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Welcome to the Animethon Web Archive. To help share our past events we decided to make our old sites available. You can find them here:


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▼ This is how our ATOA Website looked like in 2016. The current version of this Website is

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Special Events

AMV Showcase (14P)
Come in from the cold and warm up to a collection of some great AMV selections.
Awesomecore AMVs (14P)
Do you like AMVs? Yeah you do. Do you like Awesomecore? You bet! Come and join us as we force you… er… yeah… to watch some of the absolute best worst AMVs ever made by human beings.
Trailers, Parodies and Fun AMVs (14P)
This collection of videos will make you smile, laugh, and just leave you wanting more!
Vlad’s AMV Choice Awards 2.0 (14P)
Indeed… As I’ve probably seen more AMVs than anyone else why not showcase some of the ones I think deserve more recognition!
Cosplay Chess (AP)
An epic battle of royalty across a checkered board isn't just for wooden pawns anymore! Come show off your cosplay as a member of royalty or a loyal pawn in the mock onslaught that is Cosplay Chess!
Cosplay Contest (AP)

Got a costume to show off? Think you got what it takes to shine? Come enter the Cosplay Contest at the Cosplay Room and compete at ATOA's main event!

  - Includes "Fashion Walk" for those of you who like to pose on stage
  - "Skit" portion for any performers among you
  - "Costume Judging" for our talented costume makers

Take part in all three sections to have a chance at winning Best in Show! See our Cosplay Contest page for more information!
Closing Ceremony (AP)
The grand finale to our event, farewell to our guests, announcements, and see which Club comes out of the top!

Opening Ceremony (AP)
Celebrate the start of A Taste of Animethon 2016! Come meet our guests!
Pin Trading (AP)
Come join us and enrich your pin collection! There are always a few rare pins available at these events.
Saturday Night Dance (14P)
Dance till you drop with DJ AvereoX!