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Guest Events

Reika Q&A
Meet and learn all about World Cosplay’s #1 Cosplayer, Reika!

Reika's Traditional Japanese Clothing Tutorial
Reika will give a tutorial on how to wear Kimono,Yukata, and other traditional Japanese clothing.

Misako Aoki Q&A
The Kawaii Ambassador herself, Misako Aoki, is here from Japan to meet fans from Canada.

Misako Lolita Tea Party
A Lolita Tea Party featuring Misako Aoki! Ticketed event, will sell out fast, buy at Info Desk. Click here for more details.

Colleen Clickenbeard Q&A
It is your chance to meet and ask questions to the popular voice actress, Colleen Clickenbeard.

Voice Acting for Anime
Wonder about voice acting careers in the Anime industry? Colleen is here to answer your questions.

ADR Directing and Scriptwriting
Join Colleen Clickenbeard as she explores what it is to work in directing and scriptwriting.

The 404s Improv Main Show
Join us for the 404s Improv’s ever famous main event!

The 404s Improv 18+ Fanservice Fun Show (Rated MP)
The 404s are saving the best for last! Check out their late night show geared for a mature audience.

The 404s Improv Missing Episode: Digimon
Digimon is back! Watch as suggestions from the audience guide the 404s in creating a brand new episode of Digimon!

TheIshter’s Piano Performance
A grand piano performance by the famed YouTube sensation TheIshter!

TheIshter Piano Transcription Panel
The art of transcribing music by ear onto sheet music (paper) by the ever famous TheIshter!

Edmonton Concept Pop Orchestra - Winter Sextet Melodies
A Friday night Anime and gaming themed musical performance.