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Guest Panels

Get to know our our Musical Guest of Honour Another Story at their first Canadian appearance.
Here’s your chance to take photos and get autographs from the band!
Ladybeard Q&A
Ask Ladybeard your burning questions and prepare for what might be one of the craziest guest panels in Animethon history!
Meet AKIRA, one of Japan's top street fashion icons! From Lolita to V-Kei, get to know the ins and outs of the J-Fashion world.
Fashion Show featuring AKIRA
Watch our models showcase the lastest in Lolita fashion featuring our special Guest of Honour AKIRA.
Misa Chiang Q&A
Come meet one of Asia's most popular cosplayer from Taiwan, Misa Chiang!
Your chance to ask questions you have with our Guest of Honour Lotus JUICE!
Lotus JUICE Encore Q&A
This is your last chance to ask questions you have for our Guest of Honour Lotus JUICE!
Bryce Papenbrook Q&A
Get to know Bryce Papenbrook with a Q&A where anything goes.
Efforts and Reactions in Anime and Video Games
What does it sound like to get punched in the face, blown up, or eaten by a Titan? Join Bryce Papenbrook at the Efforts & Reactions in Anime & Video Games panel and find out!
Attack on Titan with Bryce Papenbrook
Talk titans with the English voice of Eren!
Eric Vale Talks about Stuff (a Q&A) 
Do you like stuff? Well, so does Eric! Ask him questions about the stuff you've always wanted to know. Like how many times a day DOES he eat cereal? And where is that smell coming from? Hint: it's not him.
The Way Things Are (or The Truth About Voice Acting According to Eric Vale)
Have you ever asked a question and felt like you weren’t getting a straight answer? Ever wondered what it would be like to ask a voice actor a question if the veil of diplomacy and political correctness was lifted? Then bring it. Any question you want answered will be answered in a Q & A the likes of which you’ve never seen as Eric Vale speaks his mind in his usual brash and blunt fashion, without concern for societal norms or human feelings.
Eric Vale Is Not Himself (Q & A) 
Eric’s not feeling like himself today. He is, however, feeling like a lot of your other favorite voice actors. Want to have a Q & A with Todd Haberkorn or Christopher Sabat? Or maybe J. Michael Tatum? Then stop by and see who Eric is feeling like. Ask Eric questions as he does his best impressions of the actors he has gotten to know—much too well—over the years.
Caitlin Glass Q&A
Voice actress and ADR  (Automated Dialogue Replacement) director Caitlin Glass answers all your burning questions about voice acting, directing, singing, fandom, nerdiness and whatever else you want! Come bring your Q’s and she’ll provide the A’s!
Caitlin Glass Dubbing Music for Anime
Come and learn about the process behind dubbing theme songs and other music in anime. Join Caitlin Glass as she discusses her experience adapting and performing anime music for some of your favorite titles like Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Ouran High School Host Club, One Piece and more!
So You Think You Can Voice Act
Fancy yourself a voice actor? Come test your skills against other hopefuls at this interactive panel. Join voice actress and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) director Caitlin Glass as she walks you through the audition process using real audition material from some of your favorite titles. Learn what to do and what not to do in an audition situation and get great tips!
Otaku Against Humanity With The 404s
Rating: 18P
It’s our infamous, after-dark, no-pants-barred improv spectacular – with a twist! Inspired by the game “Cards Against Humanity” and YOUR suggestions, The 404s will engage in a knockdown competition of wits, random lines, favorite anime tropes… AND PANTS. Don’t miss our late-nite performance for the ages!

Learning Improv for Otaku with The 404s
Canada’s fandom comedy team is looking for the funny… IN YOU! Jump in for a fully interactive comedy workshop where you’ll learn some of the basics of improvisation and how The 404s apply their training into making audiences across the continent howl with laughter. Budding improv nerds of all kinds are welcome!

Impro Naisen - The 404s Present an Improv Civil War
Two teams of fandom’s nerdiest improvisors, one epic battle of anime-themed improv where YOU choose the ultimate winner! Overseen by an evil referee, the teams will create competing comedy scenes, as they fight for your votes in a battle of improv supremacy!
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: An Advice Gameshow With The 404s
Rating: 18P
The 404s have performed at fandom around North America and around the world – but how much wiser are they now? Ask questions about anything from what anime you should watch next, to your next cosplay, to the infamous sub vs. dub debate, and watch as the 404s give some good advice, some bad advice, and some really awful advice for your approval!
Improvisation Classroom With The 404s
Class is in session! Finish off your Animethon weekend with hilarious anime-themed comedy with The 404s, at their classic improve show. Imagine if you will, scenes inspired by your favorite anime made up before your eyes - with no script, no help, and no idea where things will go… The 404s specialize in comedy for the otaku, and our grand finale will show you why!
Get to Know Tokyo Otaku Mode!
Let’s play a game. TOMSenpai will notice you, but only if you can correctly answer brain-stumping questions about our company! Questions will range from top secret information revealed right at the panel, to facts that any TOM fan would know from using And we’ll have special freebies for every audience member who participates in our games! Give these omake a good home, they came all the way from Japan!

Tokyo Otaku Mode Gets to Know YOU!
Our mission at this panel is to have a roundtable discussion about some of the most widely debated topics in the anime and convention community. There are no right or wrong answers! The audience will break up into discussion groups. We’ll reconvene during the last half of the panel, and group representatives will speak on TOM’s official Facebook streamed LIVE. All audience members that participate get an awesome omake (different from Panel 1 omake)!