnight Channel (Persona)

12P – Kevin S.
Love Persona? Then come join Teddie’s Quiz Show where you can win prizes! Afterwards, join a fun Q&A with Yosuke & Teddie and discuss anything you want!

Midnight Trivia Miracle Quiz 2.0

14P – Anna H.
Are you beary prebeared for another unbearable bear of a quiz? The Persona 4 crew is back for Round 2 of all new trivia! Come join us for fun and prizes!

Moe Battle ver.2015

AP – Carmen C.
Want your favourite anime girl to win? Come vote for them at this year’s Moe Battle ver.2015 and crown your waifu as Queen.

Monster Hunter: Elder Dragons 101

AP – Brett L.
Having trouble with Elder Dragons? Let us teach you the ins and outs of hunting each and every one of its type!

Muse Concert Panel

AP – Madi
Nozomi and Rin decided to combine forces to bring Muse to Animethon 22 for a reunion! Come and watch us perform some of your favorite dances!

Mystery Science Fanfiction

18P – Amiboshi
In the style of Mystery Science Theatre, our panelists read some of the worst fanfiction the Internet has to offer for their pain and your pleasure.

Name That Vocaloid Song!

AP - Tim
With probably over a thousand Vocaloid songs created, come and challenge your friends and other fans to see how much you and they know.

Name That Anime!

AP – Amiboshi
Naruto! Slayers! Ramna ½! Does your team have what it takes to be crowned champions of Name That Anime? Try your luck and find out!

No One is Dying but I’m Still Crying: Sports Anime & Mangas

“It’s never just about the sport.” An ode to sports animanga with insight and discussion to the sports genre and a mini game with giveaway prizes!

On the Spot – Animethon Addition

14P – Mel S.
Enjoy playing or watching improv? This is the place for you! Have a chance to win Rooster Teeth related prizes and have a hilariously great time too.

Once Upon a Panel

AP – Kenzie
Think you know everything about Disney? Know everything about all the princesses? Come out and test your knowledge and win great prizes!

One Thousand and One Nights of Magi

14P – Dia
A fun, exciting event for all Magi: Labyrinth of Magic fans! Includes in-character Q&A, trivia and discussions…and then you go in.

Outbreak Company and Japanese Soft Power

AP – Nam P.
Class is in session! Join us as we explore the potential Soft Power of Japanese Pop Culture, presented through the anime, Outbreak Company.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night!

AP – Kevin S.
Ready to Dance? Come on down to learn and test your groove at the new Persona 4 Dancing All Night game! Highest score gets prizes!!

Phatdog Studio Abridging

14P – Dogerx
PhatdogStudios: An abridging and parody group that has done series such as FLCL, Zelda, Soul Eater, Air Gear and SAO.

Plush Making 101

AP – Bethany G.
An introductory workshop to the fundamentals in making stuffed collectibles.

Snap Challenge

14P – Ash
Ready, set, SNAP! Join the Instagram-based contest where you explore the grounds in search of Pokemon and Trainers alike. Prizes awarded at the end!

Project Diva F 2nd

AP – Courtney C.
Come play the newest Vocaloid game – Project Diva F 2nd! This panel is open to all skill levels – there will be high score prizes and random draw prizes!

Sailor Moon Panel

AP – Pauline F.
Find out the latest on the Sailor Moon Anniversary Celebrations and Crystal.

Sailor Moon: Then and Now

12P – Jessica P.
Fan of Sailor Moon past or present? Come and talk with us about Sailor Moon, where it was, where it is now and where it will be!

Sailor Moon Trivia

12P – Bethany G.
Test your Sailor Moon knowledge in a fun trivia game!

Sewing for Cosplay

AP – Alexis T.
Do you want to start making your own costumes? Not sure where to get started? Start here at Sewing for Cosplay!

Skincare for Cosplayers

AP – Chloe C.
How to get that bishounen/bishoujo #flawless #nomakeup #nofilter skin look through a more detailed insight at skincare for cosplayers!

Soul Eater: School is out?

12P – Say
Join the best and the (not so) bright of the DWMA on their down time.

Speed Drawing Panel

AP – Avery
We time you, you draw it! It’s not a contest of skill, but speed as you try to draw as much as you can, as accurately as you think, in 60 seconds or less!

Starfighter Q&A with Prizes!

18P – Ai
Come join Cain and me for a fun round of trivia, exciting prizes, and a chance to ask us all those questions you’ve been dying to have answered!

Steam Powered Giraffe Info Panel

AP – Shay
Combining mime, music, and steampunk fantasy, this panel will introduce you to Steam Powered Giraffe, a musical experience you gotta see to believe!

Studio Ghibli Jeopardy

12P – Mel S.
We’re back! We all know and love Studio Ghibli films so test your knowledge on the films! Have an amazing time while making friends in the process.

Super Fandom Crossover Mega Ask Time

14P - Nichol
Ever wish you could talk to some of your favorite characters? Maybe even get them in a room together to discuss hard-hitting questions? Then join us!

Super Konnichi-WHA?! Heroes

14P – Micheal
Welcome to Super Konnichi-WHA?! Heroes! Have a fun time and win some awesome prizes while playing the craziest less known niche Japanese games.

