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Panel Guidelines
(JTRPG) Nechronica: The Long Long Epilogue (MP)
Nechronica is a Japanese tabletop RPG by MaidRPG creator Ryo Kamiya. It is a gothic style RPG about undead lolita characters. Come learn to play!
A Song of Ice & Fire / Game of Thrones (14P)
Come discuss popular and obscure fan theories with other fans. Compare the books versus the television show and participate in a general Q&A.
Advanced Tabletop Roleplaying (14P)
Up your roleplaying game with advanced play and roleplay techniques from two veteran roleplayers and game masters!
Amtgard LARP Demonstration (AP)
Join Amtgard for a short demonstration and learn about one of the Live Action Role-Playing games available in Edmonton and across Canada.
An Evening with the Host Club (AP)
Join the Ouran Host Club for an evening of trivia, games, and lots of laughs. See you there!
An Intro to the Grim Dark Future of Warhammer 40k (14P)
Take a journey to the nightmarish future of Warhammer 40k. Enter a world where there is only war, and the laughter of thirsting gods.
AnimAd Libs (AP)
Think anime can’t get any weirder? Well, it can with Mad Libs! Play together with friends to create some weird and funny anime themed stories.
Anime Fans in the Professional Workplace (AP)
How professionals handle being in the anime / manga fandom; how to balance work with podcasting, cosplaying, and attending conventions.
Anime Music Videos (14P)
A brief introduction into the AMV community, commonly used software and various types and styles. We have some famously created AMVs to share and discuss. Finally, we will make a multi-anime AMV where YOU choose the anime and song!
Anime Opening Appreciation (AP)
Hey, come join us and watch some of the best anime opening and ending themes!
Anime-BOM (MP)
Imagine a group of friends – ranging from Weeaboos to Normies – getting together and watching a DVD selected at random from a giant box of anime! That’s what Anime-BOM (Box of Mystery) is all about. Come check out some of the best (and mostly worst) of what anime has to offer.
Asian Ball Joint Dolls (AP)
Come learn about the exciting hobby of Asian Ball Joint Dolls. Learn the different types of Asian Ball Joint Dolls as well as where to get them, how to care for and collect them.
Ask An Anime Character (14P)
Come and ask your favorite anime character a question! We have characters from a variety of animes, so come prepared with a wide variety of questions.
Basic Human Anatomy for Drawing Manga / Anime
Richard Poon
An overview of basic human anatomy to help you draw bodies of your Manga / Anime characters proportionately.
Beach City Q&A (AP)
Spend some time with the Crystal Gems and the residents of Beach City! Have your questions answered, sing some songs, and win some prizes!
Beyblade Tournament (AP)
Peeta Masuch
Bladers will battle one on one. Prizes will be awarded to those who place in the top 3-4. It will run as a single elimination tournament.
Blind Drawing (AP)
Come participate in a fun drawing game that is sure to have hilarious results. No art skills are required when it comes to drawing while blindfolded.
Bump! Set! Cry? (14P)
Do you love Karasuno and their goofy volleyball shenanigans? This is the panel for you! Join the Karasuno gang as they dance their way to nationals, play games, listen to your questions and just plain old goof around. With Daichi’s and Sugwara’s inability to control the team who knows what is in store.
Cards Against Animethon (MP)
What happens when you cram a group of Animethon patrons in a room and ask them to think of horrible things? A lot of fun, it seems.
Comfort in Cosplay (AP)
Comfort in Cosplay is a panel created to help new and shy cosplayers break out from their shell and learn how to make their con experience great!
Convention Horror Stories (AP)
Got a funny horror story about a convention or cosplay you’d like to share? This is the place to get your laughs in!
Cosplay Evolve! (AP)
Winter (of “Winterlights Cosplay”)
Cosplay on a budget! Gain knowledge as a beginner cosplayer on time management, materials, increasing your skill level, social media tips and more!
Cosplay Makeup 101 (AP)
Level up your cosplay photos with this intro class to makeup! Including: beauty basics, crossplay, basic sfx and budget friendly options!
