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Schedule Lots to see and do! Here's a rundown of what's happening at ATOA this year. Check the Schedule for full details!


Places To Be

Hungry and want a place to go rest and chat with fellow fans, we got you covered in the Anime Cafe! That right, the event's very own cafeteria and rest stop featuring a place to sit and eat right inside the hotel so you don't have to miss a thing or go outside in the cold. Also, the hotel will be having a concession stand at the Dance featuring light meals and snacks as well. Menu and prices

We will be running a FREE Coat Check for the for event patrons where you can drop off your coat for the duration of the event.
Hours: Friday 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM.
No valuables, we only accept coats and jackets

For those who take public transit and want to stay for the night time programming (and dance) we will have a chartered ETS bus that will travel from the venue to the Corona LRT Station in downtown Edmonton. The bus ride is free for all event patrons. The bus will pick up at the North Door (right next to the Dance Ballroom) running from the hotel to Corona Station downtown as follows: 10:00 PM, 10:30 PM, 11:00 PM, 11:30 PM, 12:00 AM

Join us for A Taste of Animethon's Freeplay Gaming Room featuring all your favorite games. Starting on Friday from 7pm to 10pm, and continuing on Saturday from 10:00 AM to11:00 PM!

Do you have your cosplays ready for ATOA2014? Be sure to drop by our photo booth at the Regina Room! Photos will be uploaded onto the Animethon Facebook page by the end of Saturday night for you to download for free! Don't forget to tag yourself and friends!
Hours: Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Just wanted to chill with old friends? Meet new ones? The social rooms are where you can just sit and relax.

This is where you can sign up, rehearse, and get screened to join the Cosplay Contest! Open on Saturday from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Get your autographs with ATOA’s guest, Kyle Hebert inside the Artist Alley at designated times: Friday 7:45 PM – 8:45 PM, Saturday 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Main Events

Animethon 2013 AMV Contest Winners Replay
Rating: AP
Miss Animethon's 2013 AMV Contest? Well, we got you covered as we present the showing of all the winners 


AMV Comedy Hour
Rating: AP
One of the most popular AMV categories! Come join us for nothing but comedy awesomeness! Get here early because the seats fill up fast!


AMV Mortal Combat!
Rating: AP
Come join the fun as we pit AMVs to fight it out in the video arena. Cheer on your favorites and help decide the fate of AMVs in Mortal Combat!


AMV Showcase
Rating: AP
Kick back for an eccentric mix of AMVs from all over the world


ATOA Dance
Rated: AP
Hosted by DJ Canid, come dance your heart out to your favorite anime and related tunes! Starting Saturday from 9:00 PM.


Cosplay Contest
The biggest highlight of A Taste of Animethon, this contest is for cosplayers to show off their fantastic costumes and skits! Sign up now!

Opening Ceremonies
Join us as we officially open up our winter event!



Guest Panels

The 404s Improv Show
Rated: 14P
Hosted by The 404s Improv
Our famous PG-13 rated show for all ages. Nerdy as ever, twice as many “Free” references. :)


Late-nite show with The 404s -18+
Rated: MP
Hosted by The 404s Improv
Our IN-famous mature-rated show for 18+ audiences. Animethon is where we do this best. :)


Rated: 14P
Hosted by The 404s Improv
The 404s will re-create an entire episode of a selected anime, as determined and guided by the audience.


Anime Celebrity Jeopardy
Rated: 14P
Hosted by The 404s Improv
A semi-scripted, gameshow style comedy show where invited “celebrities” give questions to anime fandom’s most pressing answers.


Anime Improv Workshop
Rated: 14P
Hosted by The 404s Improv
Our always-fun, hands-on workshop where we teach the basics of improv comedy and how we apply anime and fandom references to it.


Piano Concert with TheIshter
Rated: AP
Hosted by TheIshter
Don’t miss out the grand Piano performance by the famed youtube sensation TheIshter.


Kyle Hebert Q & A
Rated: AP
Hosted by Kyle Hebert
Learn all about ATOA's special guest, Kyle Hebert!


Geek Talk with Kyle Hebert
Rated: AP
Hosted by Kyle Hebert
Share and discuss your inner geekness with Kyle Hebert!


Video Game Voice Acting Workshop panel
Rated: AP
Hosted by Kyle Hebert
A workshop on video game voice acting.


Fan Panels

A Brief History of Video Games
Rated: AP
Hosted by Alfred Lim
Join us for a quick look back at video game history. From Atari to PS4, this will be a mad dash through all things video games.


Armour Making & Cosplay Modeling 101
Rated: 12P
Hosted by Morgan Desjardins
Come join well-known Edmonton-based cosplayers for modeling and armour/prop making tips & more!


Rated: AP
Hosted by Chelsea Wong
Ever wanted to ask your favorite ponies some Qs? Well now you can! The lovely ponies have traveled back from Equestria to answer yours!


