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Current Postings

If you are interested in helping to staff Animethon 23 then please read though the list below and use the application form. Any questions please contact HR (hr[at]


Human Resources

Hospitality Staff

We're looking for a personable and service oriented individual to join the Human Resources team. Hospitality Staff work with the Hospitality Manager to support the delivery and tracking of staff and volunteer benefits.

- Great organizational skills.
- Good communication skills.
- Must not have airborne allergies to food.


Guest Staff

The Guest Staff, report to mainly the Guest Relations Manager or assigned North American, International or Overseas Guest Relation Managers. You would be responsible for handling ASAPA’s official Guest of Honours under the Department of Programming. The Guest Staff act as a representative of ASAPA and attend to Guest needs during their stay in Edmonton, including pick-up and drop-off at airport, arranging for transportation during their stay in Edmonton, ensuring contractual obligations are upheld, timely appearance at scheduled functions, ensuring meals and water is arranged, and entertain the Guest with local attractions. The Guest Staff will regularly report updates and status of Guest activities to the Guest Team and notify the specific Guest Manager of any issues/concerns regarding Guest stay in Edmonton, and maintain professionalism at all times while acting as a representative of ASAPA.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Act as the event representative with Guests of Honours.
Ensure Guest(s) contractual obligations and agreed upon schedules are followed.
Ensure all Guest(s) requirements are met, including transportation and meals.
Communicate with Guest Team and provide regular updates during the event of activities.
Arrange for local attractions and activities if time permit and with approval.
Maintain professional image and hygiene at all times.
Assist Guest with presentations and workshops as required.
Handle cash transactions for Guest in local currency as required.

Ability to speak at JLPT N3 level or equivalent preferred, but not required
Good communication and diplomatic skills.
Good organizational skills.
Excellent knowledge of Edmonton attractions, activities, and restaurants.
Good conflict resolutions skills.
Proficient with messaging and texting on mobile phones.
Must possess a mobile phone with a data plan.
Must be mobile and capable of walking for extended periods of time indoors and outdoors.
Must be available for the entire duration of the Guest stay in Edmonton, beginning on the Thursday prior to the Event date, and the Monday following the Event date.
Must be over the age of 18.
Customer Service experience is an asset.
Class 5 Driver’s License and over the age of 25 is an asset.

Special Events Lead

Special events - Festival Staff.
The Festival staff will be responsible for the "Festival" games and area of the event. They will be interacting with attendees and explaining the various Festival activities.

-Must be 18+
-Prior experience in event organizing is an asset
-Must be great at multi-tasking
-Must be able to follow a detailed schedule or timeline
-Experience with cash handling is an asset
-Must have good communication skills.

Public Relations

Community Events Assistant Coordinator

- Act as the liaison between Animethon and the community which includes, but is not limited to: clubs, not for
profit/charity/special interest groups and other events (conventions, etc.).
- In charge of all aspects of Community Corner prior to and during Animethon, including: providing space for
interested clubs, not for profit/charity/special interest groups, etc.
- Coordinate, prepare, and attend external events (booth) as required.
- Interact with event patrons to promote Animethon, give information, conduct sales transactions.
- Assist the Community Relations Coordinator in all required duties.

- Good communication skills.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Has their own transportation is an asset.
- An excellent understanding of the community (i.e. Fandom) that Animethon serves.

Social Media Staff

- Assists the Social Media Coordinator and Assistant Social Media Coordinator as required.
- Monitor and respond to comments and inquiries on assigned social media platforms
- Man the Social Media table/booth during the event.

- Requires strong writing, editing and professional communication skills.
- Have an excellent understanding of the community and the culture.
- Is passionate and creative about engaging and attracting audiences.

Site Operations

Communications Coordinator

- Coordinate all forms of communication methods used during the event which include, but are not limited to: radios, cell phones, and internet relay chat messengers.
- Obtain quotes and specifications of required communication equipment.
- Coordinates dispatch day-of and ensures dispatch is manned at all times.
- Handles sign-in and sign-out of radios.
- Maintains all communications logs day-of.

- Understanding of radio communications and protocols.
- Good communication skills.
- Able to use radio and cell phones.
- Good computer typing skills.

Exhibitor Staff

In this position you will be mainly in the Exhibitor Hall assisting with set-up and tear down. Guiding and directing vendors and on proper placements. You will also follow any directions from the Exhibitor Manager, Vendor Coordinator and Assistant Vendor Coordinator. Requirements are as follows

- Be alright with doing manual labor.
- Being able to properly read maps and floor layout is recommended.
- Must be available for all day on both days of the convention, and if needed a few days before
- Prior experience in a Customer Service setting is recommended
- Prior to event must have a clear understand of all Vendor Hall policies.

Main Events Assistant Manager

- Assist in Coordinating all setup and tear-down in the Main Events Room.
- Assist the Main Events Room Manager in coordinating all staff and volunteers working in the main events room.
- Assist the Main Events Room Manager as required.

- Good communication skills.
- Experience working with contractors and procedures for staged events is an asset

Main Events Staff

- Perform all required duties as assigned by the Main Events Room Manager or Coordinator. This includes but is not limited to: Light control, setup and tear-down,

- Good communication skills.

Technical Staff

- Helps to ensure all A/V & Computer equipment is in working order for all events using them.
- Provide technical support to Guests and Panelists prior to the start of their panels.
- Respond to Technical support requests as required.
- Assists The IT/Technical Services Manager, Technical Coordinator or IT Coordinator with any other additional duties as required.

- Good technical aptitude and problem solving skills.
- Good understanding of computers and/or audio/video equipment.

Transport Assistant Coordinator

Responsible for assisting the Transport Coordinator in maintaining the master schedule for all transportation
requirements of the event which ensuring things and people are collected/delivered on time and in a safe
manner. Reports to the Transport Coordinator.

Responsibilities may include:
– Assisting the Transport Coordinator with maintaining the master schedule for transportation
before, during, and after the Event.
– Coordinates pick up and drop off of equipment, merchandise, and supplies
– Help manage and supervise staff, organize drivers' shifts, and coordinate training
– Assists with load in and load out as required
– Ensure that all Drivers are following local traffic bylaws and maintaining a professional
– Assist in identifying existing and possible future transport issues, develop maps and investigate alternative
– Liaise with the Guest Manager and Communications department to ensure all vehicles are being
used efficiently

– A logical and systematic approach to work
– Good time management ability and organizational skills
– A commitment to teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills
– Strong problem solving and decision making skills, as well as being able to think laterally and
offer creative solutions
– Experience working with inventory, shipping, or equivalent
– The ability to manage change and handle stress in a fast-moving environment, as well as being
able to cope with standby times/downtime in a constructive manner
– Excellent communication (both oral and written)
– A positive attitude toward external suggestions and continued learning
– Must be able to lift 25 lbs.
– Own PPE/Protective Footwear is recommended, but gloves and hi-vis are available from Site.
– Class 5 Drivers and a clean abstract (preferable)

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