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ASAPA presents

Animethon 25

Aug 10 - 12 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Events / Fan Panels

Fan Panels

Panel Guidelines

@Anime_BOM Live! (MP)
The popular YouTube channel Anime Box of Mystery, made of experienced weebs and naive normies, is getting together to watch and laugh over anime LIVE!
A Cosplayer’s Guide to Cons (AP)
A look into a convention through the eyes of a cosplayer: how to cosplay to your first con, and have fun in your environment
A New Admiral’s Guide to Kancolle (AP)
Calling all aspiring Admirals, lets learn to play Kancolle together! Kancolle Arcade cards are up for grabs as well.
Advance Electronic Cosplay (AP)
We'll be learning about hooking up your cosplay with electronics. We'll be talking about how you could put LEDs, motors and speakers on your cosplay
Amigurumi 101 (AP)
Do you like kawaii culture? Have you ever wanted to make your own crochet doll? Come and learn the basics. Supplies first come first serve.
Amtgard LARP Demonstration (AP)
Join Amtgard for a short demonstration and learn about one of the Live Action Role-playing Games available in Edmonton and across Canada.
Anime Caption This (14P)
Pictures, screenshots, cells, photobombs, and so much more. Get ready to caption some hilarious and awkward pictures in Anime Caption This!
Anime Fans in the Professional Workplace (AP)
How students and working professionals handle being in the anime/manga fandom: how to balance work with cosplaying and attending conventions.
Anime Jeopardy (AP)
Want to test your knowledge for fun and prizes and prove how much of an otaku you really are? Compete for the right to be called the ultimate Anime Jeopardy champion!
Anime Name Game (AP)
Based on the hit TV gameshow "Celebrity Name Game", teams test their anime knowledge in this fast paced guessing game. Grab a partner and take your best guess.
Anime Wits & Wagers (AP)
Do you think you know anime? Wanna bet on it? Come test your knowledge and betting skills and prove you are the best at Anime Wits & Wagers.
Anime, Manga & Cons for Parents (AP)
What is Anime and Manga? Let's break this down for the parents… kids need not attend.
Askmatsu-san! (14P)
Your (least) favorite sextuplets are in town awaiting YOUR questions and dares! Come chat with the Matsuno brothers and join in for games with prizes!
Become the Dancing Queen, or How to Put Together a Good Cosplay Skit (AP)
Arcadia Gayme
Nerdlesque performer Arcadia Gayme is here to guide you through putting together an amazing skit for any cosplay contest. Dance/comedy focused.
Bullet Hell, or: How I Learned to Dodge Rain (AP)
A game like DoDonPachi or Touhou might seem like an unforgiving waterfall of bullets and fire, but try them out; they're easier than they look!
Camp Animal Crossing (AP)
Animal Crossing Fans Unite! Share experiences, play games, answer Trivia and more! Then swap friend codes and amiibo cards with your new friends!
Chaldea Master Summit (14P)
Calling all Chaldea Masters! Brush off your catalysts and gather your Quartz for a panel discussing the hit game, Fate/Grand Order!
Convention Horror Stories (MP)
Ever wondered what kind of horrors con-goers have experienced? Come listen to your fellow con-goers horrifying experiences!
Cosplay 102: Buying Cosplay (AP)
Want to cosplay but don't know where to purchase a good quality cosplay? We will cover: buying cosplays, Taobao, competing with a purchased cosplay
Cosplay Construction 101 (AP)
Welcome to Cosplay Construction 101! This panel will aim to show you basic sewing skills, tips and techniques to construct a simple costume.
Cosplay Contests: Crafting and Competing (AP)
Ever wonder what happens in a cosplay contest? How do you enter? How does judging work? Come on in and learn from some seasoned cosplayers!
Cosplay Weapons (AP)
How to make props and finishing. This year’s project is the FN P90 from Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale.
Detective Conan / Case Closed (AP)
A chance for fans to discuss one of the longest running and most popular detective genre anime series!
DIRT L3AGUE: Revenge of the Filth (MP)
You suck at writing. Perfect. Welcome to Dirt League, the only way to go is down. Write the worst story you can. Go low and win big.