Cosplay Photography
Richard Poon
An overview of photo gear needed, lighting and compositional techniques for creating great cosplay photography.
Cosplay Weapons (AP)
“Yeah Ben, you do great props but what if I don’t have your workshop or power tools?” Not a problem. Come see three props made with hand saws and a razor knife.
Cosplay! Level up your Armor! (AP)
Join us as we talk about making and wearing armor as well as building props for cosplay!
Dagashi School (AP)
Are you the next great Dagashi (Candy) store owner? If so, the come prove it at Dagashi School and make Hotaru proud!
Dangan Ronpa Q&A (14P)
Ever wanted to know who diggly dang died and who diddly dang done it? Come ask the cast of Dangan Ronpa! There will be spoilers, so be preBEARed!
Do you know Zelda? (AP)
Do you think you know the Legend of Zelda? Bring your phones as we will be testing your knowledge of everything Zelda related.
Duct Tape Cosplay (AP)
Participate in a creative game where teams compete to construct a cosplay out of garbage bags, cardboard, and duct tape!
Equivalent Exchange: An FMA: Brotherhood Ask Panel (14P)
Ask your favorite characters from FMA questions you’ve always wanted to be answered.
Feminism in Anime & Manga: Girl Power or Girl Powerless? (14P)
Join other anime and manga fans in a positive discussion about feminism (or sometimes the lack of it) we see in our favorite anime and manga.
Final Curtain: A Homestuck Ask Panel (14P)
Homestuck is over, but the characters are still here! Come ask them everything you’ve been itching to know about the comic and more.
Fire Emblem The Side Story (AP)
Come join the characters from the Fire Emblem game series and see what happens when they’re not in battle.
Food Wars! Shokugeki no Video Games (AP)
Play for prizes in a tournament of various food and cooking video games hosted by The Totsuki Academy. The video game food wars are on!
Game Mastering 101 (14P)
Two veteran game masters are here to teach you how to get into Game Mastering and excel at it.
Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher’s Guide to the Unexplained (14P)
The show’s over but the characters live on! Come join the gang in an exciting Q&A but beware; Bill Cipher is here too – who knows what might happen…
Guess the Anime Theme (AP)
Guess the anime from the music… It’s as simple as that.
Haikyuu Ask Panel (14P)
Come and ask the volleyball team some questions!!
Haikyuu Q&A (AP)
Come ask questions and play games with your favorite volleyball players this side of the world.
Hell’s Kitchen with the Phantomhive Servants (14P)
You know those three clumsy servants at the Phantomhive house? They’re gonna try to follow a recipe for your entertainment. Prepare to be floured.
Hetalia: Ask a Nation (14P)
Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite nation a question or bring up an issue that you have? Then here is your chance!
Hetalia: Ask a Nation 18+ (MP)
Here you can ask your favorite nation ANY question you have ever wanted to ask them.
Homestuck 101: Let’s Talk about Cons (14P)
Do you go to cons? Do you know Homestuck? Join us for a look into the fandom, comic and conventions.
How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel (AP)
The Triple S League
Have you ever wanted to have your own YouTube channel? In this panel we will discuss the finer points of creating a YouTube channel and making it a success.
How to Make a Viral Video (AP)
The Triple S League
Want to create a viral video? Learn tips and strategies from the creators of several viral videos!
How to sew: tips and tricks for a total beginner (AP)
Want to start sewing your own cosplays but have NO idea where to begin? Well this is a panel for you!
How to Spot Bootlegs (AP)
Learn how to identify unofficial and unlicensed merchandise.
How to Train Your Dragon (AP)
Come join in the discussion about How to Train Your Dragon!
Hunter Exam 2.0 (14P)
Join Gon and Killua for our second interactive Hunter x Hunter panel! Play games and compete for prizes and the chance to get your hunter’s license.
International Sailor Moon Day (AP)
August 6 is International Sailor Moon Day! Come check out some Sailor Moon history! Tag your pics #ISMD #yegISMD
Intro to LARP: Fairy Tail Edition (14P)
Ever been interested in Live Action Role-Playing? Come out and roleplay your favorite Fairy Tail character with us.
