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Fan Panels

@Anime_BOM Live! (MP)
The popular YouTube channel Anime Box of Mystery, made up of experienced weebs and naive normies, is getting together to watch, joke, and laugh over anime, LIVE!
A Game Master’s Guide to RPGs (AP)
New and experienced players are welcome to come learn new ways to bring their tabletop RPG adventures to the next level!
A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones (14P)
Come discuss popular and obscure fan theories with other fans. Compare the books versus the television show and participate in a general Q&A.
Advanced Cosplay Electronics (AP)
All the tips and tricks for installing lights, motors, and batteries into your costume.
Advanced Lolita (AP)
Want to learn beyond the basics of lolita fashion? Learn how to up your lolita fashion game – make your outfits better, learn where to shop, and morel
An Introduction to Light Novels (14P)
Have an interest in translated Light or Web novels? Want to know more? If so, this is the panel for you!
Anime Fans in Professional Careers (AP)
Learn how professionals working in conservative careers handle being in the anime/manga fandom; How to balance work and school with podcasting, cosplaying, and attending conventions.
Anime Name That Tune (AP)
Name the song and artist to gain points for your team and win sweet prizes.
Anime Weapons Analyzed (14P)
Would Cloud's sword work in real life? How viable is Zoro's three sword style? Join us as we examine the weapons and fighting styles of anime characters!
Archaeogaming 101 (AP)
Is an archaeology of video games possible? Yes! Worthwhile? Also yes! So, what is archaeogaming? We'll be looking at popular games to find out.
BAKA Pictionary (14P)
Come join the Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta (BAKA) for a game of anime-themed Pictionary! No art skills required!
Blind Drawing (AP)
Come and participate in a fun drawing game that is sure to have hilarious results. No art skills are required when it comes to drawing while blindfolded!
Buying Your First Ball-Joint Doll! (AP)
Want a BJD but don't know much about them? We're here to help! Learn how to care for them, where to buy them and everything else a BJD owner needs to know.
Convention Horror Stories (AP)
Got a convention horror story you want to share? Creepy people? Irresponsible friends? Cosplay malfunctions? This is the place to share!
Cosplay Construction 101 (AP)
Welcome to Cosplay Construction 101! This panel will aim to show you the basics of sewing and how to start constructing a simple cosplay costume.
Cosplay Dating Game (14P)
Ever wanted to be a contestant on an anime dating game? Think you've got what it takes to win? This try this panel out (it's just for laughs)!
Cosplay Makeup 101 (AP)
Level up your cosplay photos with this intro class to makeup! Including: beauty basics, crossplay, basic special effects, and budget-friendly options
Cosplay Weapons (AP)
How to build props using common materials and minimal tools. This year’s theme is Hayao Miyazaki.
Crossplay Pageant (AP)
Come see your favourite crossplayers compete in cosplay and fun games to see who will be our winners. There is much fun to be had, so come and see!
Dare to be Different Cosplay (AP)
Join us for examples and discussion of the growing field of Original, Mash-up, Gender-bend, Culture/Era Bend and Fan Art Cosplay!
Dating Anime Boys 101 (14P)
An introduction to and discussion of Otome games, for fans new and old! Come learn about and discuss the girls' dating sim genre and its games!
Dirt League 2: Electric Boogaloo (MP)
You suck at writing. Perfect. Welcome to Dirt League, the only way to go is down. Write the worst story you can. Go low and win big.
Disney Sing-Along (AP)
Come out and sing along with all your favorite Disney songs!
Do You Know Zelda Plus (AP)
Bring your phone and test your Zelda knowledge at the upgraded "Do You Know Zelda?" panel! Now included: Breath of the Wilds facts!
Duct Tape Cosplay (AP)
Participate in a creative game where teams compete to construct a cosplay out of garbage bags, cardboard, and duct tape!
Evangelion You Can (Not) Be Serious (14P)
Interested in Evangelion but intimidated by the seriousness? This panel throws that out the window for silliness, parodies, memes, and fandom!
Exploring Eros (MP)
Want to dive deeper into the mature side of Yuri!!! On Ice? Look no further, we're here to go there with you in a sensual and mature setting.
Fandom 101: Let’s Talk About Fandoms (14P)
Are you new to the con scene & not sure where to start? Or a veteran con attendee who is Tired™? Join me to talk about cons, fandom, & everything in between!
Feminism in Anime (14P)
Come join us for prizes and a positive discussion about feminism and sometimes the lack of it in anime. See you there! @FeminismInAnime
Fire Emblem: The Side Quest (14P)
The Fire Emblem characters are trapped at Animethon and need your help to go back to their world! Also come for Q&A and some games!!!
