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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

▼ This is how our Animethon Website looked like in 2015. The current version of this Website is

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Staff Credits

Chair Bryan Kennedy
Vice Chair Vlad G Pohnert
Treasurer Wei Shen
Secretary Sheena Hoang
Head of Safety Mike Daly
Assistant Head of Safety Shariq
Safety Schedule Coordinator Louis Ducsharm
Safety Schedule Coordinator Catherine
Crowd Control Staff Tracy
Crowd Control Staff Ash
Crowd Control Staff Stephane
Crowd Control Staff Colin Dugald Garth Lyon
Crowd Control Staff Paulida
Crowd Control Staff Samantha Lai Kwan
Crowd Control Staff Nathan
Crowd Control Staff Sandy
Crowd Control Staff David
Crowd Control Staff Morgan
Crowd Control Staff Elias Gyselinck
Crowd Control Staff Tysons Gretzan
Crowd Control Staff Thilan
Crowd Control Staff Tia Bataille
Crowd Control Staff Rachel Albert
Crowd Control Staff Carl Lock Zhang
Crowd Control Staff Ian
First Aid Coordinator Stan Berry
Assistant First Aid Coordinator Thomas Berry
First Aid Staff Heather Holland
First Aid Staff Pam Berry
First Aid Staff Blazewing
First Aid Staff Jon Berry
Prop Check Coordinator Kelsey Brinson
Assistant Prop Check Coordinator Matt
Vendor Hall Enforcement Coordinator Ann-Marie
Pin Trading Coordinator Kareem Campbell
Assistant Pin Trading Coordinator Micheal Rasie
Pin Trading Staff Yozumi Thien
Pin Trading Staff Henris Wong
Pin Trading Staff Helen Tiet
Pin Trading Staff Ilsa Bhatti
Pin Trading Staff Amy Zhu
Pin Trading Staff Binish
Pin Trading Staff Darian
Pin Trading Staff Ellison Phan
Pin Trading Staff Taz
Assistant Treasurer Alex
Treasurer Staff Anna
Assistant Secretary Dayna Ma
Data Entry Staff Jeff
Data Entry Staff Kent
Data Entry Staff Shelby Hays
Director of Site Jason Marko
Assistant Director of Site Stephen J Savage
Communications Coordinator Trent
Communications Staff Wulf
Communications Staff Bonnie
Main Events Room Manager Matthew Frank Ward
Main Events Room Coordinator Ryan
Main Events Room Staff Evan Zhou
Information Desk Coordinator Justina
Assistant Information Desk Coordinator Kenn Forbes
Assistant Information Desk Coordinator Kelly
Information Desk Staff Aerina Garrison
Information Desk Staff Deb
Information Desk Staff Joel Leckie
Information Desk Staff Hilda Schroeder
Information Desk Staff Lingfeng Zhu
IT / Technical Services Manager Nathen van den Biggelaar
IT Coordinator Bret Betnar
Assistant IT Cooridnator Peter Hu
Techncial Coordinator Cody
Assistant Techncial Coordinator Wayne Tran
Technical Staff Jae
Logistics Manager Tara Metcalfe
Transport Coordinator Jennifer
Assistant Transport Coordinator John Brisson
Driver Galenthor Storm
Driver Bob
Driver Tim Hammond
Driver Shane Foster
Driver James Wujkowski
Site Liaison Brad
Vendor Hall Manager Amanda Alaina
Assistant Vendor Hall Manager Jeff
Vendor Hall Staff Ronald Lemke
Vendor Hall Staff Anthony Tiet
Vendor Hall Staff Bonnie
Vendor Hall Staff John
Vendor Hall Staff Navodhi
Vendor Hall Staff Jiho Park
Setup Staff James Hitls
Setup Staff Alex
Setup Staff Mark Griffith
Director of Public Relations Vicky Lau
Assistant Director of Public Relations Eyobe Melketsadik
Community Relations Coordinator Chelsea Hoda
Asstistant Community Relations Coordinator Chris Hoda
