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Animethon 26

Aug 9 - 11 / 2019 Edmonton Convention Centre Edmonton Alberta Canada
/ Guests / Anisong Edmonton / Yoko Ishida

Yoko Ishida

One of the artists performing at the Anisong Edmonton concert!

Yoko Ishida’s success in the Anime Singer Contest in 1990 launched her singing career, which led to her debut in 1993 with the ending theme for Sailor Moon R “Otome no Policy”. Since then, she has continued to perform and write lyrics for many anime and games.
Ishida is currently in charge of all the theme songs of Strike Witches and developing the music of the Strike Witches universe. She had extensive background and experience in performing theme song for the series since 2008 with the opening theme song for Strike Witches, “STRIKE WITCHES ~Watashi ni Dekiru Koto” which became a big hit. Which then led to “STRIKE WITCHES 2 ~Egao no Mahou” from Strike Witches 2, and “Yakusoku no Sora he ~Watashi no ita Basho~” from Strike Witches: The Movie.

Ishida’s first international debut and first album was released in the United States, titled sweets. In 2008, she released her best of album SingleCollection. Over the course of her career, she has performed in over 14 countries including United States, France, Mexico, Korea, China, and Chile, making her the anisong artist that strives to be the bridge of the world.

In 2013, Ishida released a second best of Album for the 20th anniversary of her debut, holding a premium live tour in Osaka and Tokyo.

Between 2014 and 2015, Ishida continues to work on theme songs for anime such as SHIROBAKO and FAIRYTAIL, receiving strong support from anime and game fans from all demographics. 

With her “Angel Voice”, Yoko Ishida is active both domestically in Japan and Internationally. 

Notable Works

  • “Otome no Policy”, Sailor Moon R. Sailor Moon S,  ED Theme
  • “Ai no Senshi”, Sailor Moon R, Insert song
  • “OPEN YOUR MIND~ Chiisana Hane Hirogete~”, Ah! My Goddess. Theme song
  • "Towa no Hana (Eternal Flower)", Ai Yori Aoshi, OP Theme
  •  "STRIKE WITCHES ~Watashi ni Dekiru Koto~", Strike Witches. OP Theme
  • "COLORFUL BOX", Shirobako, OP Theme
  • "Shashinchou", Hinamatsuri, ED Theme
  • "FOREVER HERE", Fairy Tail, ED Theme