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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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▼ This is how our ATOA Website looked like in 2012. The current version of this Website is




Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who supported the event, we had a great time and we hope you did too. If you'd like to read or provide some feedback the check out our Feedback Thread. We look forward to seeing you all at Animethon 19, 10th-12th August 2012!

Posted: 2012-01-29 22:43:20

Presenting a Taste of Animethon 2012!

ASAPA is pleased to announce that ATOA 2012 will be on Saturday, January 28, 2012!

Posted: 2011-08-24 17:22:29

Schedule of Events

ATOA Handout For all events at MacEwan now available! Includes the schedule.

ATOA Handout (Hotel) For all events at The Coast Edmonton Plaza.

Posted: 2012-01-22 20:25:57

A19 Pre-Registration

Animethon 19 Pre-Registration will be available in person at ATOA. Come to the registration desk!

Posted: 2012-01-21 17:56:12

Fan Panels Added!

A complete listing from A to Z of all our fan panels with complete descriptions is now up: Panels List.

Posted: 2012-01-21 17:54:21

Hours of Operation

  • Registration/Info: 9AM to 7PM
  • Programming: 10AM to 7:30PM
Coast Edmonton Plaza:
  • Registration: 7PM to 11PM
  • Programming: 8PM to 12AM


  • MacEwan Pass: $12 per person. (For all events held at MacEwan)
  • Hotel Pass: $12 per person. (For all events held at the Coast Edmonton Plaza)
  • Combo Pass: $20 per person. (For events at both locations)
  • Kid Pass: Free (Must be 9 or younger)
Note: Upgrading of passes will be allowed only until 6PM at MacEwan. Hotel Pass and Combo Pass are of limited quantity.
Note: All passes must be purchased day-of. There will be no online or mail-in admission sales for ATOA.