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Club Nishi/Misaki

Get ready for another round as Club Nishi and Club Misaki is back for A Taste of Animethon 2017! Our beloved mascots Nishi and misaki will be going head-to-head on a ski race to see who reaches the bottom of be hill first! Nishi jumps out the gate but Misaki swoops by and takes the lead! Who's going to win the race down the hill? Only you can decide.

You will be randomly assigned to a club designated by the colour of your pass. Club Nishi is green, Club Misaki is tan. Earn tokens and turn them in at the Club Table (on the Meeting Level - See map) to gain speed against the other! It will be up to you to determine which mascot will be winning the race! The winning club will be announced at Closing Ceremony.

How do I gain tokens?

Gain tokens for your club from activities such as:
  • Attending Panels
  • Winning Competitions (Cosplay and/or Gaming)
  • Participation in Free-Play Console Gaming, Card Gaming, and Table Top Gaming
  • Pin Trading
  • Buying ATOA merchandise
  • Maid & Butler Café
  • Checking in your props
  • Good behaviour, good karma
  • Some Tokens will be given out at random so keep your eyes open
  • And much more!!

Where do I submit my Tokens?

You can submit your tokens at the Club Nishi/Misaki Table anytime during the hours of operation, which is located on the bottom floor on the Meeting Level (refer to map). Tokens submitted to the table will be counted as points towards the Club of the submitter. Tokens can be submitted any time during the hours of operation, and we will stop accepting tokens 2 hours before the Closing Ceremony begins.

Can I choose what Club I can belong to?

No, every attendee will be randomly assigned to a team according to the colour of their passes at Registration, "Green" pass for Nishi and "Tan" pass for Misaki!

Who is eligible to participate?

Holders of regular event passes, X-passes, and panelists passes are allowed to participate in submitting tokens. Passes will be checked upon token submission.

Am I required to participate? What do I get out of it?

Participation is up to you, gain points for your club just for the fun of it! All tokens are not redeemable for any cash or prize value.