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ASAPA presents

Animethon 25

Aug 10 - 12 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Staff Credits


Chair Bryan K
Vicechair Vlad P


Secretary Brooklyn J
Assistant Secretary AJ J
Administrative Staff Yvonne N
Administrative Staff Yuii H
Administrative Staff Allan L
Treasurer Jessica S
Assistant Treasurer Jessikah-Marie J
Treasury Staff Qai G
Treasury Staff Patrick L
Treasury Staff Rannee L
Treasury Staff Julia P
Treasury Staff Harry W
Treasury Staff Mandy L
Treasury Staff Preet D

Safety and Policy Compliance

Director of Safety Michael D
Assistant Director of Safety Stephane D
Exhibitor Policy Coordinator Ann-Marie P
Exhibitor Policy Staff Pauline F
Exhibitor Policy Staff Wyne L
Exhibitor Policy Staff Tanis P
Exhibitor Policy Staff Alice R
Prop Check Coordinator Alexia W
Prop Check Assistant Coordinator Grace A
Prop Check Staff Audrey B
Prop Check Staff Cassandra C
Safety Schedule Coordinator Julia P
Safety Schedule Coordinator Catherine S
Safety Team Lead Kevin D
Safety Team Lead Rory W
Safety Team Lead David D
Safety Team Lead Thilan W
Safety Team Lead Louis D
Safety Staff Nam P
Safety Staff Sandy T
Safety Staff Paulida T
Safety Staff Laura F
Safety Staff Shirley D
Safety Staff Dale C
Safety Staff Dinusha Y
Safety Staff Lyss B
Safety Staff William S
Safety Staff Alex T
Safety Staff John H
Safety Staff Charlie C
Safety Staff Katie L
Safety Staff Asher K
Safety Staff Jonathan N
Safety Staff Carl Z
Safety Staff Cynthia L
Safety Staff Darpan K
Safety Staff Andrew W
Safety Staff Ian H
Safety Staff Alycia W
Safety Staff Rylea C
Safety Staff Derek Y
Safety Staff Jenny Z
Safety Staff Huy P
Safety Staff Nadia S
First Aid Manager Stan B
First Aid Assistant Manager Thomas B
First Aid Staff Blaze B
First Aid Staff Jon B
First Aid Staff Pam B
First Aid Staff Morgan B
First Aid Staff Heather H

Human Resources

Director of HR Kevin M
Assistant Director of HR Kristen S
Hospitality Manager Christy E
Hospitality Staff Luka M
Hospitality Staff Ashley R
Accommodations Coordinator Rolando B
Parking Coordinator James W
Preservations Coordinator Sherry L
Registration Manager Jennie G
Registration Assistant Manager Wiggles W
Registration Assistant Manager Angela G
Registration Staff Angela M
Registration Staff Helen T
Registration Staff Vicki K
Registration Staff Sarah W
Registration Staff Jonathan C
Registration Staff Elizabeth K
Registration Staff Christina C
Registration Staff Kim W
Registration Staff Aaron K
Registration Staff Elizabeth T
Registration Staff Julia S
Registration Staff Sam C
Registration Staff Val G
Registration Staff Nancy X
Registration Staff Jenna S
Registration Staff Eric S
Personnel Manager Morgan D
Personnel Staff Tracy L
Personnel Staff Jenny T
Personnel Staff Kristina Z
Staff Hiring Coordinator Cindy Q
Volunteer Coordinator Kaibei G
Schedule & Training Coordinator Danning F


