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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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Events at ATOA

PhotoATOA Event Handout Now available!
ATOA Handout (Hotel) For all events at The Coast Edmonton Plaza.

At ATOA this year we've made a few additions and improvements to our programming schedule.
  • At MacEwan we've doubled the size of the console gaming room.
  • At the Coast Edmonton Plaza we've doubled the size of the dance.
  • At the Coast Edmonton Plaza we've added an additional room for programming.
    • Limited shuttle service will be available to take attendees from MacEwan to the Hotel.

More Spectacular Night-time Events

The evening activities at the hotel just got more exciting! We are pleased to bring you some more cool events to do while dancing the night away to all your favourite J-pop/J-rock tunes brought to you by DJ Fender!

Just like the one that originated in Alkihabara, relax and let our cute Maids bring you some tasty delicacies such as Beef on a Bun and Corndog on a Stick. And no meal would not be complete without some of your favourites like Pocky and Ramuné! Welcome home goshujin-sama!

Tired of dancing? Time for a break? Hone your skills at our mini console gaming corner.

And for those looking for a longer break, our video room will feature AMV favourites and quality anime to keep you entertained.

ATOA Card and Board Gaming Room

Come check out ATOA's card and board gaming room. This year run by the fine folks at The Adventurer's Guild in room 7-146/187. There will be free play as well as various card and board gaming merchandise for sale as well.

Hours of operation are 10AM to 7PM.

Synaptic Chaos Theatre

PhotoSynaptic Chaos Theatre is a Canadian comedy collective with a flair for all things geeky and interesting. Formed in 2010, SCT has performed at various conventions and events throughout western Canada and the United States. In addition to their ever popular Improv Comedy shows, SCT specializes in semi-scripted comedy shows such as "The 99 Yen Challenge" and their live dubbing game show, "Late Night Dub Fight."

Learn more and watch some of our great videos at

Cosplay Contest:

  • Cosplay Contest: Be sure to sign up as there is a 40 spot limit on the number of entries. Cosplay rules.

  • Online Sign-up Form.

Console Gaming:

PhotoBoth tournaments and free-play stations will be available. During tournaments free play stations may not be available. Additional challenges and contests will be available.
  • Console Gaming Tournaments: We'll be holding a few tournaments this year. Registration starting at 1PM.


Here are this year's Panels.


A selection of various anime titles will be available for your viewing pleasure.