Friday Night Fanfiction: The Anime (MP)
The Friday Night Fanfiction podcast comes to Animethon to read the worst fanfiction there is, with an anime twist! Audience participation is required!
GAME OVER: A Danganronpa Panel (14P)
A spoiler-free discussion of the franchise that proves there's nothing like a healthy dose of murder to spice up your boring high school life.
Get Your Anime Blog Noticed (14P)
Learn how to get your aniblog (anime blog) noticed. Retired blogger Nopy shares his experiences and best practices to earn money, get freebies and media attention.
Guess the Anime Theme (14P)
Guess the anime openings, it’s as simple as that.
Hiroyuki Sawano: Titans and More (AP)
A panel profiling Hiroyuki Sawano, a renowned anime composer whose credits include: Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Gundam Unicorn and Owari no Seraph.
History Makers (14P)
Yuri On Ice might’ve ended but we’re still crying about the duet. Join us on this magical Pitchit instastory and watch Yurio try to apply eyeliner.
History of Cosplay (AP)
Cosplay in history!? It’s much older than you think. Come learn the fun and exciting history of dressing up in character costumes!
How to be an Awesome D&D Game Master (AP)
Ever wanted to run your own campaign in Dungeons and Dragons or some other tabletop RPG? Here's your chance to learn the basics of Game Mastery.
How to Spot Bootlegs (AP)
Snow Miku looking a little sick? Kingdom Hearts CD have a massive spelling mistake in the title? Come find out why and never be tricked again.
How to YouTube! (14P)
Ashe & Sybsidian
How to be a YouTuber! Join the Triple S League and Tara St. Michel for a workshop on becoming a YouTuber or just learning more about what it's like!
Idol Olympics (AP)
Do you love idols? So do we! Join u’sica as we celebrate our favourite idols with fun trivia, dancing, and contests!
Improv Fun (AP)
Come play a variety of improv games to win different prizes.
International Love - Hetalia Panel (14P)
A presentation explaining what Hetalia is, interactive games and a Q&A. Come experience international love from the countries of Hetalia.
Intro to Articulating Wings (AP)
Autumn’s Cosplay
An intro to making your very first articulating wings for your cosplay! From pattern to final product, we cover it all!
Introduction to Ball-Jointed Dolls (14P)
Interested in Ball-Joint Dolls? Join us for an info session and Q&A hosted by veteran collectors, with a display of dolls to enjoy. Photos permitted!
Introduction to Weapons (AP)
Do you think that a longsword is a one-handed sword? Want to get your hands on some Nippon Steel? Join us and find out how!
Japanese Monsters and Ghouls (MP)
Do you find yourself drawn to the strange, or the macabre? Do you enjoy horror? Then come down and join us ghouls. Goosebumps guaranteed.
Joestar Family Feud (AP)
It's time to play... Joestar Family Feud!! We surveyed fans about all things JoJo. You have to guess what the top answers are. Good luck.
K-pop Jeopardy (AP)
K-pop Jeopardy is back at Animethon! Come test your K-pop knowledge, meet fellow fans, and compete for awesome K-pop prizes!
K-Pop Name That Tune! (AP)
Do you have incredible knowledge of K-pop music? Yes?!? Then come with your bias and play K-pop Name That Tune. Live long and K-pop!
K-Pop Random Dance Game (AP)
SHINees back... Oh, I mean, we're back! The Kpop Chorus Dance Game returns to Animethon for its second run! Join us for a fun, Kpop filled time.
Legend of Zelda - Through the Ages (AP)
Wanna show your love for the Legend of Zelda? Come visit the us at the Legend of Zelda discussion panel and 'Zelda it up!'.
Lip Sync Battle (AP)
In this King of the Hill style game show, contestants compete to see who can lip sync best.
Lip Sync for Your Life (AP)
Think you've the chops to lip sync your way to the top?
We'll be the judge of that.
Lolita Fashion Gameshow Battle (AP)
Put your lolita fashion knowledge to the test! In this lolita fashion game show battle, lolita fashion prevails over these fun and games!
Makeup 101 (AP)
A look into the world of makeup: how to apply makeup, basic hygiene and care, the big debate of high end vs drug store
Mix and Mingle Panel (AP)
Want to meet new people into anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese culture? Come to the mix and mingle, the exciting way to meet new people this con season!
Moe Battle 2017 (AP)
We're back again with new girl's fighting it out for the title of "Best Waifu" with this year's Moe Battle!
Name that Anime by Tune! (AP)
Last year was a hit and we're back! Come test your skills at our game show where we’ll be testing your anime knowledge. Prizes will be available.
Name the Anime Soundtrack! (AP)
Do you like music? Think you recognize soundtracks in anime? Then come to this panel and test your knowledge!
