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ASAPA presents

Animethon 25

Aug 10 - 12 / 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Guests / The 404s

The 404s Improv

Canada's longest-running, fandom-themed comedy team is celebrating their FIFTEENTH YEAR this summer, at the convention where it all started! It was at Animethon in 2003 that a bunch of anime nerds first got together as The 404s, making up crazy-funny comedy scenes (and now, even entire episodes of your favorite anime) with tons of audience paticipation - and no script! 

Based in both Alberta and Ontario, The 404s have since performed at fandom events across Canada and the US, and are excited to be celebrating their landmark 15th anniversary with us. Join them at their classic family-friendly or "after dark" comedy shows, on the main stage at various events, and check your schedules for some special anniversary-themed performances we've cooked up for the weekend!

Special this year!

The 404s Animethon Anniversary Brunch and Show: Fifteen Years of Improvity!
Join us at this exclusive, intimate celebration of twenty-five years of Animethon, AND fifteen years of The 404s entertaining anime fans around the continent! Get up close with our own skilled comedians as they perform an extra-special, unscripted show based on famous games, while you chow down on a delicious meal with your fellow otaku!

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