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ASAPA presents

Animethon 25

Aug 10 - 12 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Special Events

Animethon Opening Ceremony (AP)
Come join us and celebrate the start of Animethon with a bang! Greet our special guests of honour! Let’s start the celebration for our 25th anniversary!
Animethon Closing Ceremony (AP)
Come witness the grand finale to Animethon’s 25th year! Give our guests of honour a hearty farewell!

Animethon Feedback Session (AP)
Got questions? Concerns? Things you would like to bring up to the team? Join us in this feedback session that could help improve future Animethon events!

Animethon 25th Anniversary Cake (AP)
To celebrate our special year, there will be cake! Come have some free cake for all while quantities last!

Open Mic Karaoke (AP)
Come join us at open mic karaoke to sing your heart out!

Ballroom 101 (AP)
New to ballroom dance? Want to learn some moves for the Ball on Friday night? Taught by experts from UADC, there will be a Ballroom 101 class held during the day on Friday to get you prepped for this magical night!

Animethon Pin Trading (AP)
Come join us and enrich your pin collection! There are always a few rare pins available at these events.

Learning Japanese Through Anime and Manga with Mr. Yoshifumi Murakami (AP)
Yoshifumi Murakami
This presentation will introduce theories and practical strategies of Content-Based Language Learning (CBLL), and share actual experiences of Senpais (seniors or upperclassmen) who have actually learnt Japanese through anime. It will also introduce Japanese learning websites and online courses set up and conducted by the Japan Foundation which are specially geared towards anime fans.

Hey! Listen! Music Performance (AP)
Hey! Listen! is an instrumental band from Edmonton specializing in original arrangements of classic video game soundtracks. Principally influenced by both modern and traditional jazz, as well as soul, funk, hip-hop and Latin music, Hey! Listen! brings together some of Edmonton's best young musical talent for the unique purpose of celebrating beloved video game music.

Mu'sica 2ndLIVE ~IT'S PARTY TIME~ (AP)
Isshoni ikou! We are Mu'sica, welcome to our 2nd Live! Whether you're a die-hard idol fan wanting to show off your Wotagei, or someone just getting into J-pop - We'll make sure to get you pumped and wanting more. This showcase will feature dances from iDOLM@STER, Wa-suta, Aqours, and other much-loved idol groups!
TAKOYAKI 101 by Ikki Izakaya (AP)
Ikki Izakaya
Ayumi from Ikki Izakaya, an authentic Japanese bar in downtown Edmonton, is going to teach you how to roll delicious Takoyaki step by step!
Maid & Butler Café Card Trading (AP)
Come here to learn how to play our special Maid and Butler Café Trading Cards!

Women in Gaming Discussions (AP)
Come join us in the audience at the gaming stage as prominent local female gamers discuss about their experience in the world of gaming.