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Programming deemed suitable for all ages. Parental discretion advised. Generally you can expect a combination of brief and/or mild language, violence, and mature subject matter.


Programming deemed suitable for those 14 years of age and older. Generally you can expect a combination of course language violence, mature subject matter, and brief/mild nudity.


Programming deemed suitable for adult audience. Government issued identification as proof of age required. Generally you can expect a combination of bloody violence, crude language, nudity, and mature subject.


Programming suitable only for adult audience. Government issued identification as proof of age required. Expect content to focus on a combination of graphic violence, mature and disturbing scenes (such as abuse, suicide, etc.), heavy sexual reference, crude and explicit language nudity, and so on. Please note that we do not show explicit sexual content (ie. hentai) at our event.

Main Events

AMV Parodies of TV Openings

Hosted by Vlad G Pohnert
Rating: 14P
We already brought you trailers, but how about those non existent TV openings? From funny, silly and sometimes twisted, take a journey through what us Anime fans dream of only seeing on television!

Anime Improv - The Fanservice Fun Show!

Hosted by The 404s Improv
Rating: 14P
Join The 404s as they begin their tenth year of comedy awesomeness! They'll do your favorite anime tropes, add a bunch of pop culture suggestions from the audience, and create an original comedy scene right before your eyes.

AMV Comedy & Fun Videos

Hosted by Vlad G Pohnert
Rating: 14P
Journey through the latest crop of funny, bizarre and outright insane AMVs youíll ever see in one hour.

Cosplay Contest

Rating: AP
The biggest highlight of A Taste of Animethon, this contest is for cosplayers to show off their fantastic costumes and skits! Sign up now!

Royal Canterlot Voice: A MLP season 3 panel

Hosted by Martin Ly
Rated: 14P
A continuation of the panels held at A19; letís talk MLP Season 3: the story arc developments, the upcoming merchandise, comic series, the fandom etc.

Anime Dance (All ages)

Dance your heart out to familiar and beloved tunes from anime, asian, and anything related.

Live Programming

Amateur Improv

Hosted by John Sullivan
Rated: AP
Come flex and hone your own improv muscles with games from Whose Line and other shows! Beginners welcome!

Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Hosted by Nicole Letersky
Rated: AP
Ever wondered about those beautiful dolls you see at conventions? Come find out! Learn about the world of Asian BJDs and Dollfies.

Best. Convention. Ever.

Hosted by Gareth Lypka
Rated: AP
If money was not a problem, what would you like to see at the next con you go to? What do you like/hate most? How can they improve? Letís talk!

Canada Kiki Challenge

Hosted by Thomas Legros
Rated: AP
Letís get interactive! Donít know whatís a Kiki Challenge or who we are? Come on in! 90 minutes of hilarious fun and games with prizes to be won!

Cosplay Weapons

Hosted by Ben Johnson
Rated: AP
A discussion on rules, materials, construction and finishing techniques.

Digital Artist Tools

Hosted by Valerie Evalyn Shearer
Rated: AP
A quick intro to various digital tools & software suites, plus a tutorial on the typical workflow for digital mangaka and animators, followed by Q&A.

Homestuck: Thats Not What You Do with Mayo!

Hosted by Re
Rated: 14P
Homestuck trivia! Think you are the biggest fan or just curious? Come find out and compete for our prizes in this crazy game show!

How to Cosplay

Hosted by David Moore
Rated: AP
A detailed presentation on how to cosplay as well as cosplay survival tips.

Intro Cosplay For Begininners!

Hosted by Alexis Taveres
Rated: AP
The How-to Guide: from sewing to patterning, fabrics to makeup; we will teach you all you need to get started from the ground up!

Japanese 101

Hosted by Kei
Rated: AP
Crash course in Jap 101. We can't guarantee that you'll be able to converse in polite society, but you'll definitely make an impression XD

Karaoke Open Mic

Hosted by Yan Zhou
Rated: AP
An open mic session for all anime related karaoke songs! It's not a competition, so come sing your heart out!

Lolita Fashion 101

Hosted by Jia V.
Rated: AP
An intro to the fashion which originated from the streets of Harajuku, covering its evolution, brands, types and sub-categories.

My Little Pony: Ask-A-Pony Panel

Hosted by Chelsea Wong
Rated: AP
Ever wanted to ask your favourite pony Qs? Now you can! Step into Equestria and visit your favourites. Who knows? They may even have some Qs for you!

Pokemon - Gotta Catch em' all!

Hosted by Jenny Lau
Rated: AP
From the anime to the games, let us discuss everything about Pokemon!

Sailor Moon 2013 Celebration

Hosted by Pauline French
Rated: AP
Celebrating 20 years of Sailor Moon and its revival in Japan, North America and around the world. Did someone say new anime?!

Speed Drawing

Hosted by Victoria Bassingthwaite
Rated: AP
Get prepared to show off those legit art skills in a gruesome battle of ink and graphite! Beat the clock and climb your way to the top against the others!

Steampunk Costuming Q & A

Hosted by Melissa Wartenberg
Rated: 14P
Intro to Steampunk with a heavy bend toward costuming: materials, designs, colors, combosÖ Everything you need to start or modify your first outfit!

The World of Harry Potter

Hosted by Shay Badry
Rated: AP
Explore the wondrous world of wizardry. Come discuss or share your thoughts, theories, and opinions in a muggle friendly environment!


Hosted by Isis Woodrow Rated: AP
For newcomers and veteran fans alike! The basics will be discussed and we will be taking an in-depth look at the rest of the series and fandom!

Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament

Hosted by Jeremie Caisse
Rated: AP
Touhou 12.3. Come join the fun and have a go at one of the prizes! All and any skill level welcome!


Hosted by Kalyn Emmelkamp
Rated: MP
Back by popular demand, we are going to be using improv to explore (and enjoy) the fandoms of yaoi and yuri.

Zombie Survivial Training

Hosted by Cody Newton
Rated: 14P
Survived the initial Zombie Apocalypse? The undead still walk. How will you survive and fight for the human race?

The 404 Improv

Anime Improv After Dark with The 404s - 18+

Hosted by The 404s Improv
Rated: MP
In this mature-rated performance, The 404s take comedy improv to the extreme with more games and no censors. It's anime improv in places only The 404s can take you. Warning: once you see this show, you can't un-see it!

Anime Improv Workshop with The 404s

Hosted by The 404s Improv
Rated: 14P
The 404s will introduce some of the concepts of improv with you, and take you through some exercises they use during rehearsals. Then, play with them in some classic improv games in this educational and insanely funny workshop experience!

Creating A Winter Steampunk

Hosted by The 404s Improv
Rated: AP
Goggles? Recycled mason jars. Corset? Hand made. Gears? Found in a broken clock. Making the perfect Winter Steampunk? Priceless! Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of going Steampunk for the colder season.

The Brony Panel! Presented By The 404s

Hosted by The 404s Improv
Rated: AP
For fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This comedy presentation is an animated discussion of all things MLP. Every pony is invited for some laughs, a look back on (almost) three seasons of the show, and forward to things to come!