SuperWhoLock Ultra Bogus Adventures Part 2

14P – Mars Tonic
We’re back for a second year of crossover shenanigans! Help some of your favorite characters attempt to not fail at strange tasks and bad trivia!

Tabletop RPGs for Beginners

12P – Nick
Want to play a tabletop roleplaying game, but don’t know where to start? These two veteran players will show you the way!

Team 9 Trivia

AP – Chelsea T.
Do you know Gensokyo just as well as any resident youkai? Prove your knowledge on the famous video game series and win tea and even bigger prizes!

Terrible Fanfiction

MP – Chad N.
The best of the worst! Imported from Otafest for your viewing displeasure.

The 2nd Annual MSPAcademy Awards

14P – Sam
Join us for an evening of glitz, glamour, and appreciation for your favorite Homestuck characters and memories. Optional black tie for guests.

The End of the Internet

MP – Chad N.
Two certified internet addicts take you on a journey to the strangest parts. Come for the giggles, stay for the brain damage.

The Hannibal Pannibal!

18P – Cheryl J.
A trivia game show about the best horror show on TV! Fun for Fannibals, and newbies are welcome to join as well. Don’t be scared – we don’t bite!

The Hunters’ Exam

14P – Renee
Join us for an interactive Hunter x Hunter panel! Play games and compete for prizes and the chance to receive your Hunter’s license!

Tokyo Ghoul: Gourmet’s Q&A Games

14P – Michelle Y.
Come join the cast of Tokyo Ghoul for some open Q&A and some shenanigans, all hosted by everyone’s favorite trashy ghoul Tsukiyama Shuu.

Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade Tournament

AP – Jeremie C.
TH 13.5 is a fighting game with an emphasis on using projectiles and dodging them. Experienced players and newcomers are welcome to participate!

Touhou Project – Music of Fantasy

12P – Dan S.
Since 2003, the doujin community has released over 5500 Touhou Project albums. Today, we will be listening to some of the very best.

Touhou Project – Trivia Contest

12P – Dan S.
Can you tell a Yukkuri from Yukari? Test your mastery of Touhou’s lore and fandom to win fantastic prizes!

Touhou Project: Welcome to Gensokyo

12P – Dan S.
See why Touhou Project is still the crown jewel of doujin culture as we delve into its games, lore, music and more.

Ultimate Cosplay Battle

AP – Brett L.
Cosplayers, come prove yourself in front of our judges if you have what it takes. Think you are the ultimate?

Vanguard 101

12P – Mo
Learn how to get started in the world of Vanguard card fighting.

Vertical Summit: An Amateur Animation Project

12P – YuShan H.
Come learn about Vertical Summit – a solo amateur animation project (WIP) about modern air warfare with elements related to Canadian history.

Visual Novels

18P – Ned Y.
Join BAKA’s Visual Novel group in a presentation and open discussion on visual novels, from history to exploration of various titles from many genres.

Volleyball Shenanigans: The Sequel

14P – Silver
Join the volleyball club for some straight up bro time.

Walking with the Dead

14P – Ambi
Want to learn about the Walking Dead comic books and the TV show? Join Rick and Carl Grimes in this exciting info panel! With videos from BLR (Bad Lip Reading)!

Weiss Schwarz Intro Workshop

14P – Wyne
Weiss Schwarz is an upcoming anime card game which we demonstrate how to play at this panel.

Welcome to Beacon Part 2 – A RWBY Panel

AP – Rhiannon P.
Your favourites from RWBY are back for Part Two of the acclaimed panel from last year! Join Ruby and her friends in various hijinks and fun!

Welcome to Storybrooke

12P – Nichol
Once upon a time… An overview and discussion of the show Once Upon a Time. Find out where your favorite storybook characters come into the mix.

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift: A League of Legends Panel

14P – Princhao
Are you ranked? Enjoy Pentakills? Are you a Teemo main? If you answered yes, this might be the panel for you! Join us as we discuss League of Legends!

Welcome to the World of Visual Novels

MP – Colton S.
Visual novels are on the rise in popularity. We are here to act as your guide to the sexy and often disturbing world that surrounds them.

Welcome, Vault Hunters: a fan panel presented by Hyperion

14P – Taiku
Have a question for the Vault Hunters before their demise? What about Handsome Jack? Well, here they are to answer your questions! (…mostly)

Wigs 101

AP – Nicole L.
Learn how wigs can bring your cosplay to the next level. Cutting, styling, what not to do and how to achieve that perfect look.

Working and Living in Japan

AP – Kalyn E.
Ever wanted to work in Japan? Come to this panel to get information on what it is like to work and live in Japan and find the best way to get there!

Yaoi Panel

18P – Kalyn E.
We are back with more yaoi fun and improv! Come join us to explore yaoi and show off your impressive improvisational skills.

Youtaite 101: Becoming a Youtube Singing Star

14P – Reba
Learn how to become a Youtaite and show the world how you can sing your favorite anime and Vocaloid songs on Youtube! Do you have what it takes?

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love Presents: Critical Fail! An Interactive D&D Adventure

14P – Donald E.
An interactive D&D panel with no dice, papers or math. Where doors, stairs, toilets and even your own body can kill you! Live a hero, or die a nerd!

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love Presents: Loveline

18P – Donald E.
Hopeless in love? You’re a nerd at an Anime Convention, of course you are. Seek advice from a panel of “experts” and I use that term loosely.