Behind the Scenes at Animethon
Rated: AP
Hosted by Kevin Mohabir
Ever wondered how we plan Animethon each year? Ever considered volunteering with Animethon? Or maybe even signing up as staff? Join a grizzled Animethon veteran for a Q&A about planning and running Animethon.


Con Horror Stories
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Alexis Tavares
Ever had a bad run in with a con creeper? Ever been one yourself? Come join ye olde convention campfire & share you horror stories!

Cosplay Weapons
Rated: AP
Hosted by Ben Johnson
Want to make a spear or scythe so you can swing it in the cosplay competition and not have the head fly off & take out an audience member?

FSC: An EPIC Reading of Harry Potter
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Thomas Legros
Force Start Comedy is back with the movie that started it all! This epic live parody reading will make you feel like you are actually there!

FSC: Papa T's Story Time
Rated: 18P
Hosted by Thomas Legros
Force Start's best and brightest (so none of them) compete for your laughs by sharing their ultimate stories on and off the convention scene!

Handling Cosplay Weapons
Rated: AP
Hosted by Ryan Robson
Learn how to pose with your prop weapon! This panel will cover the basic hows and whys of real world handling of weapons.

Homestuck: Dead or Alive
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Haley Richardson
Hey Homestucks! Come see all of your favorite characters & ask them Qs you're just dying to know! (We know we are!)

Joe-Mamon Group Games!
Rated: AP
Hosted by Mandi Malloy
ATOA is all about having fun & getting to know new people! Come as is or dressed in cosplay, we love to incorporate characters!

K-Pop Jeopardy 2.0
Rated: AP
Hosted by Shelby Thierstein
Do you believe you're the ultimate K-pop fan? Come & test your knowledge in this new & improved version of K-Pop Jeopardy!

Life of a Mangaka
Rated: 12P
Hosted by Valerie Evalyn Watson
Ever dreamed of becoming a mangaka? Join a discussion of the manga creation process, the lifestyle of an artist & what it takes.

Lolita Fashion 101
Rated: AP
Hosted by Jane Then
This panel introduces audience members to the basics of Lolita fashion & how to get started!

Lolita Meetup & Photoshoot
Rated: AP
Hosted by Jessica Doucet
A designated meet-up & photoshoot for all lovely lolitas! With a well established group in Edmonton, our comm is alive <3

Mystery Science Fanfiction
Rated: 18P
Hosted by Heather Solomon
In the style of Mystery Science Theatre, our panelists read some of the worst fanfiction the internet has to offer for their pain & your pleasure.

Rated: 18P
Hosted by Catriona Michaluk
An introduction to the BL visual novel production team Nitro+CHiRAL & their projects -> DM, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool etc.

Open Mic Karaoke
Rated: AP
Hosted by Yan Zhou
Come sing your heart out!

Representation of Women in Video Games
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Brieal Hughes
Touching on topics from the lack of women's representation in video games to how the industry reacts to women professionals.

RWBY Fan Panel
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Natasha Bassingthwaite
So you like Roosterteeth's RWBY? Got a favorite character, moment, weapons & the works? Then come discuss it!

Sailor Moon Anniversary Event
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Pauline French
The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary continues! Find out what's new from Toei & Bandai, including merchandise and the new anime!

Shoujo Ai/Yuri
Rated: 18P
Hosted by Catriona Michaluk
A look at the history of girls-love anime & yuri characters in Japanese media.

Speed Drawing
Rated: 12P
Hosted by Victoria Bassingthwaite
Speed drawing is back in this 30 second artistic showdown of memory, pencils & paper.

Super Fandom Crossover Mega Ask Time
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Marisa Hudson
Ever wished you could talk to a character from your favourite fandoms? Well, wish no more, because we have them all!

Tabletop RPGs for Beginners
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Nicholas Godbout
Ever wanted to try a tabletop RPG like D&D, World of Darkness, Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or Dark Heresy 40k , but don't know where to start?

Tales of
Rated: AP
Hosted by Catriona Michaluk
An introduction to the Tales video game series: mythology, symbolism, gameplay & common tropes!

The Science of the Zombie Apocalypse
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Alfred Lim
What does science have to say about the zombie apocalypse? Are ants the first victim of the zombie plague? Come find out!

Thrifty Steampunk on a Modest Budget
Rated: AP
Hosted by Char-Min Wade-Creller
Bring your curiosity & have all your most perplexing queries about Steampunk persona building, wardrobing & accessorizing answered!

Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament
Rated: AP
Hosted by Jeremie Caisse
Come & challenge the contestants in this Touhou Hisoutensoku tournament! Everyone is welcome to join & try!

Touhou Project - Take it Easy!
Rated: AP
Hosted by Dan Sanders
Touhou is a video game that has inspired a huge world of music, art & videos. Beginners & fans welcome!

