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Special Events

Opening Ceremony
Rating: AP
Come join us and celebrate the start of Animethon! Greet our special guests of honour!
Closing Ceremony
Rating: AP
Come witness the grand finale to Animethon’s 23rd year! Awards will be given to contest winners and performances are guaranteed! Give our guests of honour a hearty farewell!
Pin Trading Sessions
Rating: AP
Come on over to one of our sessions that will allow you to geek out with our official Animethon pins! With special pin trading opportunities in every session! There will be 2 sessions on each day of the convention, check the schedule for when they are!
Animethon Recruitment
Rating: AP
Interested in being a part of the staff that helps make this event a success? Got questions? Join us in this recruitment opportunity for future Animethon events!
Independent Game Development in Edmonton (AP)
An introductory look into the world of independent game development in the Edmonton area. Come meet members of Edmonton's game development community! Featuring panelists from MADSOFT, Expresso Mutt, Black Uhlan Studios, Max Gaming Studios & Game Camp and more!
International Sailor Moon Day (AP)
August 6th is International Sailor Moon Day! Come check out some Sailor Moon history! Tag your pics! #ISMD #yegISMD

Presented by The Japan Foundation:

JLPT Information Session (14P)
Introduction to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. We will be giving out JLPT sample questions, JLPT pamphlets and special paper files as gifts.
Japanese in Anime & Manga (14P)
Encouraging anime and manga fans to study Japanese by teaching them lines of characters.

Presented by The Japan Consulate – General, EJCA, and local cultural groups:

The Japan Room (AP)
The Japan Room introduces Kimonos (Japanese traditional costume), Japanese martial arts (Karate, Kendo) and Taiko (Kita no Taiko  北 の 太鼓), the Japanese drum. Come, enjoy and take part in our demonstrations!
The way of the Sword: Kendo and Naginata in the Edmonton Area
The Kita Kaze Budo (Japanese Martial arts) Association will raise awareness of the combative weapon arts available in the Edmonton Area.  We will demonstrate our equipment and some of the techniques of modern kendo/naginata/iai as well as discuss the evolution of previously mentioned arts.