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Registration FAQ

General Questions

My wristband is too tight/too loose.  Can I get a new one?
Of course!  If you find your wristband is too tight or loose for your comfort, please come to the Reg Desk WITHOUT REMOVING YOUR PASS and we will be happy to change it for you.  If you remove the pass, we will have to treat is as a lost pass.
My pass fell off/I lost it.  How can I replace it?
If your wristband falls off or breaks during the event, please bring ID (and the band, if you can) to the Reg Desk any time it’s open to get it replaced.  We will check your ID against your pre-registration or Reg Card, and once confirmed we will give you a new wristband.  Lost passes may be subject to a replacement fee.

If you lose an X-Pass, there are codes on the back that will allow us to contact you should it be turned in to Lost and Found.  Event Passes do not have these codes, so please write your name, draw a doodle, or make any other identifying marker on it so that you can describe it should it be lost and turned in.  If you lose a badge with no identifying markers on it, or it's not turned in, we cannot replace it.  Badges forgotten at home or in a hotel cannot be replaced.

If your badge holder or lanyard breaks and you still have all of the parts, please bring it to the Reg Desk any time it's open to get it replaced.
How many children can one adult accompany?
Animethon abides by provincial regulations, which is 1 adult for every 10 children.  However, within that, we leave it to the accompanying adult’s discretion.  Keep in mind that all children 12 and under must be accompanied at all times, so ensure that you feel capable of watching all of the children who will be with you.

Pre-Registration Questions
What methods of payment does EventBrite accept?
EB accepts major credit cards ONLY: VISA, MasterCard and AmEx.
I don’t have a credit card.  Can I still pre-register?
Animethon will have booths at various events (Otafest, CCEE/ECEE, Eek, etc) where we will accept in-person pre-registrations.  Animethon accepts cash and credit at the booths.  If you do not have access to a credit card and cannot make it to one of these events, you will still be able to buy tickets at the door.
Why can’t I order a pre-reg pin?
For this year, pre-registered patrons will have exclusive access to the Merch booth during the Early Pre-Reg Pick-Up Thursday afternoon/evening.
How do I pre-register for a Child Pass?
As there is no cost associated with a Child Pass, they are not available for pre-order.  If you will be having children with you during the event, simply ask for the Child Passes when you pick up your pass.
I put one of the names down wrong/misspelled something.  How can I correct it?
If the information on the registration is incorrect, please email with your order number, the name on the ticket(s) and what the correct information should be.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
If something happens that you need to transfer a pre-registered ticket to another person, please email by the Wednesday before the event (August 3, 2016) in order to give us time to update the systems.  Please include your order number, the name(s) currently on the ticket(s), and the name(s) you would like the ticket to be under.  Passes/tickets are non-transferrable once the event begins.
I want to bring a friend with me, but I’m not sure who will be free.  Can I buy the ticket in my name now and change it later?
This is discouraged as too often people end up coming to the event with two passes under their own name.  If you’re not sure who will be coming to the event with you, put in your most likely option, then follow the rules for transferring a ticket if that changes.
How do I pick up my pass?
Bring a copy of your confirmation (printed, or on a smartphone or tablet) and government- or school-issued ID (preferably photo ID) to the Reg Desk any time Pre-Reg is open.
When is Pre-Reg open during the event?
For Pre-Registration hours, please visit Hours and Location.
What forms of ID are acceptable?
We accept all government- and school-issued ID, including driver’s licences, passports and basic school ID.  We will also accept non-government photo ID such as Splash-and-Swim, gym or Costco IDs.  If you do not have photo ID, we will accept 2 pieces of non-photo ID. 
I don’t have my confirmation.  Can I still pick up my pass?
Yes you can.  If you did not print it but can access it on your phone, we would be happy to accept that.  If you cannot, you will have to answer several questions.
Why do I need ID?
For the same reason you need ID when picking up a package: We need to make sure it’s going to the right person.  We don’t want someone stealing your pass, and we’re sure you don’t either.
Can I pick up my friend’s pass while I’m there?
We can only release a pass to the person whose name is on the pass or their parent/guardian (if they are a minor/disabled).  Also, we are required to put wristbands on the patrons ourselves, so we could not give you a wristband for someone who was not present.

Registration Questions
Can I use debit at the door?
No.  The methods of payment accepted at the door are cash and credit.  VISA Debit counts as debit, not credit.

When will the Reg Desk be open?
For Registration hours, please visit Hours and Location.
Why do I have to put my real name on the Reg Card?
We use the Reg Cards not only as a signed waiver saying you agree to abide by all event policies AND for statistical information, but also to replace lost or missing passes.  If you lose or remove your pass during the event, we check with the Reg Card database to ensure that it was you that bought a pass and that someone else didn’t pick it up off the ground and try to claim your pass as theirs.  That is why we ask you to print clearly; if we can’t read the name, we can’t put it in the database.
Can I buy tickets for my friend?

If your friend is present, we have no problem with you buying a pass for them.  If your friend is NOT present, the general answer is “No” because they need to be present to sign their Reg Card.
When is the best time to come buy a pass?
As the definition of “best” varies from person to person, we do not have an accurate answer for this question.  The quiet times at Registration are affected not only by the Animethon schedule, but also by other events in the city, Pre-Reg numbers, weather, and a variety of factors we have not yet been able to identify.  It changes from year to year, so we cannot predict when the lines will be shortest.
I bought a single-day pass but want to come a second day.  Can I upgrade to an Event Pass?
Definitely.  If you discover you are able to come for a second day, we would be happy to upgrade your pass.  Simply come to the Reg Desk any time it’s open and request the upgrade.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact .  
This FAQ is subject to change and will be updated as needed.