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Special Events

Animethon Opening Ceremony (AP)
Come join us and celebrate the start of Animethon! Greet our special guests of honour!
Animethon Closing Ceremony (AP)
Come witness the grand finale to Animethon’s 24th year! Awards will be given to contest winners and performances are guaranteed! Give our guests of honour a hearty farewell!
Animethon Feedback Session (AP)
Got questions? Concerns? Things you would like to bring up to the team? Join us in this feedback session that could help improve future Animethon events!
Idol Festival Dance Showcase (AP)
When: Friday, August 11
Time: 12:30pm - 3:00pm
New for Animethon 24! Show us your love of idols in concert for the Idol Festival Dance Showcase! The groups chosen will show off their moves in this event dedicated to celebrating this dance culture! Or join us at the event to support and cheer on (Bring out your WOTA!) your favorite dancers!
GAMU Room: Hosted by Macewan MangAnime Club
Location: 7-297, open all 3 days, consult the schedule for times.
The GAMU gaming room lets you to try out some traditional Asian board games like Shogi, Go, Riichi, and Koi Koi.
Open Mic Karaoke (AP)
Come join us at open mic karaoke to sing your heart out!
Ballroom 101
Location: Paul Byrne Hall
Time: Friday 1:00pm – 3:00pm
New to ballroom dance? Want to learn some moves for the Ball on Friday night? Taught by professionals from UADC, there will be a Ballroom 101 class held during the day on Friday to get you prepped for this magical night!

Intro to Competitive Super Smash Brothers (AP)
Hosted by the Edmonton Smash Bros Community. No Items? Fox Only? Final Destination? Wavedash over and discover the world of competitive Super Smash Brothers, one of today’s most popular eSports!

Aikido Demonstration (AP)
Northern Alberta Aikikai
A demonstration of the martial art of Aikido, often translated as “The Way of unifying with life energy”.
Amtgard LARP Demonstration (AP)
Join Amtgard for a short demonstration and learn about one of the Live Action Role-playing Games available in Edmonton and across Canada.
Japanese Weapon Arts (AP)
Kita Kaze Budo Association
An introduction to and demonstration of the Japanese weapon arts of Kendo, Naginata, and Iaido.
Kimono 101 - Try it on! (AP)
Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary
Always wanted to don a stunning Japanese Kimono? Join the Consulate-General of Japan for a talk on this unique garment, then try one on and post the pic using #AnimethonKimono.
Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) 101 (AP)
Live Action Role-Player’s Guild of Edmonton (LARGE)
LARPing: the drama, the mystery, the majesty! We know you’re curious. Come learn about the hobby and find out how you can get involved!
SUSHI 101 by Ikki Izakaya (AP)
Ikki Izakaya
Ayumi from Ikki Izakaya, an authentic Japanese bar in downtown Edmonton, is going to teach you how to roll delicious sushi step by step! Samples and coupons will be available (limited quantities**).