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A Hitchhikers Guide to Cosplay by KBND Cosplay (AP)

Ever wanted to begin making a costume but never knew where to start? Are you a veteran with tips to give to newbies? Everyone is welcome!!
A Taste of Beacon: A RWBY Panel (AP)
The acclaimed RWBY panel from Animethon is back! Come join your friends at Beacon for another taste of the lives of the RWBY cast of characters!
Advanced Lolita (AP)
This is beyond the lolita fashion basics! Learn how to make the perfect lolita wardrobe, tips and tricks on making coords, shopping online and more!
Adventure Through INGRESS (14P)
A presentation about INGRESS, a free mobile game by Google, why you should get involved, and how.
Ask a Nation (14P)
A chance to ask your favorite nations all the questions you have just been dying to ask them.
An Epic Reading of Harry Potter (14P)
Harry Potter fans rejoice, for we will for the first time ever perform the ENTIRE Harry Potter epic reading at this year’s AToA! Be there, muggles!
An Intro to Digimon (AP)
Have you ever heard of the Digital World?  Ever met a Digital Monster?  We can tell you all you need to know about Digimon and more!
An Introduction To Lolita Fashion (AP)
Curious about lolita fashion? Join us and learn all about the lolita fashion basics, the many substyles and how to begin wearing this kawaii style!
An Introduction to Visual Novels (12P)
Come and discover the world of Visual Novels! Find out what games are out there and join us as we play through a few titles.
Angels Attack! (14P)
Join us as we explore the enigmatic and deadly adversaries from Hideaki Anno's Evangelion: the Angels!
Animethon Pin Trading (AP)
Come to ATOA's official pin trading panel! With bulletin boards full of gold pins up for trade! (Note: 2 trades per person at a time.)
Asian Ball Joint Dolls (12P)
Come meet Collectors of this growing hobby! Learn about their sculpts, accessories and how you can get started in this growing hobby!
Ask-a-GM (14P)
Want to play a tabletop roleplaying game? Be a Game Master? You've got questions, and we've got answers.
Caption That Photo (12P)
Think you can come up with the best caption for internet photos. Prove it. Come down and compete to see who can best caption that image.
Con Photography (AP)
A panel facilitating discussion between cosplayers and photographers.  Topics include gear selection, con etiquette, social networking, etc...
Cosplay 201: When Hot Glue Fails (12P)
You've learned the basics, and you're hungry for more! Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, come learn some new techniques to amp up your game.
Cosplay for noobs (AP)
So your new to cosplay and don't know what to expect? We all were! So lets talk what to expect.
Cosplay Music Videos: A newcomer's perspective (AP)
Interested in making some CMVs? What about featuring in one? You're not alone. Join a local videographer for advice on how you can get started in CMVs
Cosplay weapons (AP)
How to make prop weapons you will not have taken away. ATOA project is Isuzu"s Rifle from Amagi Brilliant Park.
Duct Tape Cosplay (AP)
Compete in groups to recreate a character's outfit using limited materials!
Edmonton Kendo, Iaido and Naginata (AP)
Kendo, Iaido, and Naginata: Japanese Weapon Arts in the Edmonton Area
Exploring Future Disney/Pixar Movies (AP)
Calling all Disney and Pixar fans, this panel is for you! Let's explore upcoming Disney/Pixar movies by looking at new concept art, trailers and more!
Feeling Awesome In Cosplay (AP)
So you've finally finished that costume you've been slaving over all year! Up the potential with exercise and makeup.
Fluffle Puffs: Fluffy Ponies Explained (MP)
Fluffy Ponies are a niche in the My Little Pony community. I explore the "5 W's" of Fluffies and exhibit some of the creations made by fans.
Foul Bachelor Frog Bingo (18P)
You'll learn things about your friends that you never wanted to know. There are no winners, just foul frogs. Check your shame at the door
Gore Makeup Tutorial (AP)
How to create a zombie at home. Take 1 person, add 1 axe or knife, add just a daub of blood here, here and here.... and there we have it!
Handling Prop Weapons (12P)
Learn from a martial artist about weapons handling to improve your cosplay, writing, and art!
