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ASAPA presents

Animethon 25

Aug 10 - 12 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Animethon 25 FAQ

A Taste of Animethon (ATOA) 2018 takes place on January 19-20, 2018. Animethon 25 (A25) takes place on August 10-12, 2018. Both events now take place at the Shaw Conference Centre in Downtown Edmonton.

This FAQ is presented by the Board of Directors of ASAPA to address community feedback following the announcement of our relocation to the Shaw Conference Centre. Further questions or feedback should be sent to and we will address them here when possible. Please note that not all plans have been finalised, and not all details can be shared.

Why is Animethon moving to the Shaw?

We want to bring you the best possible Animethon experience that we can. While MacEwan University is a great venue in many respects, we felt that this move would provide a great deal of new possibilities, and improve the event for our patrons. This was not a decision we made lightly; we put a lot of thought, time, and effort into finding the best way to bring you an amazing convention experience.

Which events will be held at the Shaw, or is this just for Animethon 25?

Animethon 25 and A Taste of Animethon 2018 will both be held at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Did MacEwan ask Animethon to find another venue?

No. We have an excellent relationship with MacEwan, and at no time did they ask us to leave. The decision was made by the ASAPA Board of Directors.

Is the Shaw Conference Centre large enough for Animethon?

We will be taking over every available space at the Shaw. Though not as spread out as MacEwan, when you combine all of those spaces, it is more than enough to contain everyone.

How do you intend to use the space?

Hall D, at 23,600 square feet, and will function brilliantly as our main events room with plenty of space for our concerts and dances.
Halls A, B, and C will come together for our Vendors, Artist Alley, Gaming, and Autographs. A combined total of 80,000 square feet of brightly lit and air conditioned space with no support pillars to get in the way.
There are 20 salons on the lowest level. We’ll take up a few for admin spaces, but the vast majority will function as our panel and video rooms. In addition, most of them can fit more people than MacEwan’s classrooms, which means more attendees will be able to get into the most popular panels.
Attendees quick enough to grab Maid & Butler Cafe tickets will also be in for a treat. The Riverview room is the perfect space for our Maids and Butlers to serve and perform for you.

What are the advantages to the Shaw Conference Centre vs. MacEwan?

The Shaw is a dedicated centre for events, while MacEwan is an operating school. MacEwan has limitations, while we can pretty much do whatever we need to do in the Shaw.
We would be far less spread out, which puts extra demand on our staff. It also means no more dashing from building to building in order to get to panels and events. Everything is self-contained.
The main gym at MacEwan has worked reasonably well, but it takes a lot of work to turn it into a concert space. Hall D is already set up for that and can host dances and concerts much better.
Taking our Vendors and Guests out of the parkade is an obvious advantage, and we think attendees will appreciate that too. Artists should also benefit from the increased traffic. Even gaming will be bigger, and we may even be able to host official tournaments.

With the loss of MacEwan’s green space, will there be space made available for downtime and relaxing at the Shaw?

Oh how we will miss that space. It was, in many ways, our showcase spot. Not only did attendees enjoy the space, but plenty of the public walking or driving by would be curious as to what is going on. The Shaw does feature a large patio area, including some green space. The view of the river valley will make for a fantastic background for cosplay pictures. It’s also a short walk down to Louise McKinney park which features the Chinese Garden Gazebo.

How is parking in the area?

There’s plenty of parking in the area, both from several surface parking lots within close proximity of the Shaw, as well as plenty of underground parking that connects via underground pedways.

What about LRT access?

It was certainly convenient for our attendees to have the LRT land right on the back doorstep of MacEwan. The closest station, Central Station, is three blocks from the Shaw. If we do have inclement weather, you can walk between them completely underground.

Where do I send comments / feedback / complaints / ideas about this move (or anything else)?

Please send any feedback to Our staff are also fans of our convention, and we want to know how to make this a better experience for everyone.

Will there be enough places to eat?

We’re working with the Shaw on that one. Plans so far include concessions in Hall A as well as some potential familiar opportunities. Most, if not all, of the restaurants in Canada Place should be open (which should make for their busiest days of all time), and there are a number of restaurants in the area we need to warn. Con-goers are hungry, hungry people, and we want you fed and watered.

How will you facilitate access for people with disabilities (visible and otherwise)?

The Shaw does feature a slow, but accessible elevator. Due to its’ limited capacity, however, it is important that it be used only by those with mobility issues. If required, Shaw staff will escort those in need to the staff service elevators.

The escalators were out of service during ATOA. Will that happen again?

It was a stroke of unfortunate timing for us that the escalators were under complete replacement during the last two ATOA events. Those renovations are now complete and we have been assured that they will be in working order. We’ll give that a test run at ATOA 2018.

How will you ensure your patrons’ safety with this change?

We always have our patrons’ safety in the forefront of our mind. We will be offering Safe Walks to nearby parking lots, LRT stations, and event partnered hotels. Our Safety and First Aid Teams will be maintaining a constant presence around the Shaw, just as they did at MacEwan. Shaw’s own security team is well-equipped to handle the demands we’ll place upon them.

Since we will no longer have access to MacEwan Residence, what is being done for people want more affordable and closer accommodations than the hotels around the Shaw?

We’ve already arranged for blocks of rooms with nearby hotels, so check the event website under accommodations. Keep an eye on it for additional spaces too!

Are there plans for more/better panels?

We continue to hear feedback on panels. It should be noted that most panels are community-driven. Applications are sent to us and our programming team tries to accommodate as many quality panels as possible. If you have an idea for a panel, it may only come to fruition if you host it. Feel free to use our Panel Submission Form once it is available on the website. Contact our programming team at if you require more information.

How can I help?

We’re always on the lookout for more staff and volunteers. Check the Volunteer section of the event website for more details. There are some great perks to being staff like working long hours, being sore and tired, not getting enough sleep… wait…

Working our events will give you an insider's view into the organization and operation of a major festival. There are plenty of perks to being staff like the chance to pre-order our merchandise, early (X-Pass level) access to vendor hall (assuming your duties allow for it), and many others! You’ll learn new skills which are transferable to your current or future professional plans, and volunteering looks great on a resume!

As for the staff, we’re a fun, friendly bunch. Joining us is like being part of a massive, if weird, family. You’ll instantly have a huge network of friends always open to hearing from you and encouraging you to bring your own talents and skills into the community. You don’t even need to be the world’s biggest Anime or gaming fan.