ASAPA presents

Animethon 26

Aug 9 - 11 / 2019 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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About our Sponsors


Oomomo brings you affordable quality lifestyle goods, beauty and snacks from Japan!

By Christopher Penwell, Animethon Assistant Press & Media Coordinator

Browsing Oomomo is like stepping into Japan. The upbeat J-Pop music, and the cute and unique products welcome anyone that comes to the store. As a new guest walks further in, they will find the wonderful service and the beautiful pink sakura tree really add to the shopping experience. It truly is immersive.

At almost every aisle, there was something that looked interesting or incredibly cute. It can be fun to explore what’s on offer as there’s so much personality to Oomomo’s products. It was like being a kid in a candy store. The toys and stationary have bright and vibrant designs that can flair up anyone’s pencil case and bedroom! The pillows had adorable animal designs that would brighten up someone’s day. The dinnerware section has plenty of ornate plates to gaze at too.

But it isn’t just welcoming. The things you can buy in Oomomo are of high quality but they can fit any budget as most items are only $3; they do also offer some higher range products for slightly more. For your cosplay, it has a wide array of make-up sponges that effectively spread the foundation evenly! Oomomo also carries shorter fake lashes, which create a less dramatic and more natural look for a chosen character. Cosplayers will be ready to enter the contest in no time!

If someone’s all out of senzu beans and needs a snack, Oomomo is a great place to go! It has the salty and absolutely delicious seaweed potato chips (as well as many other flavours like pizza!), and plenty of candies from licensed Pokémon gummies to Hello Panda. Oomomo has a selection of different delicious ramune flavours and milky Calpico drinks to satisfy any thirsty mouth. Oishii!

We don’t have to fly all the way to Japan to get these tasty treats because Oomomo opened its first store in Edmonton to help inspire Canadians to use alternative everyday solutions with these Japanese products. And they’ve succeeded. In Edmonton, you can find their stores at WEM and Londonderry Mall, but since the first store opened two years ago, the company has expanded to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario!

Whenever a guest has a question, the staff at Oomomo are willing to help. The cashier, with his or her charming bright pink apron, gave a few tips to a clumsy guest on how to open ramune with a smile. Sometimes if a visitor is lucky, the cashier might say thank you in Japanese! Kakkoii!

Keeping in mind it’s excellent service, there’s no surprise Oomomo has done well because there’s such an attention to detail and personality to the store. Sakura flowers overlaid the front table with products that represented the season, and a fan with the Japanese flag hung over the office accessories. There’s even a cute little red bridge to complement the sakura tree. Oomomo is a fantastic store because of its wide selection of products for any lifestyle and great service to visitors! Animethon attendees should give it a visit!