Introduction to KEY (AP)
You’ve probably heard of Angel Beats! or Clannad but do you know about the VN studio behind them, KEY? Join us for a look into some of their works.
Introduction to Wota Culture and Wotagei (AP)
Come join us in this interactive panel to learn about Wota (idol otaku) culture, its history, and the art of cheering during idol/seiyuu concerts.
Japanification Identification (AP)
We’ve all seen the funny and weird commercials that come out of Japan at times but the question is: “Can you identify the product by content alone?”
K-pop Jeopardy (AP)
K-pop Jeopardy is back! Warm up your K-pop knowledge and join us for a fun-filled game of K-pop Jeopardy for your chance to win special K-pop prizes.
Kpop 4 the Soul (AP)
Get your dose of Kpop! Let’s chat about your favorite groups.
Leitmotif of Evangelion (14P)
Music is an integral part of Evangelion’s narrative, join us in our exploration of musical themes within the series!
LGBTQIA Representation in Anime (14P)
How does Japan compare to America with LGBTQIA representation? Are they better, worse, or the same? Let’s take some time to explore anime and find out!
Lip Sync Battle (AP)
In this King Of The Hill style game show, contestants compete to see who can lip sync best. Audience decides who is the best lip syncer.
Lolita Fashion 101 (AP)
Interested in Lolita fashion? Come learn more about the style and the secret life of a Lolita.
Lolita Fashion 201 (AP)
Learn how to level up your Lolita fashion game to the next level with tips and tricks from experienced Lolitas.
Lolita Fashion Party (AP)
A fun mix and mingle for both new and long-time Lolita fashion enthusiasts. We’ll be playing fun Lolita-themed party games so come say hello!
Love Live concert (AP)
Come join Muse for a Love Live concert! Hosted by Calgary-based Love Live Group µ‘sica!
Love Live Dance Panel (AP)
Join the members of Muse as they dance and sing some of their best songs!
Love Live Q&A (AP)
Come play games, answer trivia to win cool prizes, and ask your favorite idol from Muse those burning questions you want answered!
Makeup – Tips and Tricks to get Cosplay Ready (AP)
Confused why your makeup isn’t coming out how you want it to for real life or cosplay? Come on by and I will share with you a couple tips and tricks!
Makeup 101: the wonderful world of makeup (AP)
A look into the wonderful world of makeup. How to shop on a budget, basic application, and the big debate of high end makeup vs. drugstore makeup.
Mix & Mingler (AP)
Wanting to meet new people who are into similar hobbies? Come on down to the mix and mingler, the exciting way to meet people this con season!
Moe Battle: Bishounen Edition (AP)
Come one, come all to this year's Moe Battle: Bishounen Edition. This is your time to have your favorite character come out on top, so come show your support and have your beloved Bishounen win this year's Battle Royale!
Moe Battle: Couples Edition (AP)
Come one, come all to this year's Moe Battle: Couples Edition. This is your time to have your favorite characters come out on top, so come show your support and have your beloved Couple win this year's Battle Royale!
Moe Battle: Waifu Edition (AP)
Come one, come all to this year's Moe Battle: Waifu Edition. This is your time to have your favorite character come out on top, so come show your support and have your beloved Waifu win this year's Battle Royale!
More than Miku: Spotlight on Vocaloids (AP)
Learn about the world’s most famous virtual pop stars and listen to some of their greatest hits!
Name that Anime by Tune! (AP)
Do you think you’re an anime music maestro? Come test your skills at our game show where we’ll be testing your knowledge. Prizes will be available.
Name that Tune Anime Edition (AP)
Name that Tune with anime music! Come join a team, win some stuff, and have some fun!
Oppai Time (M)
Can you guess all of your waifus by their oppai? If so, then come prove it at the game, Oppai Time! The top scorer gets a special prize and bragging rights!
Rewind (A Life is Strange Q&A Panel) (14P)
Come and see your favorite Arcadia Bay citizens answer your questions!
