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Guest Panels

Bryce Papenbrook Q&A (AP)
General question and answer session with the voice actor behind the voices of Eren from Attack of Titan, Kirito from Sword Art Online, Rin from Blue Exorcist, Red from Pokémon Origins, and more! 
Efforts and Reactions for Anime & Video Games with Bryce (AP)
One important tool for any voice actor is creating efforts and reactions to match a characters' actions.  Learn the ins and outs of the Voice Reax with Bryce Papenbrook!  Vocal battles will ensue.
Link Start: Talk SAO with the English voice of Kirito (AP)
Talk Sword Art Online with Bryce Papenbrook, the voice behind SAO's one and only beater. Ask questions and hear about his experience in the booth.
Courtoon Q&A (AP)
This panel will include a Q&A session with Courtoon in which you can ask anything your heart desires! Want some answers, opinions, or maybe some free stuff?  Then this is the panel for you!
Nickelodeon with Courtoon (AP)
Curious what it is like to work at a major animation studio? In this panel we go in depth of what it is like to work in the western Animation world and Nickelodeon Studios.
Cosplay with Courtoon (AP)
In this panel we will cover cosplay basics from make-up to cosplay cheats.  Come and learn some new techniques to make your next costume great! 
The 404s All-Ages Improvaganza (AP)
Come join them for this All-Ages laugh fest as they take your suggestions and turn them into hilarious scenes right before your eyes. 
The 404s Late-Night Last Pants Standing Show (18P)
Come watch as the filters come off (along with some articles of clothing) for this no holds barred 18+ Improv showcase.
The 404s Present: The Missing Episode of _____? (14P)
The 404s have found a hidden vault filled with those fabled missing episodes of your favourite Anime. 
The 404s Present: Anime Family Feud (14P)
The 404s are split on which era of Anime is better, New School or Old School?  Watch them battle it out Family Feud style, to see which era of Anime will win out.