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Misa Chiang

Misa Chiang是台灣的Cosplayer, 從2010年Cos至今,去過超過30場的國外event擔任嘉賓和評審(東南亞數國還有日本.德國...等) Cos代表作是LoL和灼眼のシャナ,No Game No Life..等
Misa Chiang is a world renowned Cosplayer from Taiwan. Since cosplaying in the year 2010, she has been to over 30 events as a guest of honour and cosplay judge from all over the world (including many Asian countries, Japan, Germany, etc.). Misa is well known for her cosplays in League of Legends, Shakugan no Shana, No Game No Life, and much more! Animethon is proud to be that first to invite Misa Chiang to North America!