RPG Maker for Beginners (AP)
Would you like to make your own RPG project but don’t know where to start? This panel will teach you the basics of RPG Maker for PC!
RWBY: Heroes vs. Villains (14P)
Come and join Ruby and the gang for fun, adventure, and fights.
Sword Buying 101: What makes a great sword? (14P)
Ever wonder what goes into making a sword? What makes a real sword different from that cosplay prop or that decoration hanging on the wall? Find out!
Taoist Tai Chi: Lift Your Spirit, Improve your Health (AP)
This introductory class of Taoist Tai Chi is a step to improving your well-being. Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended.
THE iDOLM@STER in @nimethon (14P)
Are you READY? If you are L@DY, then come join us as we introduce to you, the multimedia idol franchise that started it all, THE iDOLM@STER!
Tokyo Ghoul…”Goodbye” (14P)
Welcome one, welcome all, even you Ghouls and Investigators! We’re all done watching this anime, but come on down to our Tokyo Ghoul ask panel anyway!
Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View Tournament (AP)
Come test your danmaku skills against other players! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome!
Touhou Project ~ Welcome to Gensokyo (AP)
See why Touhou Project is still the crown jewel of doujin culture as we delve into its games, lore, music and more.
Touhou Project: Yukari’s Spiriting Away (AP)
To survive or even thrive in Gensokyo, you’ll need to know the characters that live there! Luckily Yukari Yakumo is here to show you around.
Vertical Summit: An Amateur Animation Project (14P)
Come learn about Vertical Summit – a solo amateur animation project (WIP), about modern air warfare with elements related to Canadian history.
Visual Novels (MP)
BAKA’s (the UofA Anime Club) Visual Novel group will guide you through VN genres such as nakige, dating sim, mystery, RPG, fantasy, sci-fi, and drama.
Weiss Schwarz Intro Panel (14P)
Battle with your friends to determine which anime reigns supreme in the trading card game Weiss Schwarz.
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! (AP)
Ever wonder how the main seven are doing after their battle against Gaia? Well you’re in luck! The crew is back together again in this fun ask panel!
Welcome to Dirt League: Detestable Authors’ Challenge (MP)
You suck at writing. Perfect. Welcome to Dirt League, the only way to go is down. Write the worst story you can. Go low and win big.
Welcome to the City of Opportunity! (14P)
Ask questions to the characters from the series Borderlands! Multiple characters from each game will be a part of the panel, here to answer your questions!
Wigs 101 (AP)
Want to bring your cosplay to the next level? Come learn the basics of wig styling and care.
Yaoi Panel (MP)
Come join us for some yaoi fun! Flex your improv skills for the chance to win yaoi manga!
Yogame – R&R (AP)
Get some rest and relaxation while listening to classic anime songs. Wear clothes that move and bring a water bottle! Perfect for beginners! Mats are provided (only 20 spots available).
Yogame – Yoga Introduction (AP)
Try out yoga while listening to your favorite anime songs. Wear clothes that move and bring a water bottle! Perfect for beginners! Mats are provided (only 20 spots available).
Yogame – Chakra Yoga (AP)
Explore your Chakra’s with this yoga experience. Wear clothes that move and bring a water bottle! Perfect for beginners! Mats are provided (only 20 spots available).
Yowamushi Panel (14P)
Whether you’re already a fan of Yowpeda or a fan of sports anime in general, please consider joining us for a solid hour of crying about bikes.
Yu-Gi-Oh: Fandom Dimensions (AP)
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise with a look at the evolution of the fan base, and a discussion about the fandom as it is today.
Zapp’s Spaceship of Love Presents: Critical Fail (14P)
Zapp’s crew is back to bring you another ridiculous Comedy/Improv D&D adventure. Bust out your best… everything and come see how long you can survive with your fellow con goers. We promise to kill as many of you as we can in the most embarrassing ways possible. Will you be the lone survivor?
[S] Tricksters: Engage!! (AP)
Come join some ‘sweet’ Q&A! When the sugar coated tricksters somehow get into the real world, how will the others handle the chaos?