Homestuck Talent Show (14P)
All of your favourite Homestuck characters displaying their so called "Talents"! Hosted by the lovely John Egbert and Karkat Vantas. Join us tonight!
How to Spot Bootlegs (AP)
Find out how to spot bootlegs in your collection and in the vendors hall.
Introduction to Crochet/Amigurumi (12P)
Have you ever seen adorable little crocheted items? Ever wondered how to make them? Come here and I can show you! Learn how to crochet in an hour!
J-Fashion 101 (AP)
Mori Girl, Shironuri, Gyaru, Visual kei--WHAT?! It’s J-Fashion 101! Intro to 6 styles plus a Q&A!
K-pop Jeopardy (AP)
K-pop Jeopardy is back! Warm up your K-pop knowledge and join us for a fun-filled game of K-pop Jeopardy and your chance to win special k-pop prizes!
Lolita Fashion Games Battle Party (12P)
Grab some friends and play some lolita fashion themed games! Teams battle in games of Cards Against Lolitas, Lolita Trivia Jeopardy and more!
Love! Live Ask Panel (12P)
Meet the idols of Love Live! School Idol Project, play games with them and ask questions!
Make us Free (14P)
The swim club is recruiting! Come out and join the free boys (and girls) for an hour of Q&A and swimming shenanigans!
Make your own roleplay character (12P)
Ever want to make a roleplay character but didn't know how? Now is your chance!
Me, My Camera, and Japan (12P)
Let two recent travelers to Japan take you on a photo journey through attractions, food, shopping, and anime locations!
Monster Hunter Know How! (12P)
Learn the ins and outs of capcoms popular franchise!
Mystery Science Fanfiction 18+ (18P)
In the style of Mystery Science Theatre, our panelists read some of the worst fanfiction the Internet has to offer for their pain and your pleasure.
Open Mic Karaoke (AP)
An open mic session for all anime related karaoke songs! It’s not a competition, so come sing your heart out!
Sailor Moon Panel (AP)
Crystal is half way! Hows the animation? Story? Merchandise?! Find out about all of that, PLUS the continued Sailor Moon anniversary.
Studio Ghibli Jeopardy (12P)
Think you're the ultimate Studio Ghibli fan?  Think you know everything there is to know? Kick your brain into high gear for this fun filled panel!
Super Konnichi-WHA?! Breakers (14P)
Welcome to Super Konnichi-WHA?! Breakers! Have a fun time and win awesome prizes while playing the craziest lesser known niche Japanese games
TF2: Meet them all (14P)
Ever wanted to ask your favorite mercenaries a question? Come join us and unlock it all!
The Horrible side of Fan Fiction (14P)
Ever wonder how you could write a fanfic? Ever look at a fanfic and just wondered what went wrong? Come see Force Starts take on the world of fanics!
The Legend Of Zelda: Myths, Theory's and Timelines (14P)
With the new Legend of Zelda coming out we feel it is time to talk about the side of Zelda that is not discussed very much anymore.
The Spaceship of Love Presents: Critical Fail! An interactive D&D adventure! (14P)
Returning from Animethon and Edmonton Expo, The Spaceship of love will find glorious ways to kill you in this bizarre interactive D&D campaign.
Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade Tournament (AP)
Touhou 13.5 is a fighting game with an emphasis on using projectiles. Beginners and experts are all welcome to try to get one of the prizes!
Touhou Characters (AP)
An in-depth look and introduction to the many characters of the Touhou series that continues to expand with games and official print works!
Touhou Project: Welcome to Gensokyo (12P)
See why the bullet hell series Touhou Project has become its own sprawling subculture, and why you, too, might enjoy it.
Video Game Name That Tune (AP)
Everyone knows how the Mario theme goes, but what about music from other games? If you've think you know video game music, this is the place to be!
YAOI Made a Panel : BL Squeeling (18P)
Yaoi lovers get ready to SQUEEL! We invite you to join us for hilarious entertainment and games as we talk about Yaoi for an hour!
Yaoi Panel (18P)
The yaoi panel caters to fans of yaoi and hopes to get audience participation with improv games. There will be several yaoi-themed prizes!