Dirt League: BATTL RAPZ (MP)
Help write the nastiest otaku battle raps ever and witness your team spit them at the opposition, destroying their self-esteem in the process.
Disney Singalong (AP)
Be our guest, be our guest, put your singing to the test! (Except not really, let's just belt out some tunes and have fun!)
Doki Doki Literature Club (14P)
Let's discuss the hit visual novel game of the past year. Come discuss fan theories and test your DDLC knowledge!
Doki Doki Poetry Poker (AP)
Welcome to our Literature Club! We're going to do a fun poetry activity together!
Dub vs Sub: The Debate (14P)
Dub vs Sub. Help out skilled speakers settle this age old question once and for all!
Duct Tape Cosplay (AP)
Participate in a creative game where teams compete to construct a cosplay out of garbage bags, cardboard, and duct tape!
EventStuck (AP)
Have you ever wanted to run your own meetup? Or wondered why fandoms don't meet up every week? Come on down to the panel created exactly for you!
Extra Life Edmonton Presents Playing With A Purpose (AP)
Extra Life Edmonton
Interested in learning more about The Stollery and Extra Life Edmonton? Join us as we dive into what it takes to save kids through gaming.
Fake Artist Goes to Animethon (AP)
Several artists will work together to make a masterpiece, but one is not in on the final drawing. Can they blend in or will they be found out as the Fake Artist?
Fandom 101 (14P)
Whether you're an old and tired con goer or this is your very first con, come on down and talk about Cons, Fandoms, & everything in between!
Fandom Feud (AP)
Come on down and test your knowledge of everything Anime Fandom! Teams of 4 will compete for prizes based off real polled answers.
Free! 50% Off (14P)
Join the Free! boys with their discount humor as they answer questions, survive dares, and go mad(libs). Try and stay in sync with this swimming club!
Friday Night Fanfiction: The Anime 2 (MP)
Friday Night Fanfiction
Friday Night Fanfiction podcast returns to Animethon to read the worst fanfiction there is, with an anime twist! Audience participation is required
Guess That Song! (AP)
Think you know your Disney and Anime songs? Why not come test out your skills to win some prizes!
Guess That Song: Idol Edition! (AP)
Join a pair of idol fanatics in a fun-packed and musical game of guessing and prizes! Test your idol knowledge!
Gundam Panel (AP)
Edmonton Gunpla Builders
Introduction to the Mobile Suit Gundam series and Gunpla (Gundam plastic model kits)
Haikyuu Q and A (14P)
haikyuu! Q and A hosted by your very own Bokuto-san!! Come ask questions play games and win some prizes with us!
History of Anime: 1960s-1980s (AP)
Learn about the classics that defined modern anime! We look at the history of anime and some shows we recommend!
History of Anime: 1990s-2000s (AP)
From 1990 to 2010, we explore the shows that changed the industry! Come discover the history of anime, and even get some recommendations!
History of Cosplay (MP)
Cosplay in MY history? It's older than you think! Come learn the fun history of dressing up in character costumes.
How to Be an Awesome D&D Game Master (AP)
Ever wanted to run your own campaign in Dungeons and Dragons or some other tabletop RPG? Here's your chance to learn the basics.
How to Spot Bootlegs (AP)
Don't mind buying bootlegs? Can't see the difference anyway? Find out why they're bad, and learn how not to get tricked by them.
Hunter Exam 2.5 (14P)
We are back better than ever! Join Gon and Killua in our third interactive Hunter x Hunter panel! Play some games and maybe win your Hunter's License.
Husbando Battle 2018 (AP)
We're letting the guys fight it out for the title of "Best Husbando" this year!
IDOLiSH7: Setting a New Stage for Male Idol Series (AP)
Learn about IDOLiSH7 and what sets it apart from male idol series. With a dynamic plot and an industry-focused perspective, you won't be disappointed!
Intro to 3D Printing Cosplay (AP)
Curious about what is needed to turn a roll of plastic spaghetti into a full iron man suit? Join me as I explain the basics of 3D printing and cosplay
Introduction to Ball Joint Dolls (14P)
Learn all about Ball-Joint Dolls with hobby veterans! Photos allowed.
