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Fan Panels

A Hitchhikers Guide to Cosplay by KBND Cosplay (AP) -  Michelle Everett
Have you ever wanted to cosplay but didn't know where to start?  Are you experienced but would like to learn new tricks? Join KBND for a rundown!
A.R.T.: We're All Crazy Here! (14P) -  Natasha Iwashkiw
Armour Resource Training (A.R.T.). A panel on all the basics needed to start your cosplay armour from patterns and materials to wearing the final product.
ACTION CASTLE! (AP) – Eryn Dearden
Welcome to ACTION CASTLE! You are standing in a small cottage. There is a fishing pole here. Exits are: Out.
Animal Crossing, Population: You! (AP) – Kailey Noonan
Welcome villagers, mayors and designers alike! Come meet your fellow fans, play games, reminisce and win prizes! Let's have some Animal Crossing fun.
Anime Host Club (14P) - Felicia
**Not just OHSC** Come in and see your favourite characters from any anime! That's right, I said ANY anime!
Art of the Sword (AP) – Jason
Do you have what it takes?  Learn about the traditional full contact weapons arts that are at the core of many Anime and Manga series!
Ask a Gamemaster (14P) -  Nick
Two tabletop Gamemasters with over 10 years combined experience answer your questions about tabletop roleplaying and other antics.
Beginners Guide to Cosplay (AP) – Chloe Robins
Come and join us in the beginners guide to cosplay as we talk about the of struggles of cosplay, crafting, budgeting, group cosplay, and more.
CLAMP's Wonderland (14P) – Lian
The world of CLAMP might seem intimidating to jump into, so join us on our mini choose-your-own-adventure where we explore a variety of series!
Cosplay and Beyond (AP) – Nicole Visser
Join Nerdpunk Cosplay as we talk about what comes after that first cosplay and you take the first steps into the cosplay world!
Cosplay Show and Tell! (AP) – Mars Tonic
Want to show off your cosplay, but not compete? This is the panel for you! Come down and talk about your fandom and process in a no judgment zone!
Cosplay Weapons (AP) – Ben Johnson
Making props that won't come apart, will be allowed, and how to make them so you can carry them for three days in August.
Critical Fail (14P) – Rob
Are you ready to slay dragons and rescue a princess? We doubt it, but come try at Critical Fail, our interactive D&D adventure. You could be the hero.
Crossplay Fashion Show (AP) - Launa
Come see your friends compete to see who the best crossplayer is. There will be lots of great cosplays and a hint of improv.
Fandom Choir Workshop (AP) – Kat
Singers of all ages, voices, and experience levels are welcome to join the Fandom Choir as we sing through some fun (and yes, nerdy) music.
Hetalia: World Conference (AP) – Damien Maverick
Come join your favourite Hetalia characters in an array of fun and games.
How to Build a Gaming PC (AP) – Chris Sampson
Do you want to learn how to build your very own gaming computer from scratch? Here's how!
How to Spot Bootlegs (AP) - Pauline
Learn how to identify unofficial and unlicensed anime merchandise so you don't get ripped off at your favourite events or online shopping.
Introduction to Wota Culture and Wotage (AP) – Jason Chee
Come join us in this interactive panel to learn about Wota (idol otaku) culture, its history, and the art of cheering during idol/seiyuu concerts.
Jojo Posing School (AP) – Palaven Cosplay
Today's Lesson: Outrageous Jojo's Bizarre Adventure poses! Learn how to pose like the very best in this fun and zany panel.
K-Pop Jeopardy (AP) - Shelby
K-Pop Jeopardy is back! Warm up your K-Pop knowledge and join us for a fun-filled game of K-Pop Jeopardy for your chance to win special K-Pop prizes!
Komeiji Sisters Touhou Trivia (AP) – Chelsea Tenchavez
How well do you know the Touhou Project series? Test your knowledge and win tea and other prizes in this fast paced quiz game!
Learn to Dance with STARISH (An UtaPri Panel) (AP) – Janine Nixdorff
Join the UtaPri crew as they take you through a choreography session for their hit songs. Participation is encouraged or just come by and check it out.
Lip Sync Battle (14P) – David Moore
Contestants compete to see who can lip sync to their favourite songs the best in a king of the hill style tournament.