No Wota? No Idol? (AP)
Have you ever wanted to cheer on your favourite anisong (anime song) artists, Japanese idol(s), or seiyuu(s), but are not sure how? If so, this panel is for you!
One Punch Man (AP)
Come chat about the popular anime series One Punch Man and learn about the manga and webcomic.
Physics in Anime (AP)
Wondering if you could fly by shooting fire from your hands? Join us to discuss anime physics and learn just how realistic your favourite anime is!
R.F.A Evening Party! (14P)
Dear Guest, you have been invited to the grand R.F.A Party! Enjoy Q&A, Trivia, Games and more with your favorite Mystic Messenger characters! Love, MC ♥
Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary (AP)
Not my usual Sailor Moon panel! Sailor Moon is 25 this year (IKR?) and to celebrate, let’s talk about the past and future of Sailor Moon.
Search for the Shikon Jewel (AP)
Come on a quest through the feudal era and collect pieces of the shikon jewel to win a prize.
Sherlock Ask Panel (14P)
Are you wondering what happened to your favorite Sherlock characters since season four? Why not come and ask them?
So You Wanna Make A Webcomic? (AP)
Ever wonder what it takes to publish a successful webcomic? Achiru has been a webcomic creator for over thirteen years so ask her your questions!
Stretchy Fabrics (AP)
Veteran superhero and catsuit costume makers share what they've learned in working with various types of stretchy material
Why, hello there! Join the cool kids that wanna talk Star Wars at an anime convention as we go over the hottest fan theories. DO IT.
Stuck in a Game: Beyond SAO (AP)
Come discuss Sword Art Online (for better or worse!) and the "stuck in a video game" subgenre, from the first .hack to great new anime like KonoSuba!
Survival Guide to the Conpocalypse (AP)
Let’s talk about ways to survive the conpocalypse. Tips and tricks on how survive and keep alive as well as to make things more enjoyable too.
Survive the Apocalypse in Cosplay! (14P)
Chad & Sybsidian
A humorous guide to cosplay in the apocalypse and how you can use our favorite pass time to survive and thrive.
Tanto Cuore (AP)
Come join us in Tanto Cuore!! A card game built to create decks and earn victory points against your competitor!!!! Quick the maids are waiting!!!
The 4Kids Quiz (14P)
Come play the 4Kids Quiz for a chance to win prizes and be baffled by some of dubbed anime's most inane changes and censorship!
The Evolution of Makoto Shinkai (AP)
An analysis of Makoto Shinkai's work from the early 2000's onwards. Discussion will focus on development of camera angles and common themes.
Want to know what professional artists are doing that makes their work stand out from the rest?
Touhou 9: PoFV Tournament (AP)
Come test your Danmaku skills against other players! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome to participate.
Touhou Project ~ Know Your Neighbor (14P)
To survive, or even thrive in Gensoyko, you'll need to know the characters that live there! Luckily the one in charge is here to show you around.
Touhou Project ~ Take it Easy! (AP)
See why Touhou Project is still the crown jewel of doujin culture as we delve into its games, lore, music, and more. Now with freeplay!
Undertale Improvised (AP)
Have a chance to interact with the cast of Undertale by asking questions or playing improv games with them!
Vol...tron??? “Paladin Q&A” (14P)
The Paladins are stuck on Earth, what better way to spend it than answering all of your questions! Come join us for an out of this world experience!!!
Warhammer 40k: End Times (14P)
No one said living in the Imperium is easy. Learn about the history of the series, the lore, and recent plot developments.
Weiss Shwarz (AP)
Come out and battle with your friends to determine which anime reigns supreme in the trading card game Weiss Schwarz.
What is the TRMN? (AP)
Lt. Berchmans
Who/What is tRMN? Basically, it is the Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, and much more, so come find out!
What Makes a Good Meme? (14P)
Come join us and express your memeingful love for all that is good on the internet! Maybe even create your own internet sensation!!!!!!!
Wigs 101 (AP)
Bring your cosplay to the next level! Learn the basics of care and styling of wigs and how to use them for years to come!
Women of Evangelion (14P)
Learn who's who, identify common tropes, and dissect how fandom fumbles with some of the most iconic characters in science fiction anime!
Yaoi Panel (MP)
We're back with more yaoi fun! Join us in improv or play some yaoi-related games to win prizes. Clear your browsing history after!
Your Name / Kimi no Na Wa (AP)
A discussion about the most popular Japanese movie of the past year: Your Name / Kimi no Na Wa.
Yowamushi Panel (14P)
Come and join us for a discussion of Yowamushi Pedal! Characters, plot, and bikes oh my!