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Cosplay Contest

One of the biggest highlights of Animethon and Taste of Animethon (written as ATOA from here on) is the Cosplay Contest, a live event which allows contestants to show off their costumes in a live setting for prizes! Eternal Glory! Bragging Rights!

    1. Contestants are encouraged to pre-register to the contest via the online form available on the ATOA Website. If pre-registered it is still necessary that you check-in with the Cosplay Coordinator in person at the Cosplay Room Salon 1 (Friday 6PM - 9PM, Saturday 10AM - 1PM), so we can be sure you are still participating! If you do not check in, your spot will be given to someone else. It is suggested that the first thing you do when arriving at the convention is check in with us.
    2. On Saturday, January 23 2016, all contestants must arrive in the Main Events Room (Saloon 8 + 9) approximately 30 minutes before the start of the contest for instructions.
    3. Pre-judging for the costumes will be on Saturday Jan 23, 2016 in Saloon 13 & 14 at 11:30am - 12:30am. All who would like their costumes or props judged will have to register before hand and be present for pre-judging. No costume judging will be done on stage.
    4. The Cosplay Contest will last approximately 60 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for judges’ deliberations and award presentation. After the judges have finished deliberating, the winners will be announced. Contestants for costume, skit, and fashion walk must be on site at the main events hall to accept awards.
    5. This year the contest format will be broken down into two categories; Cosplay Fashion Walk, and Cosplay Skits. The first portion of the contest will be for presenting all Cosplay Fashion Walks. There will then be a quick 5-10 minute intermission then there will be the Cosplay Skits portion.
    6. Winners in the Cosplay Contest will be selected for the following categories: Skits
      • Best Skit
      • Runner Up Skit
      • Best Novice Skit
      Fashion Walk
      • Best Fashion Walk
      • Runner Up Fashion Walk
      • Best Novice Fashion Walk
      • Best Costume
      • Best Runner Up Costume
      • Best Novice Costume
      Guest Judge Choice
      • Reika’s Pick

    1. Costumes, props and skits must be suitable and appropriate for all ages. Costumes should have a theme consistent with what ATOA celebrates – anime, comics, video games, and pop culture. Costumes and props should adhere to general ATOA Rules and Regulations including the Weapons and Props Policy. Questions may be answered, and exceptions may be made, by the Cosplay Coordinator or Head of Security depending on circumstance.
    2. Permission is granted to Animethon to use any photographs/video taken as future promotion material for future events and dealings. Secondary Media coverage may be present at the event. All media captured by Secondary Media will be under their rules and regulations of fair media usage and not that of Animethon’s.
    3. Fashion Show

      1. Contestants will be given a number and will line up in numerical order pre show. During the contest the MC will introduce the contestant, and the contestant will walk on to the stage
      2. Contestant will proceed to 3 marker pose points and will pose for 5-10 seconds at each points. They will then leave the stage and line up back in order. At the end of the category all contestants will proceed back to the stage for judging.
      3. Contestants are judged solely on the impression of their costumes and stage presence. There will be no judging of construction on stage. Costumes do not have to be handmade by contestants to compete. All costume judging will be done through the pre-judging this year.
      4. Only individuals can enter this part of the contest. No group entries are allowed for the fashion walk. If you would like to go on after of before someone, please request so when registering.
    4. Skits

      1. Skits should adhere to a family-friendly rating, all language and clothing must be appropriate; Animethon does not condone violence, profanity or nudity. No exceptions will be made on this point, so if you are concerned about your content, please ask beforehand; any violation of this rule will result in disqualification and possible removal from further contests with Animethon or ATOA.
      2. There is a 2 minute time limit for all performances, group and individual. If the performance goes over the time limit, the contestant(s) will be disqualified. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis through contacting cosplay staff at before the convention date.
      3. Music is optional. If you have a music track you’d like to use for your performance, please send the mp3 to the Cosplay Coordinator as part of your pre-registration. Alternatively, if you are registering on the day of Animethon, then please provide a copy of the mp3 on a USB stick or email the file at the time of registration. The music must be in mp3 format. No other format of music will be accepted at the event itself. If you do not present music for your skit and do not request that you wouldn’t like music, the Cosplay Coordinators will provide generic music for you. If you would like your music to start at a certain time in the track, fade in or out, play in a certain part of your skit please say so in your registration. At check in make sure you listen to your music carefully to make sure it sounds suitable.
      4. Judges will give their ratings based on the following criteria, please see the Judges Scoring Sheets. Performance: (20 points, 5 points each)
        • Conception / Creativity of the Skit
        • Entertainment / Audience Enjoyment
        • Performance Skills / Authenticity to original work
        • Setting Aesthetics / Use of set and props
      5. Devices such as flash bombs, any kind of pyrotechnic device, or any type of device that causes staining or a large scattering of objects are prohibited. Scattering of some objects is allowed, but the cleaning up of said objects will cut into your running time of no more than 2 minutes. Using fire and liquids on stage are prohibited. Smoke related special effects are prohibited.
      6. There will be NO walk-ons for this portion of the Cosplay Contest. All walk-ons will be directed to the fashion show section of our contest.
      7. Contestants entering a skit can perform individually or as a group; however, if you enter as a group your team will be judged together for the purpose of the Best Skit Awards and your costumes will be pre-judged separately for the Best Costume Award.
    5. Costumes

      1. Only handmade costumes are eligible to win the Best Costume award. Costumes created with the help of friends or family is accepted, however more than 50% of the costume has to be made by the contestant. Prefabricated costumes will be allowed as long as it has been substantially altered by the contestant (at least 70%).
      2. To qualify for Best Costume awards, you must be present for pre-judging on January 23 Saturday. If you do not appear for pre-judging, but still come for the skit/fashion walk portion of the contest you are not qualified for any best costume awards.
      3. Judges will give their ratings based on the following criteria, please see the Judges Scoring Sheets. Costume: (20 points)
        • Effort, Time, Choices, and Props (10 points)
        • Construction/Alteration (5 points)
        • Authenticity or Originality (5 points)


Pre-register online using the Cosplay Signup Form. The form will ask you for basic information such as your name, contact information, the character and show you are performing, as well as a summary of your skit. For more information, please use the form link below.



If you have background music you would like to use during your performance, please upload the .mp3 in this form. Mp3s are the only acceptable format. Please also note any special requirements for your music.

Costume Photo

If registering for pre-registered costume judging, a canon photo of the character is required.

Sign Up Form

You can also register on-site. Please register at the Cosplay Room (Salon 1) on Friday, January 22, 6PM - 9PM, or Saturday. If registering on site please bring a USB drive with your photos and music.

Please Note

The Cosplay Staff do their best to reply to all emails within 2 (two) business days. Please make sure that all information on your registration is correct as ninety-nine percent of communication is done through email so it is vital that we have the proper email address to contact you through. Failure to respond to emails may result in loss of your spot to someone else. If you have not heard back from us in over 2 business days we encourage you to send another email. If you still have not heard from us after 2 emails we suggest sending another email from a different account, check your spam blocker or use the ATOA Website contact form.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Cosplay Coordinator at