Introduction to Table Top Role Playing: Pathfinder Edition (AP)
Come learn tips and tricks of role-playing in a tabletop game! Learn the basics of how to get involved and how to create your own character with depth
Introduction to Weiss Schwarz TCG (14P)
Edmonton Weiss Schwarz Group
If you enjoy anime and card games, drop by and learn about Weiss Schwarz - a 2 player card battling game featuring your favorite anime characters!
Iron Cosplay Scavenger Hunt (AP)
Come dress up one of your friends in a costume made by your team out of cosplay scraps, then watch them go on a scavenger hunt around the con
Japan Food and Travel Tips (AP)
Planning a trip to Japan and don't know where to start? Hear from experienced travellers on where to find good eats and avoid common travel blunders
Japanese Weapon Arts (AP)
Kita Kaze Budo Association
A demonstration of the Japanese weapon arts of kendo, naginata, and iaido. Learn about the modern sport forms of weapons often featured in anime!
Jeopardy: I Choose You (AP)
We play a trivia game in the style of Jeopardy with the theme of Pokemon
JoJo’s Bizarre Meet and Greet (AP)
Icebreaker panel where JoJo fans can meet each other and make friends. We have interactive JoJo-related activities to do, so come on in and have fun!
Just Do It: A Panel on Panels (14P)
If you've ever wanted to learn how to do a panel, or just needed that little push to hit the "submit" button, this is the panel for you!
K-Pop Name That Tune! (14P)
We’re back my K-Poppers! Have you brushed up on your knowledge of K-pop music? Come with your biases and play! As always live long and K-pop!
K-Pop Random Chorus Game (AP)
Your Daydream has come to life.. Join us to celebrate the release of Hixta-- Join us for our third run of the Kpop Random Chorus Game @ Animethon!
Lip Sync Battle (14P)
In this king of the hill style game show, contestants compete to see who can lip sync to their favorite songs.
Lip Sync For Your Life (AP)
Do you think you have what it takes to Lip Sync your way to the top? We'll be the judge of that.
Lolita Fashion 201 (AP)
Cae Pevensie
Want to learn beyond the basics of lolita fashion? Learn how to up your lolita fashion game - better your outfits, learn where to shop and more!
Lolita Party Time~! (AP)
Doan Hoang
Come join local Lolitas for fun games such as Lolita Trivia, Name that Print, and many more~!
MaidWatch (14P)
Do you love Overwatch? Do you like Maid Cafes? We don't have food, but we do have Overwatch characters in maid outfits with Q&A + fun exciting games!
Makeup 101 (AP)
A look into the diverse world of makeup, where all you makeup questions will be answered. A live demo from natural to glam makeup and the big topics
Mix and Meetup (AP)
Want to meet new people into anime, manga, cosplay, and Japanese culture? Come to the mix and mingle, the exciting way to meet new people at Animethon!
Moe Battle 2018 (AP)
We're back again with new girls fighting it out for the title of "Best Waifu" with this year's Moe Battle!
My Hero Academia (AP)
Come chat about the anime My Hero Academia. Vote for your favourite hero and test your My Hero Academia knowledge!
Name That Anime By Tune! (AP)
Last year was a hit and we're back! Come test your skills at our game show where we’ll be testing your anime knowledge. Prizes will be available
No Wota? No Idol? Presents Wotagei Workshop (AP)
In our workshop, we will teach how to perform Wotagei, a high energy dance style popular with anisong/idol/seiyuu fans in Japan.
Novice to Journeyman to Masters (AP)
AlphaNerd & Fantasy’s Soul Cosplay
If you participate in cosplay contests, this is the panel for you. AlphaNerd Cosplay and Fantasy's Soul Cosplay talk about what makes a costume stand out when competing and give tips and tricks on how to advance your costume up the ranks from Novice to Journeyman to Masters. They will share their award-winning expertise on things like fabric selections, finishing techniques, stage performances, and many more. Come and raise your cosplay to the next level.
Owari No Seraph: Welcome To The End (14P)
The newest recruits of the infamous Moon Demon Company have arrived to answer YOUR questions! Come join us, (and some of our vampire friends) for some Q&A, Jokes, Mad-Libs, Improv Skits, and just a fun time in general!
Percy Jackson’s Guide to Monsters (AP)
Monsters are everywhere! Come talk to Percy Jackson and the Olympians to be prepared, you never know where you'll find one…
Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Versus (AP)
Play Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona 5 Dancing Star Night for the highest score to win cool Persona prizes!
