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Guest Photo Sessions & Autographs

Guest Photo Booth Sessions

Location: Photo Booth Room 7-163

Enjoyed your time at Animethon and seeing your favourite guests? Why not capture that memory with a picture of yourself and your favourite guest at Animethon’s Photobooth! Ladybeard and Misa Chiang will be having photo sessions with patrons at the Animethon Photobooth, just waiting to capture the moment with you! These photo sessions are FREE, but Ladybeard will also be selling Polaroid pictures with you if you wish to purchase.

Due to the time restrictions, there will be limited spots available for these free photo sessions, here are the following guidelines you should know:
  • Only one photo will be shot - Maximum 4 people per shot
  • Photos can only be taken by our Photo booth equipment. No cellphone photos or personal cameras allowed. (Exception to be Ladybeard's paid polaroid.)
  • The photo taken at the booth will be Digital Web Resolution only, no prints will be available
  • No reservations, first come first serve basis
  • No physical contact with Guest without Guest permission
  • Guest reserves right to refuse photo with patron for any reason
  • X-Pass front of the line access available only prior to the start of specified event
At the photo booth room, you will be provided a private website address where you can download the photo. Your photo will be uploaded online to that specific website by the end of the weekend.

Tip: Prior to entering the photo booth shooting area, decide on your facial expression and position, and fix your attire/cosplay/hair/etc as you only have one chance to get that perfect photo! When instructed to do so, you may enter the photo booth shooting area with the Guest for a picture. The guest will not be performing any poses or requests for the picture. Once the picture is taken, thank the guest for the photo, and promptly exit the photo booth shooting area. Your photo will be uploaded online to that specific website by the end of the weekend.

Ladybeard Photo Session #1
Date: Saturday
Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Ladybeard Photo Session #2
Date: Sunday
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Misa Chiang Photo Session #1
Date: Saturday
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Misa Chiang Photo Session #2
Date: Sunday
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Guest Autographs

Location during the day: Vendors hall
Location after concert: 109th St. Building 2nd Floor - West Side (Registration Tables)

Please refer to the schedule for autograph times.

Each guest may have specific set of rules upon giving autographs, please consult with our staff on location to find out what they are. Here are the general policies (can be found in Animethon’s General Policies) that applies to all autographs sessions:
  • The EVENT does not guarantee that you will get an autograph from a particular guest.
  • The EVENT reserves the right to cut the autograph line at any time.
  • Unless otherwise stated, up to two (2) acceptable items per person can be autographed per line.
  • The GUEST reserves the right to decline to autograph unlicensed or inappropriate materials.
  • Those exhibiting rude and/or inappropriate behaviour will face consequences ranging from losing their place in line up to revocation of their PASS without refund.
  • The GUEST reserves the right to accept gifts.
  • GUEST specific changes may apply and will be communicated through official means which may include but is not limited to: the website, program guide, social media, and signage at the event, etc.