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A Taste of Animethon 2012 Fan Panels

Here's a PDF copy of this list.

Anatomy for Anime
Hosted by Pauline Chin
Rating: AP

Geared towards beginners and for those who want to spruce up their work, this panel will provide all the basics to drawing human forms. Learn to draw stuff like hands and faces using simple formulas. Various works from popular Japanese artists and real-life images will be examined. See what works and what doesn't. Pick up some tips to take your work to next level. Sketchbooks are welcome!

Anime & Game Jeopardy
Hosted by David Moore
Rating: AP

A jeopardy type game that uses questions based on anime, videogames, and manga.

Advanced Cosplay Weapons
Hosted by Ben Johnson
Rating: AP

This is a panel to ask any questions you have and discuss ideas for prop weapon construction and materials. Get in your suggestions for the main event and have a chance to win the prop discussed.

Anime Name That Tune DAME!
Hosted by Eryn Dearden
Rating: AP

So you’ve had fun with Name That Tune before, but *really* want to be challenged? No? Neither do I! Whether you want to be challenged or not, Anime Name That Tune DAME! is the show for you! This game is simultaneously on both "Easy" and "Dante Must Die" modes. Not sure what that entails? Just wait until the first BS round and see.

Ball Joint Doll Tea Party & Meet Up
Hosted by Melanie Peters, Julie Hickey, Adrian Kreuz
Rating: AP

I am a doll collector and business owner. I'd like to sponsor a tea party meet up for our local community of ball joint doll owners and anyone else who might want to attend to have a chance to experience the unique world of these dolls. This will be more informal than other 'ball joint doll Q&A’ panels. There will be a contest for best dressed doll and maybe some other prizes TBD. We may also have a photo booth set up for doll photography.

Dance Central
Hosted by Natasha Bassingthwaite, Katherine Gan, Victoria Bassingthwaite
Rating: AP

So you got some moves? Then get ready for Dance Central! We're bringing the Kinect game to you, so come on in and join in with other fans and dance as a crew, or get ready to bust a move as you battle with others. New to it all? No problem, we'll be there to play with you and help you through no matter what skill level you're at. Small prizes will be awarded to all, top contenders be ready to claim yourself something special!

Deviant Art Meet & Greet
Hosted by Martin Ly, Mandee Sim
Rating: AP

A short panel/meet and greet catered to the deviantArt community.

How to Sew a Kimono
Hosted by Jessica Roh, Prince Tom Aparici, Adam Kissinger
Rating: AP

I was taught in Alberta College of Art and Design by an artist (Bill Morton) who lived and worked in Japan making kimono's for 20 years. I've learned the exact stitching techniques which are all by hand, and I want to share these techniques with you. Bill Morton has an exceptional education in the field of kimono's in regards to colours, patterns, designs and so on. I would like to share this information with the Animethon community.

Japan Living (School + Life)
Hosted by Kalyn Emmelkamp
Rating: AP

Panelist has lived in Japan for 4 months - independently - and attended school for those 4 months at a Japanese University (Osaka Gakuin University).

LFG: Animethon Recruit & Feedback Session
Hosted by Animethon/ASAPA
Rating: AP

LFG (Looking for Group)! Come join us in our feedback and recruitment session! Join the cause and contribute to something we all love!

My Little Pony: Royal Canterlot Voice
Hosted by Martin Ly
Rating: AP

My Little Pony panel covering various things of the fandom.

Touhou Panel
Hosted by Jeremie Caisse
Rating: AP

This panel is about Touhou, a series of Danmaku (Bullet Hell) games that became a cult phenomenon in Japan and is now becoming more and more popular in North America. The fanbase keeps creating new content such as videos, games and even memes for each character. This panel shows gameplay from a few games, shows videos created by fans and of course, if time allows it, some people will be allowed to try the games themselves.

Travel In Japan
Hosted by Catriona Michaluk, Sean Slater
Rating: AP

The basics on how to prepare to travel in Japan. We will go over airlines, accommodations, food costs, basic budget, and various things to do while you are there. We will also talk about places other than Tokyo that are worth seeing and the best things to do in each place (i.e. the best onsen, bars, temples/castles, love hotels, etc.). We will also go over some anime hotspots. There will be time for Q&A afterwards as well.

Vocaloid Project Diva
Hosted By Jenny Lau
Rating: AP

Come check out Vocaloid's PS3 music game, Project Diva – Dreamy Theater! Free play for all!

Whose Improv is it Anyways?
Hosted by Kalyn Emmelkamp, Johnathan Sullivan
Rating: AP

Using games from Whose Line Is It Anyway and other improv shows/events, panelists and attendees will use these improv games for an hour or more of simple, improv-ing fun.

Why you’re doing it wrong
Hosted By Catriona Michaluk, Sean Slater
Rating: MP (ID Required)

Rant on crazy otaku, stupid fandoms, and why you won't make it big in Japan as a whitey if the current trends in North-American/Japanese fandom continue. As two reformed otaku who have spent time in the REAL Japan, we're hoping to give some insight into why most North American otaku remain on the outskirts of Japanese society - in a less than kind way.

Yaoi Panel
By Kalyn Emmelkamp, Kristy Hamelin
Rating: MP (ID Required)

Audience and panelists will use a combination of games and improv in order to explore and appreciate the dark art of Yaoi. Improv games adapted from, mostly, Whose Line Is It Anyway (US).


This year Animethon will be utilizing a new rating system for programming as follows:

AP: Programming with this rating is deemed suitable for all ages.

12P: Programming with this rating is recommended for those ages 12 and up. May contain some violence, language, and scenes we feel are not appropriate for young children.

14P: Programming with this rating is recommended for those ages 14 and up. Content may contain scenes of violence, language, nudity, or mature themes.

18P: Programming with this rating is strongly recommended for those ages 18 and up. An adult must accompany those under the age of 18. Identification may be required. Content may contain explicit and crude language, nudity, significant gory and bloody violence, and so forth.

MP: Programming with this rating is restricted to those 18 years old and older without exception. Government issued picture identification required. Content may contain almost anything, but not of the adult animated (hentai) nature.