Revolutionizing the Groove: Music Gaming (AP)
Keep on beat and move your feet, as we take a deep dive into the world of music video games!
Rice Balls in a Fruits Basket (AP)
We are opening the Sohma family gates for some fun and games! Come join us for a chance to test your knowledge, and win some great prizes!
Running Man in YXD! (AP)
Do you have what it takes to be a variety star? Come play some Korean variety show games and win prizes! Or lose and face the punishments!
Sailor Moon Panel (AP)
Find out the latest anniversary news and find out what’s happening with Crystal!
Sewing Tips and Tricks (AP)
For beginner or intermediate sewers who want to expand their knowledge, or don't know where to start. Up your sewing game and improve your cosplay!
So Savvy Sewing Classes: Sewing Basics (AP)
Sewing basics, learn tips and techniques to sew your own cosplay. With games!
Spooky Stories: Japanese Urban Legends (MP)
Do you find yourself drawn to the spooky and the strange? Then join us as we discuss the creepiest stories out of Japan.
Straw-Hat Pirate’s Tribute (14P)
I declare a challenge of courage, wits, and honour. The victors shall be rewarded, however what brings us together is what truly is valuable. --Jinbe
Super Konnichi-Wha: Crossover Clash Climax (C3) (14P)
We're finally back! This time, crossover fighters take center stage, featuring characters from Index, Gundam, and even Fate! Experts and rookies alike, get ready to fight! You can't escape from crossing fate!
Surf’s Up: My Favorite Anime? (14P)
Join us in an experience unlike any other when you finally reclaim Surf's Up as your favourite anime! Prepare to be cinematically enlightened!!!
The Basics of Making a Great Itabag! (AP)
Want to make an Itabag but don't know how? Want to bring your Itabag to the next level? Join us as we discuss all you need to know about Itabags!
The Chidori that Electrified the West: A Loving Look at Naruto (AP)
You can Naruto run from your weeb past, but you can't Naruto hide.
The Grand Anime Jeopardy! (14P)
Guess the character we’re describing! Guess the OP/ED song or soundtrack playing! There will be prizes for the winning teams!
Tips and Tricks for Con Photography (AP)
Kei Cheung Photography
Don’t miss that perfect shot! Got the right light? Right pose? No? Then come level up your photography & never cry over that photo that should have been!
Touhou 15.5 Tournament (AP)
Come test your skills against other players in this new Touhou fighting game! Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome to participate!
Touhou Project ~ Welcome to Gensokyo (AP)
Each year, the doujin industry creates an astonishing number of books, music, and games and Touhou Project gets the best. But what exactly is Touhou?
Touken Ranbu: Days In The Citadel (AP)
New to Touken Ranbu? Love Touken Ranbu? Get your fix here!
VIP with BTS (AP)
Your very own private concert with BTS! Or 7 nerds dressed up like them at least, then a fiery trivia with some dope prizes!
Volleybros: Boys are Back! (14P)
The volleybros are back! This time, with a little twist, stop by for a good time with lots of laughs, many fun games, and a chance to meet your favourite volleyball players!

Voltron Truth or Dare (14P)
Want to ask your paladins an embarrassing question or dare them to do something ridiculous? Well now is your chance! Get ready for the ol' razzle dazzle!
What’s so “Grimdark” about Warhammer 40k? (14P)
"In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war". Just how bad of a universe can Warhammer 40k be? Come join us and find out!
Wheel of Anime (AP)
Based on Wheel of Fortune, players will take turns guessing letters, buying vowels and trying to solve the puzzle. Come take a spin at Wheel of Anime!
Wigs 101 (AP)
Bring your cosplay to the next level with a wig! Come learn the basics about wig care and styling! From how to wear a wig, dying and more!
You’ve Got DDADDS (14P)
Spend some time getting to know these Dream Daddies as you ad-lib your way through a series of dates with your favourite mates!
Zapp’s Spaceship of Love Presents: Critical Fail (14P)
Zapp’s Spaceship of Love
We all know D&D nerds are the pinnacle of dorks, so come join us as we try to kill them (you) in this comedy / improv D&D game with no dice!