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The Sixth Lie

“Art is the most beautiful of all lies” – Based on the words of Debussy, the electro rock band “THE SIXTH LIE” hopes to create a lie so beautiful it can’t be sensed by the five senses alone. Originating from Tokyo this band seamlessly mixes airy atmospheric visual elements with a modern electronic dance rock sound to create an undeniably unique live experience.

After few changes in the member line-up, the band held their first live in March 2015 followed shortly by the release of their first music video “Wake Up Your Fire” in November.

The Sixth Lie’s futuristic sound and video style has been greeted with an overwhelming positive reception among the music industry. The band has hosted their first solo live event “WARP ZONE” in May of 2016 followed by the release of their 1st Album “INTEGRAL” in September. In line with their upward trajectory following the release of their first album The Sixth Lie performed as the opening act for “KNOTFEST JAPAN 2016”, festival hosted by Slipknot at Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex on November 5th.

This January the band released their 2nd Album “DIFFERENTIAL”, and held their second headlining show “LIVE DIFFERENTIAL ver.1.0” on February 4th.

Member Profiles


Arata [Vocals]

Inspired by L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “READY STEADY GO” Arata started listening to both Japanese and international music from a young age. His love affair with music only grew stronger during university when he was gifted an acoustic guitar from a former band member.

Outside of music, Arata enjoys participating in recreational sports having played soccer from elementary through to high school and track during his university years.

Reiji [Guitar & Digital Producer]

Started playing guitar at a young age when he and his brother bought acoustic guitars. Reiji immediately knew that the instrument was not right for him and subsequently bought an electric guitar. The first song he played was Slipknot’s “sic”. Forced to listen to western rock and metal by his brother during elementary school Reiji developed a keen interest in the international music scene. After that he started listening to EMINEM and Aerosmith, and other hip hop and heavy rock artists.

Outside of music, during junior high Reiji played volleyball at the Junior Olympics as the representative for Gunma prefecture. During high school he was the Gunma representative at Inter-High School Championships. He also used to be Japan’s number one for smartphone game “AVABEL ONLINE”.

Hiroto [Tri-bass & Bass]

Influenced by his father, he listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Coffee Shop” and was instantly drawn to the bass line. After that Hiroto started to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and during junior high school he got into “Rin toshite shigure”. During junior high he joined a band influenced by the popular anime “K-on!”

Outside of music Hiroto enjoys e-sports. Hiroto’s team has dominated the Japan Tournament for Japan’s number 1 FPS Online Game “Alliance of Valiant Arms”. He is also modeling for WEGO, Shimamura, L’Oreal Paris, Kurihara Corporation Exhibition, Tokyo Game Show 2015, “Shironeko Tennis” TV CM, etc.

Ray [Drums]

Ray Started playing drums during elementary school with the help of his father, a former drummer. He enjoys listening to the progressive rock, in particular he listens to Emerson and Lake & Palmer. He is currently studying at The University of Tokyo researching drones and artificial intelligence. He is also a visual creator in charge of THE SIXTH LIE’s CD cover design and music video direction/editing.