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Guest Panels

X-PASS Meet & Greet
Session A: Teddyloid, Mika Kobayashi, Josh Grelle & Micah Solusod
Session B: Baozi & Hana, Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond
Exclusive for X-Pass holders only! These private sessions are the chance for X-Pass holders to get autographs with their favorite guests! Holders can choose to go to one session or attend both.

Mika Kobayashi Meet & Greet
Meet Mika Kobayashi as she discusses her experience working as a musician for the Anime Industry. Ask her questions about her singing career, and get tips to become successful.
The Sixth Lie Meet & Greet
You saw them live, now they want to meet you! Come meet The Sixth Lie as they provide autographs, photos, and answer questions.
DJ Teddyloid Meet & Greet
Got a question for one of the most well-known DJ's from Japan? Need tips to bring your DJ skills to the next level? Come meet Teddyloid and ask what makes him a successful DJ!
Baozi & Hana Makeup Tutorial
Wonder how Baozi and Hana get the perfect makeup for their photoshoots? Come join us as Baozi and Hana demonstrate on a volunteer makeup techniques, tips, and tricks.
Let's Play Final Fantasy XV with Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond & Max Mittelman
Join the voice actors of Noctis and Prompto as they play through Final Fantasy 15, beating down bosses and answering questions regarding the game.
L.A.V.A. Trio Improv Show
Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying is an improvisational, audience participation, variety show starring Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond, and Max Mittelman. Get ready for games, skits, music, comedy, and PRIZES in this PG romp through Anime & Pop Culture's silly side!
One Punch Man Panel With Max Mittelman, Ray Chase, & Robbie Daymond
Got what it takes to be a hero? Come down to ask some heroes in person!
RPG & Videogame Voice Over with Max Mittelman and Ray Chase
Video game voice acting can be hard! Come listen to seasoned pros as they demonstrate the art behind voice acting video game characters, as well as their experiences working in the video game industry.
How to Draw w/ Voice Actors (With Micah, Josh, Max, and Ray)
You know your favorite voice actors for the characters they voice, but can they draw those characters? Come watch voice actors show off their mad drawing skills... or lack thereof. Nothing can go wrong.
Attack on Titan with Josh Grelle
RUN! Talk about the latest season of Attack on Titan with the voice of Armin!
Ask Me Anything: Josh Grelle Edition
Ask Josh Grelle all your burning questions about voice acting, or about what he's got in his MAGIC deck.
Soul to Soul - A Micah Solusod Q&A
Stop by and chat with Micah about what it’s like talking to the voices in your head in a dark padded room. From anime to video games, Micah will take all of your questions and maybe even answer some.
Yuri on Ice with Josh Grelle & Micah Solusod
Yuri On Ice with Yuri and Yuri! Come discuss the anime with the Yuri duo Josh Grelle and Micah Solusod!
The 404s Present: NerdProv 101 Open Workshop (14P)
The 404s will run through some of the theory and origins of Improv, and then do some warmups and teach you a few of the games they perform on stage. There will be a Q&A for the team afterwards!

The 404s Present: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! (MP)
Do you have a burning question or situation that you need help with? Let The 404s assist with their own twisted form of an advice panel. They have several "specialists" that are ready to give you the type of advice you are searching for. You may get "Good" advice, potentially "Bad" advice, but most certainly lots of "Ugly" advice. Real, hypothetical, or just down right strange, the advice given here is to be used at your own discretion.

The 404s Present: The Improv League of Improvisers Throwdown (14P)
Get ready for a "Hockey Style Throwdown" when four teams compete for the Improv League of Improvisers World Championship. These team will "fight" to earn your votes, in the hopes of advancing through this tournament. Only the strongest will prevail and climb the ladder to get their hands on the title belt. Come and cheer them on as they battle towards the ultimate goal.
The 404s Present: The Last Pants Standing Show (MP)
After the sun goes down, the comedy gets suggestive and the improvisers get “comfortable”. You hold the power over The 404s in this 18+ panel, as you decide who will lose their pants next. Who will be the Last Pants Standing? Come check out the show and choose the victor.

The 404s Present: The All-Ages Improvaganza (14P)
Let The 404s cap off your Animethon experience with a laugh-filled joyride. They'll use your suggestions to make scenes off the top of their heads utilizing every ounce of Anime fandom knowledge they possess. And no 404s Finale is complete without a very dangerous improv game reserved for only the bravest of performers. Be sure to check it out and cheer as they put their bodies on the line for comedy.
TheIshter’s Piano Performance
Start your event with the one and only TheIshter as he performs your favorite anime medleys on the piano!