Design Manager Jacqueline
Guidebook Coordinator Gerry Ricard
Signage Coordinator Michael
Assistant Signage Coordiantor Rebecca Proulx
Assistant Signage Coordiantor Allison
Merchandise Coordinator Evon
Assistant Merchandise Coordinator Kara
Assistant Merchandise Coordinator Jesse
Merchandise Staff Farrah
Merchandise Staff Diane
Merchandise Staff Clarisse
Merchandise Staff Rynn
Photo/Video Coordinator Ben
Assistant Photo/Video Coordinator Andrew
Photo/Video Staff Bhayson
Photo/Video Staff Howard Cameron
Photo/Video Staff Hilton Wong
Purchasing Coordinator Kathleen Wright
Sales Manager April Gusnowski
Sales Staff Anthony
Social Media Coordinator Luna O'Brien
Webmaster Martyn Bampton
Director of Programming Jenny Lau
Assistant Director of Programming Derek Law
Artist Alley Coordinator Vania Chong
Assistant Artist Alley Coordinator Tristan
Dance Coordinator Allan Cheung
Dance Staff Judy Man
Cosplay Manager Kim Wall
Cosplay Contest Coordinator Nicole Shrimpton
Assistant Cosplay Contest Coordinator Catriona
Assistant Cosplay Craftsmanship Coordinator Sara
Cosplay Staff Amanda Langer
Cosplay Staff Alexia Eva Jean Walsh
Gaming Manager Alyassa
Free Gaming Coordinator James Dang
Free Gaming Staff Vince
LAN Gaming Coordinator Melissa McNeil
LAN Gaming Staff Sagal Adam
LAN Gaming Staff Sarah Beck
Tournament Gaming Coordinator Christopher Smith
Tournament Gaming Staff Lisa Hawthorne
Tournament Gaming Staff Ray
International Guest Manager Michaela Rebus
International Guest Liaison Pally
International Guest Liaison Holly
International Guest Liaison Cara Ashbey
North American Guest Manager Jhoudiey
North American Guest Liaison Katrina Banman
North American Guest Liaison Deeka
North American Guest Liaison Angela Boyer
North American Guest Liaison Kristina Loewen
North American Guest Liaison Michael Yeung
North American Guest Liaison Torby Albrightson
Panel Coordinator Clara Tse
Panel Staff Kei
Panel Staff Carmen
Panel Staff Theresa
Panel Staff Lisa Ma
Take the Stage Coordinator Yan Zhou
Take the Stage Staff Julia Krutz
Take the Stage Staff Jerry Liu
Video Media Manager Carl Smith
Assistant Video Media Manager Nathan Lamarche
Maid Café Coordinator Sam
Maid Café Staff Mayu
Maid Café Staff Yee
Maid Café Staff Sandy Huang
Maid Café Staff Jennifer Ziola
Maid Café Staff Stephanie Jean Mak
Maid Café Staff Fiona Hang
Maid Café Staff Annie Miao
Maid Café Staff Samantha Von-Grad
Maid Café Staff Vanessa Nischuk
Director of Human Resources Kevin Mohabir
Assistant Director of Human Resources Amanda Lilwall
Accommodation Coordinator Jessica Jayachandran
Assistant Accommodation Coordinator Ellene Elefante
Registration Manager Jennie "Captain" Grundy
Registration Coordinator Angela Gong
Assistant Registration Coordinator Stephanie "Wiggles"
Registration Staff Markie Hoggan
Registration Staff Elliott Chiles
Registration Staff Charmaine Buniel
Registration Staff Elizabeth
Registration Staff Jolie Vuong
Registration Staff Rae Laforce
Registration Staff Nicole Kok
Registration Staff David
Registration Staff Nancy Xu
Registration Staff Elizabeth Richardson
Registration Staff Rebecca McCaig
Registration Staff Malachi Thiessen
Registration Staff RJ Brown
Preservations Coordinator Robert Dupuis
Volunteer Coordinator
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Lyle Coulineur
Volunteer Staff Angela Tiet