Director of Programming Jenny L
Assistant Director of Programming Clara T
Special Events Lead Noa B
Special Events Lead Launa D
Special Events Lead Jerrard M
Special Events Lead Tyler M
Special Events Lead Lisa H
Special Events Lead Yan Z
Special Events Lead Stefie S
Special Events Lead Kassandra P
Special Events Lead Victor H
AMV Coordinator Vlad P
AMV Assistant Coordinator Rory M
Butler Cafe Coordinator Samuel B
Butler Café Assistant Coordinator Ryan B
Butler Cafe Staff Yee M
Butler Cafe Staff Alvin H
Butler Cafe Staff haru S
Butler Cafe Staff Gabe L
Butler Cafe Staff Kelsier H
Butler Cafe Staff Bucky T
Butler Cafe Staff Connor S
Cosplay Coordinator Nicole L
Cosplay Assistant Coordinator Tara C
Cosplay Staff Martyn B
Cosplay Staff Amanda L
Cosplay Staff Kailey R
Cosplay Staff Taylor R
Cosplay Staff Jamie F
Maid Cafe Coordinator Jennifer Z
Maid Cafe Assistant Coordinator Samantha M
Maid Cafe Staff Reanna Y
Maid Cafe Staff Sandy H
Maid Cafe Staff Destiny M
Maid Cafe Staff patrick C
Maid Cafe Staff Mayu L
Maid Cafe Staff Fiona H
Maid Cafe Staff Daphne M
Maid Cafe Staff Richelle Z
Maid Cafe Staff Carolina S
Maid Cafe Staff Christina Z
Maid Cafe Staff Ilse K
Maid Cafe Staff Kyall S
Panel Coordinator Lisa M
Panel Assistant Coordinator Theresa N
Panel Staff Andrew O
Panel Staff Cassidy Z
Panel Staff Grace B
Video Media Coordinator Steffen B
Video Media Assistant Coordinator Kristina G
Gaming Manager Ray W
Gaming Assistant Manager Victor T
Gaming Team Lead Vince L
Gaming Team Lead Shelby H
Gaming Team Lead JJ V
Gaming Staff Sharlene S
Gaming Staff Nathan B
Gaming Staff Todd M
Gaming Staff Melissa M
Gaming Staff Jordan M
Gaming Staff Elise L
Gaming Staff Justin D
Gaming Staff Andrew T
Gaming Staff Sheldon M
Gaming Staff kyle R
Gaming Staff Ryan M
Gaming Staff Ryan P
Gaming Staff Ryan B
Gaming Staff Mike S
Gaming Staff Luis R
Gaming Staff Alyassa V
Gaming Staff Melissa V
Gaming Staff Anthony M
Gaming Staff Tracy H
Guest Relations Manager Derek L
Guest Autographs Coordinator JB C
Guest Autographs Assistant Coordinator Snow Z
North American Guest Manager jhoudiey B
Overseas Guest Manager Cheryl C
Guest Staff Eyobe M
Guest Staff Mara R
Guest Staff Weldon S
Guest Staff Alice B
Guest Staff Jason C
Guest Staff Ashley H
Guest Staff Rachel B
Guest Staff Jenn Y
Guest Staff Eddy T
Guest Staff Jason Y

Public Relations

Director of PR Vicky L
Assistant Director of PR Mary N
Community Relations Coordinator Chelsea H
Community Relations Assistant Coordinator Chris H
Mascot Coordinator Emily R
Mascot Staff Areal H
Mascot Staff Hope A
Mascot Staff Isabel K
Mascot Staff Ryan B
Information Desk Coordinator Justina C
Information Desk Assistant Coordinator Steven N
Information Desk Assistant Coordinator Kelly R
Information Desk Staff Hilda S
Information Desk Staff Rin G
Information Desk Staff Joel L
Photo/Video Coordinator Benjamin S
Photo/Video Assistant Coordinator Nanc P
Photo/Video Staff Ryan K
Photo/Video Staff Hilton W
Photo/Video Staff William T
Photo/Video Staff Andrew M
Sales Staff Rachel Y
Sales Staff Aidan B
Social Media Staff Joshua C
Social Media Staff Anthony T
Social Media Staff Paige B
Design Staff Danielle L
Design Staff Hayley M
Design Staff Jaimie L
Guidebook Coordinator Gerry R
Signage Coordinator Michael A
Signage Assistant Coordinator Reeva B
Signage Assistant Coordinator Alice S
Merchandise Manager Evon T
Event Merchandise Coordinator Kat D
Event Merchandise Assistant Coordinator Jesse R
Guest Merchandise Coordinator Jenny K
Guest Merchandise Assistant Coordinator Sunny K
Merchandise Staff Kevin J
Merchandise Staff Benson W
Merchandise Staff Liam J
Merchandise Staff Aymee M
Merchandise Staff Tammy N
Merchandise Staff Michelle N
Merchandise Staff Khadijah S
Merchandise Staff Vina T
Merchandise Staff Jason L
Merchandise Staff Vito T
Merchandise Staff Tharah B
Merchandise Staff Amanda W
Pin Trading Coordinator Kareem C
Pin Trading Assistant Coordinator Darian W
Web Developer Martyn B

Site Operations

Director of Site Jason M
Assistant Director of Site Operations Stephen S
Communications Coordinator Trent R
Communications Assistant Coordinator Sarah R
Communications Staff Bryce G
Communications Staff Sebastien P
Exhibitor Manager Amanda A
Exhibitor Staff Elaine N
Exhibitor Staff Garion B
Artist Alley Coordinator Glenda C
Artist Alley Assistant Coordinator Pauline F
Vendor Coordinator Jeffrey B
Vendor Assistant Coordinator John M
IT/Technical Services Manager Bret B
IT Coordinator Brent G
Technical Coordinator Brad S
Technical Assistant Coordinator Cody D
Main Events Technical Staff Kevin K
Technical Staff Rory S
Technical Staff Cameron W
Technical Staff Randy W
Logistics Manager Tara M
Logistics Team Lead Taylor F
Logistics Team Lead jeremy B
Logistics Staff Deb S
Logistics Staff Paige C
Logistics Staff Tyler D
Logistics Staff Kenn F
Logistics Staff Jode T
Transport Assistant Coordinator John B
Transport Staff Pamela P
Transport Staff Gord K
Transport Staff Chloe C
Transport Staff Galenthor N
Transport Staff Greg B
Transport Staff Troy M
Transport Staff Roy M
Main Events Manager Lyle C
Main Events Assistant Manager Allen C
Site Liaison Nathen V