Lolita Fashion 101 (AP) - Sylvia
A beginner Lolita Fashion panel. Interested in Lolita fashion? Come learn more about the style and the secret life of a Lolita.
Lolita Fashion 201 (AP) - Doanne
The Advanced Lolita Fashion Panel. Learn how to up your Lolita fashion game to the next level with tips and tricks from experienced Lolitas.
Martial Arts - The Jutsu of Karate (AP) - Jordan
Come see martial arts in action as we show the various jutsu (techniques) of the "way of the empty Hand" presented in this action-packed demonstration.
Mettatons Fabulous Quiz Show (14P) - Mikkel
Mettaton presents this new show where YOU, our live studio audience, have the chance to ask your favourite Underground monsters whatever you want!
Mix and Mingler (AP) -  Britt
Scared to meet new people? Just want to make some new friends that share common interests? Come to the mix and mingler!
Monster Hunter School of Hard Knocks (AP)  - Brett
Are you ready to take on the toughest monsters in MH4U? No? Well that's why I am here to help you with tips, tricks, and strategies all the way up!
Nezumi and Shion's Rat-tasic Trivia! (14P) - Alex
Think you're as smart as a rat? Bee there or bee square and come on down and find out with buzzingly awesome prizes along with some Q&A! WOW!
Nico Nico Not Another Dance Panel! (AP) - Silver
Come join us for a concert panel!!
Otaku Komedi Time Presents: Our Beginnings (14P) – Papa T
Batsu games, Kiki challenges, and horrible fan readings. We will be discussing our journey into the world of Japanese and Otaku inspired comedy.
Otaku Komedi Time Presents: Just Another Challenge (AP) -  Papa T
Do you know your stuff? Japanese culture, Anime, and everything in between will be topics in this Gameshow of wits and super-silliness!
Otaku Name That Tune (AP) – David Moore
Contestants compete to see if they can name the music being played for them. Each right answer will win them a small prize.
Photography Basics: How Do? (AP) - Kat
Intro to photography for cosplayers: how to get the most out of your point-and-shoot camera and up your con picture game.
Pyramid Game Show: Japanese Edition (14P) - Kaitlin
Time to play an Anime themed game show! Compete in this old school, fast-paced, word guessing game to win fun prizes!
RWBY: a Taste of Beacon (14P) – Kaytlyn Tomalty
We're back and ready to attack! Join Ruby and the gang for a day of classes at Beacon! Bring your brain and be ready to learn!
Sailor Moon (AP) - Pauline
Come find out the latest Sailor Moon news and find out what merchandise is coming out of Japan!
Skype with Jessica in Japan (AP) - Jessica
Would you like to Skype with an English teacher in Japan? Jessica is an English teacher who lives and works in Kyoto, Japan.
Spotlight on Shinji Ikari (14P) - Alia
An in-depth look at Shinji Ikari from Evangelion. We will discuss his relationships with others, his , his actions, and traumas.
THE iDOLM@STER in @nimethon (AP) - Jason
Are you READY? If you are L@DY then come join us as we introduce to you to the multimedia idol franchise that started it all, THE iDOLM@STER!
Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo Tournament (AP) – Jeremie Caisse
Come test your skills against other players in this new Touhou 14.5 tournament! All skill levels are welcome!
Touhou Project ~ Welcome to Gensokyo (AP) – Dan Sanders
See why Touhou Project is still the crown jewel of doujin culture as we delve into its games, lore, music, and more.
Touhou Project: Yukari's Spiriting Away (AP) - Steven
To survive in Gensoyko you'll need to know the characters that live there! Luckily Yukari Yakumo is here to show you the ropes.
Vertical Summit: An Amateur Animation Project (14P) – Yushan
Come learn about Vertical Summit - a solo amateur animation project (WIP) about modern air warfare with elements related to Canadian history.
Visual Novels (MP) – Ned
BAKA's (the U of A Anime club) Visual Novel group will guide you through VN genres such as nakige, dating sim, mystery, RPG, fantasy, sci-fi, and drama.
Welcome to Idol Hell: The School Idol Festival Panel (AP) – Eryn Dearden
Join ErynCerise for a dive into the hottest circle-tapping game in the anime world: Love Live! School Idol Festival!
yegDND (AP) – Richard Panas
Join a party of heroes as they go on an adventure lead by the Dungeon Master. You will help them along the way with our giant D20!