ASAPA presents

Animethon 26

Aug 9 - 11 / 2019 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
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aniEDM Dance aniEDM Dance
AMV Programming AMV Programming
Concerts and Dances Concerts and Dances
Fan Panels Fan Panels
Cosplay Programming Cosplay Programming
Festival Games Festival Games
Gaming Hall Gaming Hall
Guest Programming Guest Programming
Idol Festival Dance Showcase Idol Festival Dance Showcase
Japanese Lolita Fashion Show Japanese Lolita Fashion Show
Maid and Butler Cafe Maid and Butler Cafe
BJD Northwest BJD Northwest
Galactic Ball Galactic Ball
Special Events Special Events
Video Programming Video Programming
GUNPLA at Animethon GUNPLA at Animethon
Program Ratings Program Ratings

Form Opening Dates

Forms and events lists below are not confirmed until a date is provided

Wondering when a form will open? Check the table below:
Form Opens Closes
Personnel Sign up Sun, 9th Dec Sun, 11th Aug
Vendors Sign up Fri, 18th Jan Fri, 8th Feb (initial sign up closes) 19th July (waiting list closes)
Artist Alley Sign up Sun, 10th Feb Fri, 22nd Feb
Panel Sign up Sat, 23rd Feb Wed, 31st May
AMV Contest Fri, 1st March Fri, 21st June
Media Sign up TBA TBA
Parade Sign up TBA TBA
Dance Contest TBA TBA
Cosplay Contest Open TBA TBA
Craftsmanship Contest Open TBA TBA

Any forms not listed will be added once a date has been confirmed.

Please note: While unlikely, this information is subject to change - As ever please check back.