Transform & Roll Out!
Rated: AP
Hosted by MC Walcher
Giant transforming robot history 101 with a look to the future!

Weiss Schwarz Card Game
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Darian Wirkowski
Weiss Schwarz is an card game based around playing your favorite anime against other people's favorite anime. Come and learn how to play!

Welcome… to Night Vale
Rated: 14P
Hosted by Sarah Woloschuk
Ever wonder why the night sky is so vast, terrifying & empty? Concerned about the hooded figures you’ve seen lurking in the corners of your vision?

Yaoi Panel
Rated: 18P
Hosted by Kalyn Emmelkamp
You know. *wink wink*


Video Programming

Allison and Liliia
Rated: 12P
Allison and Will go on a mission to search for "the treasure that will put an end to the war" between the two rival commonwealths on their continent.


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Rated: 14P
A shut-in starts seeing the ghost of a dead childhood playmate who wants a forgotten wish fulfilled.


Aria The Animation
Rated: AP
Akari Mizunashi, is a novice tour guide on the peaceful planet Neo Venazia. Join her as she learns valuable life lessons.


Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Rated: 12P
A naval Fleet of Fog loaded with super weapons suddenly appears all over the world. Humanity was defeated but soon their final hope would in the form of a Fog ship called I-401.


Attack on Titan
Rated: 18P
The remnants of the human population live inside cities surrounded by enormous walls due to the sudden appearance of the man-eating Titans.


Beyond the Boundary
Rated: 14P
This dark fantasy follows a high school sophomore named Akihito Kuriyama who is invulnerable and a freshman with the ability to manipulate blood.


Children Who Chase Lost Voices
Rated: 12P
Strange sounds in the darkness... Unearthly music from an old crystal radio... A signal for adventures beneath the Earth for Asuna Watase.


Rated: 12P
Gintaro is a fox spirit that has protected a small Inari temple since the Edo era. Saeki Makoto has been able to see him, but the ability is limited to one living relative at a time.


Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl
Rated: 14P
Niwa Makoto is living with his aunt's family. His mysterious cousin Touwa Erio is a self-proclaimed alien who wraps a futon around her upper body.


Honey and Clover
Rated: 14P
Yuuta, Takumi, and Shinobu are college students who share the small apartment. Even though they live in poverty, the three of them are able to obtain pleasure through small things in life.


Kill la Kill
Rated: 18P
In this high school the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin rules by force. The wandering transfer student Ryuuko Matoi brings about upheaval on the campus.


Nagi no Asukara
Rated: 12P
Hikari Sakishima and Manaka Mukaido are Sea Dwellers and childhood friends. When their school in the sea is closed they are forced to attend one on land.


Natsune's Book of Friends
Rated: 14P
Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits,with the aid of a strange book he fills his days trying to return their names.


Non Non Biyori
Rated: AP
Elementary school student Hotaru Ichijou has moved from Tokyo to the middle of the country. Her new school has a total of 5 students, all of whom are in the same class.


Pandora Hearts
Rated: 12P
Oz Vessalius, heir to a duke house, has turned fifteen. At his coming-of-age ceremony, he is cast into the prison known as the "Abyss".


Persona 4
Rated: 14P
Murders when there is fog after heavy rain, a TV channel airing at midnight during which it is said you can see his/her "other half" are mysteries to be solved.


Revolutionary Girl Utena
Rated: 14P
After her parents died Utena was consoled by a prince. She was so impressed by the Prince that she vowed to become one herself one day.


Rated: 14P
RWBY is a story that focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.


The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Rated: 14P
Sorata Kanda lives in Sakurasou, the dormitory for problem children at his school.


To Love-Ru
Rated: MP
Rito Yuuki cannot confess to the girl of his dreams. Enter Lala the heir of the thrown from the planet Deviluke who decides she wants to marry Rito, comedy ensues.


Usagi Drop
Rated: 12P
After attending his grandfather's funeral, bachelor Daikichi takes on the obligation to raise his grandfather's illegitimate child Rin.


Vampire Knight
Rated: 14P
Cross Academy is an elite boarding school where the day class is made up of humans and the night class are all vampires. Can these two co-exist?



Programming deemed suitable for all ages.

Parental discretion advised. Generally you can expect a combination of brief and/or mild language, violence, and mature subject matter.

Programming deemed suitable for those 14 years of age and older. Generally you can expect a combination of course language violence, mature subject matter, and brief/mild nudity.

Programming deemed suitable for adult audience. Government issued identification as proof of age required. Generally you can expect a combination of bloody violence, crude language, nudity, and mature subject.

Programming suitable only for adult audience. Government issued identification as proof of age required. Expect content to focus on a combination of graphic violence, mature and disturbing scenes (such as abuse, suicide, etc.), heavy sexual reference, crude and explicit language nudity, and so on. Please note that we do not show explicit sexual content (ie. hentai) at our event.